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  1. Why are instagram drag race stans literally the worst wendy4 They literally steal stale and old memes eve1 Thank god Twitter is better

    1. sonowgoodbye

      “Aquaria is my small bean she deserves the world” ok eve1

  2. sonowgoodbye

    This is terrifying
  3. sonowgoodbye

    Get that plug
  4. sonowgoodbye


    In Your Eyes single cd with Tightropesus
  5. Yeah that’s where Michelle Visage met him
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  7. You know what— yes, I can. But you should be ashamed at how you treat people like that. What if she was your relative or someone who is close to you, and she was dying. How would you feel? Disgusting.
  8. I didn’t know they owned the Histroy Channel
  9. It makes me upset the way people are treated nowadays. Online or irl, it’s so unacceptable.

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    2. Nobody

      @H.O.N.E.Y True but after 2016, there was more of it, maybe it's because more people got more social media accounts, I don't know but I noticed the Internet got more aggressive in that year.

    3. H.O.N.E.Y

      Well I've seen these death threats and insults since 2008. From youtube comments, to twitter, to other forums.. etc

    4. Nobody

      Oh wow maybe I never noticed that until now. I first joined a forum in 2016 but I got Twitter and YouTube since 2009 and 2007 but I never really paid attention to the comment sections because I always found them irrelevant 

  10. Do you have ANY decency? Why are you sitting here bashing her looks? How dare you bash her like that. You’re disgusting. I don’t care if this is a fucking joke. No one should be treated like that.
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    Ok but no one mentioned anything about “urban artists”. Also, they’re not “urban artists”