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  1. Ariana is just not an impactful artist period, she relies on stan twitter and tiktokkers to put out quick lil hits. And her last 3 albums follow the same formula and sound so eventually they begin to blend together and sound the same.
  2. Beyonce takes herself too seriously for someone that steals other people's work and has ghost writers so Britney
  3. I thought Neil asked his stuff to be removed if spotify refuses to remove joe rogan? Joe rogan has been spewing alot of bullshit lately im surprised he hasnt been removed already
  4. The message is terrible but with different lyrics(And artist) this could've been a really good bop The production and instrumental was really good and a breath of fresh air.
  5. This was a mess But she's probably trolling again. We see queen still has strength in her voice though
  6. Selena Demi's social media presence is bigger than her career these days and Miley has been struggling since Bangerz
  7. i mean yeah technically her lyrical content is pretty graphic now but i dont feel that means much for kids now. Her aesthetics and MV's still seem to target a certain audience. Otherwise fully agree, they just eat up anything she spits out whereas most britney fans accept that brit's quality took a dive with FF and BJ.
  8. I meant to say Britney not Oops but ok even then, Britney is a huge change from Oops moving on from Teen-pop. ITZ is almost purely rnb with some electronic while Blackout is gritty electro-pop, theres almost no similarities Ya'll would have a point if Britney released Oops 3 times in a row in her 20's but she didn't. Ariana on the otherhand has been catering to tweens her entire career. The bar for her is so low i can't
  9. I dont get how ya'll really pretend all these songs dont sound like they could've been on the same album. Say what you want about Knee but Oops, ITZ and Blackout do not sound like the same albums
  10. who can forget long-running classics like Stuck With You and Positions
  11. Her last 3 albums were basically extensions of one another. The way sis changes her "look" every year you would think it was for a new sound at least but no. Will she be 30 and still making trap-pop for 15 year old tiktokers?
  12. there used to be a video of JB grinding on some guy at a club for a second until he notice the camera dead4 im dead at the fact scooter probably had it wiped off the internet 

  13. To summarize it, some people were chanting "F-ck joe biden" at some nascar event and the announcer said they were saying "let's go brandon" i guess for censorship reasons ? BRANDON BROWN POST RACE INTERVIEW - 2021 SPARKS 300 NASCAR XFINITY SERIES AT TALLADEGA - YouTube Now it's just used as codeword for "F-ck joe biden"