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  1. Beyonce
  2. i dont see whats so impressive about having better sells than someone you debuted 5 years after
  3. i still think it's funny OP didn't include Britney's first 3 albums which nearly amounts to bey's entire career
  4. the shameless reaching
  5. Today must be opposite day
  6. Yea, a 20 year lasting fad whos debut single alone shits on anything Rhat ever has done
  7. i forgot that clusterfuck of a song existed
  8. that was a failure of a shade though since tlc took that picture for breast cancer awareness not for "art"
  9. "not all women have a uterus though"
  10. Filipino or something
  11. She brought up a lot of good points, i don't care for her cultural appropriation shit(too identity politics esque) though considering bruno has been doing rnb type music his entire career but she didn't lie at all about his career consisting of rehashing what's already been done.
  12. both are actually vile cunts, but i'd say wendy a little more so than rhat, who is basically the poster child for teenage future single moms