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  1. error404 here

    I love @Hermione

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    2. Hermione

      Yes, but we should talk more too! hug1

    3. Bright Moon

      Well i think its because you've been busy lately. I miss our conversations about HP :(

    4. Hermione

      Post in the thread and we can chat! I haven't been that busy this week so far, somehow.

  2. error404


    you called?
  3. nnn I really gtg now I got a photo shoot in a bit!!!! Thanks so much for hosting @Lust it was fun even if I didn’t get to play it out! Had fun with you all and congrats @Diamond good luck in the final ❤️❤️❤️ Bye guys!
  4. Is this tori kelly it looks like a survivor player or soemthing
  5. I did nnn but by that time I was already on mobile and it was too late
  6. Ready to fail NNN I am doing this out of love for lust I know I have no shot. nnn I can’t believe lusts typo really cost me this rip
  7. NNN sorry I can’t go on Omegle to post gay even if it is hilarious lol kii I feel bad
  8. Honestly I’m shooketh at how amazing this finale is tho the effort I’m so so DANG impressed are you o the events team lust bc if not snatch a spot as a host for tag
  9. I forfeit this one give it to Diamond and let’s move on to our last challenge
  10. Ummm just move on I’ll forfeit in a sec prob ngl I’m peeved!
  11. Google drive doesn’t work on mobile lol oh well I mutter just have to let @Diamond move on
  12. I don’t know where I am supposed to go or what I need to do
  13. I do also it was the 104th post not the 84th...
  14. idgi I thought I was done I need a hint
  15. What's the word? ERFD - stepman320 I left a comment 6 months ago
  16. I’m on mobile I had to leave ugh I really got eliminated cuz of this