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  1. its denial. they dont want to believe a couple they loved is over. Katy herself confirmed it so they're over
  2. some of them said she isnt talking about orlando. who tf else would she be talking about?
  3. she's talking about orlando. people are just delusional.
  4. people STILL refuse to believe they broke up. they dont think its about orlando. they wanted katy herself to confirm it and she did. and its still not good enough.
  5. plus, katy denies rumors all the time. you'd think if it wasnt true (first of all if it was a rumor her reps wouldnt have confirmed it but whatever) she'd have said something by now. especially because with that video going around and rumors of him cheating like she did with selena and she hasnt. which is more reason to believe its real
  6. shes busy until at least 2018. so if they do get back together it won't be for a long time. that being said i think they'll have moved on by then. i personally dont see them getting back together
  7. omg they broke up. why is that so hard to accept? people need to understand that a rep confirming it is different than a "source" or an "insider" thats literally their reps job and they dont just feed rumors to the media for no reason. also a like on instagram means literally nothing. she liked exes posts before and she still follows john. that just means they're still friends. does not prove they are still together by any stretch
  8. thats awful. just because they broke up doesnt mean people need to be nasty towards him....him and katy are obviously still friends because they liked eachothers posts so why all the hate?
  9. also diplo keeps liking katy's posts. wonder if they'll get back together
  10. they broke up. idk why thats so hard for people to accept. and fyi yes, exes do like eachothers posts. she liked john's while they were broken up, as someone else already mentioned. they still arent together
  11. oh then yeah it means nothing. people just love to cling onto anything that supports what they believe
  12. he looked pretty flirty with that woman in that video. maybe he did cheat
  13. ohh okay my bad. so they are done then? (at least for now) cause people on twitter are taking this as confirmation they're still together
  14. she liked his post on instagram today. maybe they didnt break up
  15. my guess is they've been broken up for a while and have remained friendly. hence them taking pics together at the oscars party and her liking his pics