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  1. Sis, most of us are bashing Putin and the government and not the population.
  2. Actually, the font for Kylie is ITC Souvenir Medium
  3. I kinda regret posting the Kylie Font Pack, because now all i’m getting are new members with 0 rep/posts fall9

  4. Discussion

    Just an inquiry, not shade
  5. Discussion

    I didn’t even listen
  6. Discussion

    Unless you’re Chris Brown, then you’d have 41.
  7. Discussion

    (should this be in battlegrounds? ) Deluxe editions are actually still around. But with streaming, there’s not a need for it because everyone just streams the deluxe instead of the standard.
  8. This is also to blame that Putin brainwashed them into thinking this North Koreans would probably say the same
  9. Can we talk about how creepy the two of them are (Logan and Jake)? They have a house that they rent and they “adopt” kids into the house and turn them into internet sensations. I forgot what they call themselves, but it’s just generally creepy.
  10. This thread should go to the wasteland...it’s kinda misleading (i just realized i said graveyard and not wasteland)
  11. Discussion

    This but less tacky with the font color/texture
  12. ...I don't have any comment. My great uncle lives in Hawaii, specifically on the island of Kaua'i, and everyone in my family was panicking for him