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  1. BreatheeOnKnee

    Everybody vs ...Baby One More Time Like a Virgin vs Oops!... I Did It Again Live to Tell vs I'm A Slave 4 U Like a Prayer vs Me Against The Music Vogue vs My Prerogative Erotica vs Gimme More Secret vs Womanizer Frozen vs 3 Music vs Hold It Against Me American Life vs Work Bitch Hung Up vs Make Me... Madonna: 4 Britney: 7
  2. BreatheeOnKnee

    Both the Justin's are trash it's such a shame they're the only two options, that being said Timberlake is the closest to prince of pop. He was the lead member for a major boyband and has the success and longevity for atleast 10+ years after he went solo. Junkie Bieber could never
  3. BreatheeOnKnee

    Kinda the first half of the 80s cause of cheesy experimental rock and electronic music Early 10's for same reasons you listed Late 10's - present [Everything is the same tired trap sound now] 2013-2016 was a brief breathe of fresh air tho before things quickly went bad again
  4. BreatheeOnKnee

    If i have to think of an artist where nearly every video is creative and artistic it would be Bjork.
  5. BreatheeOnKnee

    Ofcourse But Like A Prayer comes off as pandering to me and overrated. Like she wanted to make a song against racism so she hired a bunch of black church goers to be in her video and wore her natural dark hair and curled it up and pissed off a bunch of christians. Madonna's videos aren't always so creative, she has a lot of basic uninteresting videos earlier in her career like Lucky Star and Live to Tell as well as later in her career like 4 minutes and bitch i'm madonna. But she also has some of the BEST pop videos so does Britney
  6. BreatheeOnKnee

    Madonna has a lot of great videos like Bedtime Stories, Frozen, Fever, Human Nature, Hollywood etc. Like a prayer comes to mind but it's actually quite corny most of her videos aren't that special or above your average popstar. I mean most of britney's videos aren't that special either but she serves choreo to make up for it so i voted for her. Overall i'd say their tied, Madonna has probably 3x as many videos as Britney anyway
  7. BreatheeOnKnee

    Debut Era: Britney Peak: Britney (Britney was top of the world when pop music was it's most relevant) Artistry: Madonna (She has more diverse music than Brit) Comebacks (Plural since they both have more than one): Britney (After all Brit faced would end most people's career) Sales: Madonna Vocals: Britney Videography: Britney Impact and Legacy: Madonna for impact, Britney for legacy (Madonna's legacy is tarnished by her desperate attempts in recent years and just tons of bad decisions in her personal life) Overall Career: Britney (imo) The true answer Madonna has more longevity and sales and a bigger impact (Regardless of how inflated it is by pop fans). Brit is clearly more talented but Madonna ventured more in her career and experimented more.
  8. BreatheeOnKnee

    Is this referring to the quality of the album it's self or the era? Or just success? BOMT is obviously the most successful but it's one brit's weakest albums imo its like her label tried to market her as urban/rnb at first then realized she appealed more to the teen-pop crowd and went with that halfway through the era. The albums full of cheesy tracks too like "Email my heart". I'd say the fame maybe mariah carey are the best debuts.
  9. BreatheeOnKnee

    The fact britney is not on here even in early 2007 shows this is inaccurate af , not to mention she is actually the most searched artist from 2000 - 2012 according to some articles.
  10. BreatheeOnKnee

    Most of her singles from Britney to ITZ were banned on NA radios but the fact songs like Slave 4 U flopped in US charts but are still known and iconic shows it didn't slow her down
  11. BreatheeOnKnee

    LADY GAGA vs ARIANA GRANDE FIRST SINGLE: Just Dance / The Way SINGLE RELEASED IN SPRING 2014: G.U.Y. / Problem SECOND NO. 1 ON BILLBOARD: Poker Face / 7 Rings PEAKED AT NO. 4 IN 2016: Million Reasons / Side To Side PEAKED AT NO. 2 ON BILLBOARD: Bad Romance / Break Up With Your GFIB NO. 1 SONG IN 2018: Shallow / Thank U, Next ZEDD PRODUCTION: Donatella / Break Free SECOND SINGLE FROM THIRD ALBUM: Judas / Into You LEAD SINGLE FROM FOURTH ALBUM: Applause / No Tears Left To Cry PEAKED AT NO. 4 IN THE UK: Paparazzi / God Is A Woman 2016 LEAD SINGLE: Perfect Illusion / Dangerous Woman GAGA: 7 ARIANA: 4
  12. Fergie is hardly a rapper though Anyhow Missy outsold all 3, she's honestly the true queen of rap. Just discovered this bop too
  13. Not really, i mean Janet never went nude in a porn book before but, even tho i like Janet it was still hypocritical to judge Madonna for selling sex when she did the same thing in the Janet. era, just less extreme.
  14. BreatheeOnKnee

    Do BSB vs Nsync, Mariah vs Madonna, Gaga Vs Madonna and Selena Vs Ariana next