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  1. I’m seeing Florence and the Machine this summer and I’m preparing the wig glue as we speak fall8 My wig is going to be bruised 

    1. Aidan.

      I wish my Florence show had not been immediately post my Kylie show being cancelled

      I feel like it effected my experience at the Florence show cause I was in a legit trance over how tragic things were dead2

    2. Lachlan

      She's an absolute force of nature live. giveup1 

  2. sonowgoodbye

    I cackled a bit
  3. sonowgoodbye

  4. sonowgoodbye


    I live 3 hours from App State University but I won’t go it’s too cold
  5. sonowgoodbye

    She's so badass wtf. I've seen this like 8 times. The flute part was interesting lol
  6. sonowgoodbye

    A reach
  7. drag race s11 looks really bland and i’m not here for it. but i’m rooting for our lana del rey sis Scarlett Envy

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    2. Chris Morlock


      i think the beehive club shouldve been in the bottom jj3 


    3. sonowgoodbye


      they should've jj3


  8. ivy levan's new EP is a bop fall8

  9. sonowgoodbye

    Another day, another pressed Agugaga thread Go back to Oreo land
  10. sonowgoodbye


    His comment implies that he is against gays or men who do makeup. It’s simple.
  11. sonowgoodbye

    That's not me
  12. Why is miss Kellegend reaching that low
  13. sonowgoodbye

    Isnt this from like Royals era? Anyways, she needs to chill. Didn't she make a song called 'Homemade Dynamite'? And isn't it about... sexual relations and some drug references
  14. I hope this isn’t the entire lineup. This is a good line up except for Post-shit Malone and whoever Dan and Shay are— sounds like a gay group
  15. Ok posting only one side of the argument isn't helping your thread at all... let alone double posting them