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  1. it says in the article shes posing full nude
  2. its a tough call between bey and rhat
  3. shes pretty but this is wrong, most of us dont look up gay porn on pornhub to see vaginas and ftm actors instead of dicks and men
  4. http://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/playboy-transgender-playmate-first-ever-magazine-ines-rau-a8008281.html
  5. madonna in 1984, britney in 2000/2001
  6. one of them made the vmas something worth watching and when years passed and it became unwatchable my other fave made it worth watching again
  7. the one hit wonder kind
  8. even if this is fiction this is a creepy gross thing to write
  9. EDM Remakes of older songs: "Hey remember that one song with a deep message that had important lyrics? Let's just chop that shit up, destroy it and slap a generic edm beat ontop with some autotune and sell it to kids that'll think its better than the original". Trap/Mumble-Rap: Same ol shitty beats with different effects here and there, repetitive lyrics, repetitive message, shitty flow etc. Latin Fuckboi Pop: The same reggaeton beat...over and over but with hair gel and cut-off shirts
  10. free @Frozen

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      I am free

      they deleted all your shit jay1