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  1. Fifth Pharmacy is done
  2. Same. i saw some snapchats of people and it looks amazing. apparently theres like people floating in a giant box above the stage. Cirque du Soleil is shaking
  3. Other

    Well damn
  4. Tech

    I literally use Facebook to socialize with family members about my artwork and college endeavors
  5. Same
  6. Nu-Di-Ty is very messy Bittersweet Goodbye is annoying GBI isn’t bad but is too ahead of its time
  7. #TeamYuhua demi1

    1. Dookie Quill

      She's such a messy queen, and I absolutely LIVE for it. cry6

    2. Monster

      #TeamCracker jj2ny1 

  8. I just applied from one of their summer internships as a graphic designer about a week ago. We’ll see how that works out
  9. this isn’t the official cover
  10. I don’t like his music but this isn’t a bad cover
  11. Why do locals like rap music jj4 like what is appealing about Drake, 6ix9ine, and all of their other rap friends jj4

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    2. Brinty

      Drake is actually a really good rapper tbh I like the OG rappers like Eminem , snoop etc and some new rappers like nicki , G eazy and cardi B but this mumble rap shit is really bad especially xxxtentacleporn I don’t get the appeal in his earrape-ish music and him screaming stupid shit 

    3. Okan

      Our faves' music used to sound the same and had almost the same EDM instrumentals too. It's just another genre is dominating right now.

    4. sonowgoodbye

      @Okan that is a really good point. I’m specifically talking about the trash ones jj4