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  1. sonowgoodbye


  2. sonowgoodbye


    She needs to show more legs— leg and more tour dates to the US. Please someone tell me they got this joke
  3. I think i’m the only student that actually loves his studies lol. I get so excited for the next course brit15

    1. CHOKE

      Depends on the subject tbh. I look forward to my marketing classes but despise anything accounting related undefined

    2. sonowgoodbye

      I'm in design school so everything is super fun omg

  4. Don't move it this is a classic
  5. sonowgoodbye


    Do share— I wanna see the Aphrodite typeface finally be discovered
  6. I saw Florence + TM the other night and I think I'm pregnant now

  7. sonowgoodbye

    I think this is your lowest point in terms of Britney threads. This is a low attempt to bash someone who’s clearly going through mental health issues. I’m not even going to make a “catty” comeback about Xtina, but rather about yourself. Consider getting a hobby. This is even unhealthy for you.
  8. Wait I thought they broke up
  9. Which one do y'all like? It's for my graphic design class aretha1 img_1472sijca.jpg

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    2. edwinfg

      the first one

    3. Entea

      1 hour ago, edwinfg said:

      the first one


    4. sonowgoodbye

      Professor liked the first one during critique today hehe

  10. And what’s terribly ironic is that they think it started around the strange of restoration... the exact opposite reaction.
  11. This is awful. I’m supposed to go to France with my college next Winter. Damn. This is really a tragedy.
  12. sonowgoodbye


    I’d be willing to help in the form of Art Direction and Copywriting. I’m a full time student, so I won’t be able to help a lot with this project, but I can in the form of direction.
  13. sonowgoodbye

    Pretty good for a deaf bitch
  14. sonowgoodbye

    Interesting to not see Lana and Florence Lorde > Billie > the other two
  15. Guess who got summoned for jury duty and is out-of-state for college jj3

    1. Hermione

      If you call/email them and explain they'll most likely pardon you. Don't worry about it.

    2. Hermione

      And if you're still interested in experiencing the process but it just doesn't work with your location/schedule, you can postpone it and suggest a later date for them to contact you.