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  1. The comment section tho more angry straight white guys making this all about them
  2. I get the message but this is pathetic, even a razer blade company these days feels the need to get political.
  3. ShutUpRae

    Queen of investing and clothing lines. Her music career was pretty much a flop
  4. ShutUpRae

    California gurlz, tgif,firework and E.T are annoying as fuck. Katy sounded very monotone in those songs and the chorus for each of those songs are alike, they were played everywhere at the time too making them more annoying. Teenage dream was a bop tho
  5. ShutUpRae

    Whom is one of the richest pop girls of all time currently
  6. ShutUpRae

    Every black eyed peas song Most the singles from teenage dream Most calvin harris songs Happy
  7. ShutUpRae

    If christina controls her life and career why did she flop so bad and why does she struggle with her weight ?
  8. Stop reviving old threads...




  9. ShutUpRae

  10. ShutUpRae

    All this fake outrage from you guys is hilarious when you stan cunts like Cardi B and Rihanna who have done equally as problematic things
  11. ShutUpRae

    How? Rihanna not only did a song with a woman beater but dated one, anyone that calls her a feminist icon or brave is an idiot. She should have cut him off but continued to fuck him
  12. ShutUpRae

    I thought that was xtina and cher from the thumbnail
  13. Anyway it says something when our girl can go on hiatus and still be more relevant than Xtuna