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  1. Discussion What If: Jack Antonoff/Katy Perry?

    he HATES katy so there isnt a chance in hell of them ever working together
  2. Discussion How to meet katy

    don't wait outside her hotel. as others have said she doesnt seem to like it at all. i dont know why people do it if she doesnt like it but dont be one of those people. you wouldnt want to make her mad before she even meets you
  3. Discussion Time gap between Witness and KP5

    she knows if she waits that long again she's in trouble. she's learned her lesson. we'll be waiting 2 years at the most
  4. Discussion Time gap between Witness and KP5

    kp5 will be out late 2019. she said she was gonna be writing on tour (which shes never done before so im not sure why she decided to do it this time other than she didnt want to make the same mistake)
  5. Other New Interview: Katy On Idol Rumors, VMAs and Orlando Bloom

    so they aren't back together. probably for the better since she has to focus on tour
  6. Photos Katy and Orlando Bloom Spotted At Ed Sheeran's Concert Last Night

    even if they are back together who knows if it'll last. as long as she's happy i could care less either way
  7. Photos Katy and Orlando Bloom Spotted At Ed Sheeran's Concert Last Night

    is it really wise for her to get back with him right now? tour is stsrting in 3 weeks and on top of everything else going on will she have time to be maintaining a relationship? we all know what happened with russell. i hope she knows what shes doing
  8. Game Predict the songs to be pefrormed on 'Witness: The Tour'

    One of the Boys: hot n cold and i kissed a girl Teenage Dream: Firework,Teenage Dream, California Gurls and E.T MAYBE Last Friday Night Prism: Roar and Dark Horse. She could do Legendary Lovers because it's a fan favorite but i doubt it

    i'd bet money we're getting a pre order tomorrow too
  10. Rumor Katy possibly filming KP4 MV #3

    it could be a video but i wouldn't get excited yet. if we dont see the wig in her performance tomorrow then we'll know
  11. Katy Will Be On The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon On May 19th

    she's gotta be releasing the album this month. all this promo aint for nothing.
  12. Other Katy takes to Instagram with a gentle request; hints at Witness again

    yeah plus the way cleo described it made it seem like she was talking about the album as a whole
  13. Discussion Katy: "Something's cooking... see you tomorrow"

    i'm not tryna get excited but i do genuinely think we're getting something besides the video. she's been hinting a lot lately. she's liking people's comments/posts about the album and cleo kinda confirmed the album title. plus she did say in her vacation tweet that it was the calm before the storm
  14. Discussion What Will KP4 Be Titled?

    she did a radio interview last week (i believe it was the same day she handed out the pies...maybe the day after) where she said it
  15. Rumor Katy and Orlando are "taking a break" according to their reps

    its denial. they dont want to believe a couple they loved is over. Katy herself confirmed it so they're over