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  1. I’m on vacation in france and all of the men are beautiful 2dac341f-e138-4024-9drms00.gif

    1. Entea

      @Royale been knew wub1 

    2. ajp

      Don't you have a BF? nat1

      Oh, and yes they are! ny1


  2. Mass tagging is like screaming really loud on a subway while everyone ignores you oprah14

  3. sonowgoodbye

    No but at least she’s staying relevant in her hometown
  4. sonowgoodbye

    Paloma and Kylie are doing great
  5. sonowgoodbye

    Voguing has more versatility and different styles with in it; Moonwalking is basically one long dance move
  6. sonowgoodbye

    Celeb News

    Honestly like this is none of our business
  7. sonowgoodbye

    Celeb News

    If anything his BPD has helped with his SNL acting career
  8. sonowgoodbye

    Celeb News

    I don’t think he’s a psycho...I think they’re both equally making bad choices.
  9. sonowgoodbye

    Why did you return
  10. sonowgoodbye

    @Onika Get her
  11. sonowgoodbye

    You joined in February....you’re literally still a baby. Also, the downvote function exists because we/I don’t agree with what you said or think it’s not necessary
  12. sonowgoodbye

    Are you the new @taylor1989