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  1. i dont even like one sweet day but i feel like if a record that big is gonna be broken it should be by a worthy song.
  2. Than let Shitber beat Mariah's record Despacito is at 14 weeks Please coconut head, i need you and your team of features to steal the number one spot away from Beebee
  3. Madonna Rihanna Bey Christina
  4. Gossip

    straight white guys are very comfortable with eachother, nothing to see here
  5. Beyonce stayed relevant and in touch with youth longer, these days you dont really hear of young 12 yos being fans of Britney. Beyonce has fans that age though. Overall Britney is more iconic and had more success so it's hard to say.
  6. literally how?
  7. lady gaga was raped?
  8. her hair isn't naturally straight hun but anyway i figured why not spice up the comparison threads?
  9. sensitive af
  10. You said they're both black, alot of people don't think that Mariah is black and white,.
  11. That's a lie
  12. Some people here seem to think Mariah is a complete white woman despite being a woman with dark brown eyes and natural curly hair and claim Rihanna is a total black woman with high-yellow skin and green eyes. End the debate, which is blacker!?
  13. No, it wasn't much different than good girl gone bad and by then being raunchy wasn't even risky. Russian roulette was a little risky
  14. what do you think?