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  1. Basic lyrics, basic bop, the karma caught up to her looks
  2. Fitting coming from someone that has kids with a racist billionaire and defends neo nazis on twitter
  3. I been told yall she was trash and yall didnt listen
  4. I hope this isn't supposed to be a single
  5. there used to be a video of JB grinding on some guy at a club for a second until he notice the camera dead4 im dead at the fact scooter probably had it wiped off the internet 

  6. i'm angry i gained 0.2 pounds overnight ajay1

    1. Entea


      Dream about running instead rav2

  7. Me using my 100% discount at Gucci, Versace and Louis Vuitton when things go south



  8. The way AHS: Cult predicted the future cry4

    1. Princess Aurora

      Princess Aurora

      I mean , you got a point true1 

    2. Shawn's Slave

      Shawn's Slave

      Donald Trump wishes he look as good as that guy.

  9. Who all can relate to this? brit9




  10. Throwback to when this forum didn't dickride ariana for selling rehashed whitegirl trap to the GP and pretend it was groundbreaking because their faves were flopping or absent
  11. It's so much more peaceful without Kevin here 

  12. I- kinda agree..but its still a very good album
  13. Blackout In the Zone Glory Femme Fatale Britney Circus Oops!... I Did It Again ..Baby One More Time Britney Jean
  14. I don't care for ol girl tbqh she has some good music but i always found her a little pretentious but the reasons for not liking her in the poll Literally all those reasons could be applied to faves like Taylor or Ariana who are generally well liked by pop-stans