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    I just walked into a restaurant and what was playing? INTO YOU! I am SHOOK. I was telling my friends it was the one year anniversary and we walk in and BAM the bop of the CENTURY is playing. THEY BETTA STAN. HAPPY ONE YEAR INDEED!
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    Get in here and let's #CELEBRATE, #REFLECT, and #DISCUSS this iconic album!
  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DANGEROUS WOMAN. An amazing album that's put Ariana in a GREAT position for ha next era and brought us sex bops S2S and godly masterpieces Into You, Touch It, and Thinking Bout You. Ariana grew up so much this era and got herself into a flop relationship but they are so happy and that's what matters! Into You was absolutely snubbed but at least it got the single treatment. Touch S%#* and Thinking Bout Poo CANNOT relate!! Even though it suffered hard times like a #2 debut and I Don't Care making it onto the track list, it still SMASHED and is a Grammy nominated SUCCESS. LET'S CELEBRATE A YEAR OF THIS BEAUTY!
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    CITC>Swish Swish>Iggy>Liam(surprisingly)>Selena
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    Pff they'd kill for the spotlight they'd get even for a short while. It'd be so awkward after all the of Victoria stuff though hehe
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    This will NEVER happen lol but Ari looks good for tweeting this.
  9. Get that promo and generous legend image for the GP QUEEN!
  10. Side To Side as lead then Into You+even an ounce of promo=SMASHA CONFIRMED
  11. Well would you look at that Swish Swish Fish
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    "When I was 9, I saw this awesome documentarryyyyyy" giphy.gif?response_id=591df96c7a719ee185

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    TASTE. Radio and ikoons dont lie! These other FLOP of the FLOPPER members can ROT.
  14. error404

    Mid-Morning Radio Update Pop: 1,346 HAC: 387 Active Rock: 2,345 (highest debut in history) Rythmic: 654 Country; 5,488 (a crossover SMASH) Spanish: 453 Great numbers for Frankie so far. Keep requesting guys! A #1 Hot 100 debut is in reach!
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    Well I did so your comment is alternative FACTS! Legend Frankie already getting so many people pressed and proving the haters wrong. He really did that!
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    How dare you I am NOT being sarcastic and anyone who thinks this is not good has NO TASTE and needs to take their FLOP OPPINIONS and flush them down the drain. The KING of rock is here to STAY and SLAY. Harry Styles has been found DEAD.
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    Missing out on this otherworldly MASTERPIECE
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    "I'm going to carry the torch for the rock and roll revolution" I SCREEAMMMEDDDD
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    It's a glitch! Wait for the true update to come out. Kworb glitches ALL the time.
  20. Pop girls have been ENDED. Ed Sheeran is SHAKING in his pubescent ginger boots. Miley and Selena who? This is the BIGGEST and most CRITICALLY ACCLAIMED song of the century and it was only JUST released. In a record 14 minutes it has shot to #1 on iTunes and is already nominated for 14 Grammys of which it has already won a record breaking 11. GET INTO THIS MASTERPIECE THE VOCALS THE LEWKS THE INSPIRING LYRICS THE CHANGING COLOR BACKGROUND AND GLAM PERFECTION FLOPIANA WHO? THE TRUE GRANDE STAR HAS FINALLY COME TO SAVE US ALL
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    Just heard it! It's good! I feel like some of the parts could have just been tweaked a bit to really give it THAT factor. A high melody in the final chorus could have really brought it and the bridge is a bit lackluster but I still really like it!
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    Will someone please PM this to me 😭😭😭😭
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    That video...serving Dangerous Woman video but less teas. Selena sis