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  1. sonowgoodbye

    Your threads are tired
  2. sonowgoodbye

    Max jail time is 14 years for a Manslaughter— it was either intended as half or was brought to half during his sentence. I don’t know, but he still received jail time. You can’t dismiss it. Murder is still murder even if it was predisposed or intended.
  3. sonowgoodbye

    Murder is murder... you’re dumb.
  4. Have y’all heard of this Ava Max girl? Sweet but Pyscho is so GOOD. It’s been repeat all day. 


    1. Hylia

      Girl come join us! 


  5. When you owe the government money, there will always never be a warrant lol
  6. Nope. Fraud and tax evasion does not require a warrant.
  7. IP addresses link to service providers. ISPs can probably give the IRA information about who really the person is.
  8. happy belated thanksgiving I hope everyone's was better than mine with relatives arguing about Fox News dead0

  9. sonowgoodbye

    Come on sis
  10. Yeah those pornos are so lame tho
  11. But their home, where they share memories, got destroyed...how would you feel if the house you grew up in burned or got destroyed? Fuck if mine did, I’d be devastated. Show some sympathy
  12. This is so unnecessarily wrong
  13. sonowgoodbye

    BBH100 Weekly Update: #99 Kris Wu, some random song, 1 (SPS)
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    I'm not one to impose on art styles, but if her show is just a cube I'm leaving. Also, I don't think she would do us dirty like that
  15. sonowgoodbye


    Literally wasn't Kanye's stage just a cube