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  1. Which one do y'all like? It's for my graphic design class aretha1 img_1472sijca.jpg

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    2. LuranusLur

      i like number 7

    3. edwinfg

      the first one

    4. Entea

      1 hour ago, edwinfg said:

      the first one


  2. And what’s terribly ironic is that they think it started around the strange of restoration... the exact opposite reaction.
  3. This is awful. I’m supposed to go to France with my college next Winter. Damn. This is really a tragedy.
  4. sonowgoodbye


    I’d be willing to help in the form of Art Direction and Copywriting. I’m a full time student, so I won’t be able to help a lot with this project, but I can in the form of direction.
  5. Pretty good for a deaf bitch
  6. sonowgoodbye

    Interesting to not see Lana and Florence Lorde > Billie > the other two
  7. Guess who got summoned for jury duty and is out-of-state for college jj3

    1. Hermione

      If you call/email them and explain they'll most likely pardon you. Don't worry about it.

    2. Hermione

      And if you're still interested in experiencing the process but it just doesn't work with your location/schedule, you can postpone it and suggest a later date for them to contact you.

  8. Oh goodness April Fools is today lmfaoo 

  9. Has anyone heard of Angèle, the Belgian singer? She’s popping off moo8 La Loie de Murphy woo 

  10. sonowgoodbye

    I never said it was the “best selling” or that it was bigger than anyone elses... if you read my post I said that it’s “a big soundtrack song for this decade”
  11. sonowgoodbye


    oh wow she coming
  12. sonowgoodbye

    I think it will be remembered to some extent. It's not a MHWGO or IWALY, but it's still a pretty big soundtrack song for this decade. They've spoofed it on SNL (like twice I think), it's been talked about all over the news, and her Oscars speech got a lot of attention for it. You have to be realistic with this kind of stuff-- because the receipts add up; No. 1, still charting in the top 10, Spotify, etc.
  13. sonowgoodbye


    I struggled pronouncing that
  14. Technically yes but since they’re non-profit they’re not allowed to deny you by a socio-economical standpoint, because scholarships and financial aid apply. My school is now a non-profit, but they practically accept anyone now (ridiculous)
  15. Don't do Godlie like that