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  1. ShutUpRae

    2011 was an overload of dr puke produced garbage and calvin harris trash and just electropop boringness. It was a fun time because of all the pop girls competing but quality wise it was a disgusting era 1999/2000, 2007 and 2014 were better years imo
  2. ShutUpRae

    Poker Face California Gurls Umbrella Just dance Dark horse I kissed a girl Dont stop the music Diamonds Hot n cold Born this way Roar Firework We found love Edit- I made this list based on best to worst without fully reading op, oops Well from most remembered to least remembered, a lot of these are only 5 years old and too recent to say for sure but as for the older ones. Umbrella, poker face and i kissed a girl are the top 3 most remembered We found love, dont stop the music and hot n cold are the top 3 most forgotten
  3. ShutUpRae

    To be fair Minogue was never too popular in America, it would be like asking Australian people about Brandy or something
  4. So much wiggerism @ the boybands and willa But if i had to choose i'd say genie in a bottle has the least dated beat
  5. ShutUpRae

    Plus shes richer than both combined christina
  6. What time is the gym typically less packed? tina1 like i fucking hate going in there and its busy and smells like taint and feet and meatheads are spending like 20 minutes on one machine and girls are everywhere just their yoga'ing out in leggings for no reason 


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    2. Hylia

      Join a 24 hour gym and go at like 2 AM

    3. Dan

      I either like to go super early, like 6-7am or late like 8-9pm

    4. Urbanov

      12 minutes ago, Dan said:

      I either like to go super early, like 6-7am or late like 8-9pm


  7. Why is Christina still a thread idea (To you)? No one talks about her until you do
  8. Sis does wait like half a decade to put albums out, starving her fans as if she's mj, which seems a bit cocky. Not to mention all her albums are the same material. She needs to get it together before another power ballad singer who puts more material out comes and takes her spot
  9. Britney's more of a legend than gaga though Gaga still has a way to go, that 5 years of irrelevance inbetween peaks is a bit of a stain. Either way both are miles above Ariana and Rhat
  10. ShutUpRae

    Britney, Celine and Mariah are the only ones with pretty/normal looking noses Ariana and Nicki look like puerto rican men in drag
  11. ShutUpRae

    I would have posted it no matter what stanbase i ran into, get out your feelings this is an attack towards streaming
  12. ShutUpRae

    It took you like 10 minutes just to type that and as official gaga hater surely you do a little??
  13. I was actually just searching for stream receipts on Gaga's shallow for my next thread but came across this Some people will put a song on pilot mode over night just to boost their fave's success
  14. Indonesia has taste