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  1. BreatheeOnKnee

    I thought that was iggy for a second anyways my thoughts? Messy
  2. BreatheeOnKnee

    this sent me for some reason
  3. BreatheeOnKnee

    Britney: Bigger peak, bigger impact Rihanna: Outsold with ha singles. Overall the answer is Brit though and not just cause im a britfan. Rihanna's most iconic performance was with britney. Longevity wise we have to see how rhi's next era will do to judge, so far she has 11 years Brit has about 14
  4. BreatheeOnKnee

    Usher is the king, Miguel is the first prince followed by the weeknd and frank. R kelly is their shunned creepy uncle
  5. BreatheeOnKnee

    I thought it was obvious she was saying queen b would be beyonce, since she posted a Bee poor bitchive
  6. BreatheeOnKnee

    Also yeah Bey is not a top-notch vocalist imo at all, i think her specialty is more so being a hybrid of a vocal diva and dancer/performer like Janet/Britney, she's not the best at either of them but still good enough at both and that's what people praise her for. Nothing was wrong with it but it just wasn't as good as Bey was my point
  7. BreatheeOnKnee

    I'm not a pro but i do agree Mariah and Ariana have more similar voices than Bey and Mariah does, she would definitely do better at covering Mariah
  8. BreatheeOnKnee

    The problem with Bey is she does too much and strains alot but she still has a far more powerful voice , similar situation w xtina I try to avoid crowd recorded videos because it's hard to tell if it's a backing track most of the time but this is the only video i could find of Ariana covering bey They aren't comparable sis And nothing Ariana has ever done is comparable to this Young mariah had more soul, better transitions, power etc.
  9. BreatheeOnKnee

    After decades of alcoholism and aging maybe but age 26 mariah would mop the floor with age 26 Ariana
  10. BreatheeOnKnee

    I disagree. I'm not doubting Ariana can sing, as could Mya. But her vocals are extremely overrated by the gp and her stans, out of the main pop girls within the past 5-10 years she's probably the best but that's not saying much when her competition is Selena, Katy, Taylor etc. You can't tell me this sounds as decent as Bey. Her voice often sounds nasally and weak when singing bigger songs. Most of her discography doesn't go to these limits. I mean yeah by today's standards she's not bad at all but people are really reaching putting her up there with the divas
  11. BreatheeOnKnee

    True also i can't with people comparing her vocals to the likes of Mariah or even Beyonce. Vocally and success wise she's like the Mya of this generation, if you don't remember or know who that is my point has been made
  12. BreatheeOnKnee

    Shes not bad but too much damn hip thrusting and pussy popping to make it look more intense than it really is
  13. BreatheeOnKnee

    Kpop is manufactured and unoriginal af but atleast their male stars try to serve looks and choreo
  14. BreatheeOnKnee

    So do the girls i mentioned(to a degree) as well as many more. Some of ya'll still stan Doja and other sketchy faves If we were going to cancel nicki it should've been when she first helped her brother but all of a sudden doing a collab with sixnine is the final straw for some of ya'll, i don't get it
  15. Why not drag Katy for working with dr luke or migos? Or Ari for working with Bieber as well as Nicki? Or are pop gheys lowkey prejudice hypocrites? discuss