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  1. Discussion

    Rate it more heaux
  2. Discussion

    Do It Again takes first place at 8.42. Overall Ranking: Next Up: Feels So Good (Unreleased Session from Fever) She gets a 8
  3. Review

    Mr President is like Sexercise's cousin, so eh, but Sleeping with the Enemy is good
  4. Review

    Do the bonus tracks
  5. I think that's a really good idea. Honestly she's so legendary we have to.
  6. Discussion

    By the looks of it, it might take the #1 spot omg
  7. Discussion

    Voodoo takes last place at 5.91. Overall Ranking: Next Up: Do It Again (B-side from X) She gets a 4
  8. Discussion

    Make a song suggestion sweetie
  9. Discussion

    Los Amores takes last place at 6.56. Overall Ranking: Next Up: Voodoo (unreleased from KMO) She gets a 8. It would be better if it was slowed down a tad.
  10. Discussion

    B.P.M takes last place at 6.98, almost snatching the 7 rating. Overall Ranking: Next up: Los Amores (select B-Side for All the Lovers) I give it a 2 Upcoming Songs:
  11. Rumor

    Sweetie I don't even stan Beyonce...why was i tagged.
  12. Discussion

    I can't wait to do the scores for Los Amores kajsjsjsj
  13. Discussion

    Heartstrings scores a decent score of 7.48 Overall Ranking: Next up: B.P.M (B-Side to I Believe in You) She gets a 5 Upcoming Songs:
  14. Discussion

    Tightrope scores a nice score of 8.05 Overall Ranking: Next up: Heartstrings (Japan Bonus Track from Aphrodite) She gets a 7.5 Upcoming Songs: