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  1. ShutUpRae

    Letting your friend beg and convince you to let them touch you is rape now ? huh
  2. ShutUpRae

    Possibly. She can't sing All her songs are about the same thing Terrible forced personality
  3. She went public about their sex life and basically said hes boring in bed, this whore is absolute trash and should've been cancelled years ago
  4. ShutUpRae

    Miley basically said her sledgehammer video was inspired by sinead, sinead responded with her opinions on it and wasn't a fan of how sexual the video was, miley in return basically mocked sinead's mental health and threw middle school level twitter diss at her. It was by far the lamest and most childish feud on the list
  5. He can have it tbqh and iceland
  6. You were mostly right until you brought ariana and adele into it. Adele drops 1 album like every 5 years knowing it'll be over-praised, basically starving her fans to ensure they buy her shit. If she were more consistent she wouldn't be that successful. Ariana is a non-factor with 1 smash era that's not even as big as the fame monster. It's delusional to even put her in the same group with katy or taylor. Her debut album was mostly flop and so was dangerous woman. That and while Gaga had no longevity, her peak was still massive and definitely top 5 for female artist in the 2010s. But yeah biggest pop girl is a stretch
  7. ShutUpRae

    Well she died after her 1st single off her album Aaliyah so who knows? Aaliyah was her first #1 album as well and did way better globally. So it's likely she would see more success later
  8. ShutUpRae

    It's ironic because towards the end of Aaliyah's career it became the opposite. 2000-2001 was Aaliyah's years, first #1, movie and music success etc. Meanwhile Full moon was flopping for filth and Moesha was cancelled. If she was still alive she'd be more successful.
  9. ShutUpRae

    Wow he looks really old now
  10. ShutUpRae

    cupcake lambs?
  11. I'm almost sure Tony Bennett has fucked Nosega
  12. ShutUpRae

    Yes, Thriller and Bad were his only two similar albums. Dangerous was his step into more serious topics and HIStory was very political
  13. This will keep happening because mexico's government is shit and the people dont stand up for themselves.
  14. ShutUpRae

    The silicone one