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  1. i'm angry i gained 0.2 pounds overnight ajay1

    1. Entea


      Dream about running instead rav2

  2. Taylor is good at using the little she has to make a successful music career Ariana is good at styling ponytails Jlo has some bops
  3. For once lizzo isnt being annoying and spreading lies
  4. Not to mention Doja is racist but because she is mixed people have a hard time understanding that's possible
  5. sweetener, thank u next and positions are the same album Adele is pretentious In the zone is better than Blackout
  6. I remember people were saying she just sacrificed blue ivy before making this video
  7. Raw skills: Janet>Ciara>Britney>Paula>Tinashe>Jlo>Bey>Everyone else Choreo: Britney>Bey>Janet>Tinashe>Everyone else Janet was such a good dancer but most of her choreo is repetitive and too masculine
  8. How is it #1 with such terrible stats? Must be missing something Anyway k-pop should be banned from billboard
  9. I stan Azealia bank's music but not her so it's possible as long as you dont help put money in that persons pockets. R kelly made amazing music but he's still a disgusting perv
  10. In order 1. Madonna 2. Gaga 3. Beyonce 4. Ariana
  11. And to think there are people who still support her, even famous ones like a certain a someone thats supposed to be a proud feminist
  12. Gen Z thinks androids are lame and for poor people and only like iphones
  13. Yes and Janet inspired the likes of Britney, Beyonce, Ciara etc. who would go on to inspire the modern generation especially all those k-pop/j-pop acts Its lowkey thinly veiled (accidental?) racism tbh
  14. Arianators are always acting like she's a blameless puppet to scooter braum whenever she's caught up in a scandal or payola but want to claim she has full control of her career, which is it?