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  1. BreatheeOnKnee

    None of them are successful/mainstream
  2. Me using my 100% discount at Gucci, Versace and Louis Vuitton when things go south



  3. The way AHS: Cult predicted the future cry4

    1. Princess Aurora

      I mean , you got a point true1 

    2. Cha Eunwoo

      Donald Trump wishes he look as good as that guy.

  4. BreatheeOnKnee

    0:27 is her head edited onto some dancer's body ?
  5. Who all can relate to this? brit9




  6. BreatheeOnKnee

    She never was An IT girl has to be number one in her game, standing out from the crowd and setting an example for everyone else to follow. Hard to come by. She had a cute little 10 month peak of success though.
  7. BreatheeOnKnee

    To add to that, the song's still catchy but nothing special and i wish she'd find something to talk about other than feminism whenever shes trying to be serious/deep, very played out (if its not just about sex)
  8. BreatheeOnKnee

    Were you expecting an applause ?
  9. BreatheeOnKnee

    It was basique but the video was honestly worse, all her videos have the same fucking camera angles and editing style with her face in half profile and her jittering her mouth its so annoying
  10. BreatheeOnKnee

    It might, then fall out the top 40 within 5 weeks like her last 2 #1's
  11. BreatheeOnKnee

    Gaga, Brit, Kylie. Anyone saying ariana is delusional when multiple people in the industry have said shes a cunt to work with
  12. BreatheeOnKnee


    That's sad but i'll try to remember to look for the leaks
  13. BreatheeOnKnee

    It sounds more like a parody of her though
  14. BreatheeOnKnee

    The way you turned on Gaga so fast
  15. In a way her breakdown made her more famous
  16. BreatheeOnKnee

    Janet - all for you Jessica simpson - public affair Britney spears - anticipating
  17. BreatheeOnKnee

    They were both obviously using pre-recorded vocals tho Gaga's sounded more out of breath but neither was better than the other
  18. BreatheeOnKnee

    It use to reflect on how relevant and popular an artist was at the time, even though there was payola back in the day too. But now songs literally get streamed to #1 then fall out the top 10 within a couple weeks (Examples: Nicki and sixnine trolls or JB and Ariana Stuck with you) which makes #1's even more irrelevant now because just a brief spark in popularity is enough to make a song go #1. Doesn't really mean the same thing anymore
  19. No lies detected
  20. BreatheeOnKnee

    Femme Fatale/Britney Jean Everything from Madonna starting with Hard Candy and all of her movie ost Everything from Ariana Rihanna Rated R - Unapologetic Mariah's Music Box and Rainbow Beyonce's 4
  21. BreatheeOnKnee

    Everybody vs ...Baby One More Time Like a Virgin vs Oops!... I Did It Again Live to Tell vs I'm A Slave 4 U Like a Prayer vs Me Against The Music Vogue vs My Prerogative Erotica vs Gimme More Secret vs Womanizer Frozen vs 3 Music vs Hold It Against Me American Life vs Work Bitch Hung Up vs Make Me... Madonna: 4 Britney: 7
  22. BreatheeOnKnee

    Both the Justin's are trash it's such a shame they're the only two options, that being said Timberlake is the closest to prince of pop. He was the lead member for a major boyband and has the success and longevity for atleast 10+ years after he went solo. Junkie Bieber could never
  23. BreatheeOnKnee

    Kinda the first half of the 80s cause of cheesy experimental rock and electronic music Early 10's for same reasons you listed Late 10's - present [Everything is the same tired trap sound now] 2013-2016 was a brief breathe of fresh air tho before things quickly went bad again
  24. BreatheeOnKnee

    If i have to think of an artist where nearly every video is creative and artistic it would be Bjork.
  25. BreatheeOnKnee

    Ofcourse But Like A Prayer comes off as pandering to me and overrated. Like she wanted to make a song against racism so she hired a bunch of black church goers to be in her video and wore her natural dark hair and curled it up and pissed off a bunch of christians. Madonna's videos aren't always so creative, she has a lot of basic uninteresting videos earlier in her career like Lucky Star and Live to Tell as well as later in her career like 4 minutes and bitch i'm madonna. But she also has some of the BEST pop videos so does Britney