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  1. I'm dead ass, she had a couple minor hits that era but overall it was lackluster for her standards
  2. Bey isn't really that relevant anymore, sure she's a household name and most people know her previous works but musically she's been irrelevant since about 2014. Lemonade flopped
  3. This means she's soon to stop making "music"
  4. I just felt like trolling with the madonna one Britney actually had to audition to get on disney though and she earned her way through the music industry, her parents were poor so she didnt use their money or a million features to get famous like someone
  5. Oh and madonna she's an old slut who slept her way through the music biz and used trends and threw them out like her diapers to stay relevant
  6. Bieber - For obvious reasons Justin timberlake - his career only took off because he messed with others careers Ariana - her parents bought her way into the industry and she's a fake act Taylor - same thing as ariana, all she can do is write basic breakup songs J-low - same thing as timberlake
  7. She needs to be more worried about waiting nearly a decade to drop another album
  8. Its nice that female artist now get awards more often but its also backfired because now they're just throwing out awards to any ol thing, its more of a popularity contest now.
  9. Same applies to european artist in America Yet people famous in europe are for some reason more valued to stans than those in America And i do see it often happening to black artist on stan sites. Against Mariah, Janet, and most hiphop artist in general(Who are often black)
  10. Also this is more of a pop thing than male vs female thing.
  11. I mean hes kinda right bout the covers part, but it doesnt mean the music is shallow just because the album cover is
  12. Dont do janet dirty like that rhythm nation album was iconic too but if we're being honest 95% of the songs in this video are forgotten by all the non-gays
  13. Janet was her biggest competition from janet's Control era up until the superbowl incident
  14. 1. Britney Spears 2. Beyonce 3. Mariah Carey 4. Lady Gaga 5. Dua Lipa 6. Madonna 7. Christina Aguilera 8. Rihanna 9. Kylie Minogue 10. Katy Perry 11. Selena Gomez 12. Lana Del Rey 13. Ariana Grande 14. Taylor Swift
  15. She has more longevity than both but she has yet to meet britney's peak, also she's not that popular outside the US
  16. She was already well established in hollywood when she started her music career so i doubt she was a pawn
  17. Crazy people make the best music, shes terrible but her music is amazing
  18. Me using my 100% discount at Gucci, Versace and Louis Vuitton when things go south



  19. The way AHS: Cult predicted the future cry4

    1. Princess Aurora

      Princess Aurora

      I mean , you got a point true1 

    2. Cha Eunwoo

      Cha Eunwoo

      Donald Trump wishes he look as good as that guy.

  20. 0:27 is her head edited onto some dancer's body ?
  21. Who all can relate to this? brit9




  22. She never was An IT girl has to be number one in her game, standing out from the crowd and setting an example for everyone else to follow. Hard to come by. She had a cute little 10 month peak of success though.
  23. To add to that, the song's still catchy but nothing special and i wish she'd find something to talk about other than feminism whenever shes trying to be serious/deep, very played out (if its not just about sex)