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  1. Girl by Dannii Minogue is out in Apple Music US but the artist name is “Dannii Minogue & Dannii” 💀

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    2. ajp


      The issue seems to be with the Expanded Edition cause the standard edition is fine.

    3. Billie Frank

      Billie Frank

      It really should've been "Kylegend's long long forgotten brunette sister & Sharon Osborne X Factor replacement following a budget cut so Simon can get more identical white shirts to expose his dyed chest hair".

    4. LÉON
  2. Oh wow haven’t been on here in awhile ari9

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    2. Ariana


      Omg your username giveup3

      stan light years giveup3

    3. ajp


      Kylie Sektion is dead cry9


    4. sonowgoodbye
  3. I think i’m the only student that actually loves his studies lol. I get so excited for the next course brit15

    1. SHANE


      Depends on the subject tbh. I look forward to my marketing classes but despise anything accounting related undefined

    2. sonowgoodbye


      I'm in design school so everything is super fun omg

  4. Do share— I wanna see the Aphrodite typeface finally be discovered
  5. I saw Florence + TM the other night and I think I'm pregnant now

  6. Which one do y'all like? It's for my graphic design class aretha1 img_1472sijca.jpg

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    2. edwinfg


      the first one

    3. Entea


      1 hour ago, edwinfg said:

      the first one


    4. sonowgoodbye


      Professor liked the first one during critique today hehe

  7. Guess who got summoned for jury duty and is out-of-state for college jj3

    1. Hermione


      If you call/email them and explain they'll most likely pardon you. Don't worry about it.

    2. Hermione


      And if you're still interested in experiencing the process but it just doesn't work with your location/schedule, you can postpone it and suggest a later date for them to contact you.

  8. Oh goodness April Fools is today lmfaoo 

  9. Has anyone heard of Angèle, the Belgian singer? She’s popping off moo8 La Loie de Murphy woo 

  10. I want a husky dog, but I heard that they’re really high maintenance aura1

    1. Chris


      I wouldn't think so. 

  11. What are the most downvoted and upvoted posts of all time ari9

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    2. Aidan.


      -110 dead2

      I think during one forum update last year those downvotes were lost but glad to see they were restored fall8

    3. WinnieIsFree


      Ugh me being of the 3 upvotes on Sia’s Ugly Face 

      Wow what a moment, a moment in my career that I will never forget

    4. sonowgoodbye


      LMFOAOO WOW fall8

  12. It’s called The Switch. Gia and Kandy Hoe were on the show. You could check WOW presents or pirate it
  13. Don't forget about the sub-spinoff in Chile
  14. I’m seeing Florence and the Machine this summer and I’m preparing the wig glue as we speak fall8 My wig is going to be bruised 

    1. Aidan.


      I wish my Florence show had not been immediately post my Kylie show being cancelled

      I feel like it effected my experience at the Florence show cause I was in a legit trance over how tragic things were dead2

    2. Lachlan


      She's an absolute force of nature live. giveup1