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  1. Discussion Kylieologists: What actually is her least successful album? LGTI or KMO?

    I thought IP/KM97 was her least selling? But whatever, LGTI is TIMELESS.
  2. Has anyone ordered CDs from Decluttr? It has shit reviews for their selling platform, but I just bought Let's Get to It and need to know if its legit.

  3. Celeb News 'A Star Is Born' officially rated R

    Did y’all forget that the first two versions were rated R as well (or PG-13 depending on the time period)
  4. Why hasn't Gaga been able to write an entire record herself?

    Also you have to consider the fact that record labels are very restrictive over self-written albums. I don’t know what it entails but they may not like that only the artist gets credit. Grimes writes and produces EVERY single album and single (except for covers and stuff), but her record label might let her do that. A lot of indie labels are free-going about that.
  5. Has anyone had the feeling of just giving up when you’re new boss/employer slams you on the first month and literally wants to fire you?

  6. Celeb News People Magazine's 2017 Sexiest Man Alive is...

    Maybe in Texas or Alabama but literally no
  7. Which female is going to slay the AMA's

    I read on twitter that Gaga would perform from LA in that arena and it would be broadcasted through the AMAs.
  8. Other Apparently a new mix of GBI was released this year

    GBI is every graphic designer’s anthem
  9. Discussion At Christmas

    It’s a cute track
  10. Hello ladies my hiatus is officially over. sonowgoodbye is back! kylie2

    1. Chris Morlock


  11. Dannii Minogue

    Snippet from video: Also in an interview she stated that the song is written by Sia and the album/single won’t be released under a record label.
  12. Event Rate The Song - Kylie Edition | Completed

  13. I need LGTI. But the bundles for Kylie’s first albums aren’t relatively expensive for like a mega-prize.
  14. Discussion Dream tour setlist?

    Shocked on repeat for an hour
  15. Is Katy a bigger fad than Gaga?

    Applause was one of the most recognized songs to come out of ARTPOP. It's also one of the most recognized songs of 2013-2014. And so is Roar. Applause vs Roar was legendary.