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  1. ShutUpRae

    I wasn't aware Mariah has a few iconic well known songs but i didn't know vision of love to be one of them
  2. ShutUpRae

    Then came Rihanna's "Dark" era, then Lady gaga etc.
  3. ShutUpRae

    They're both kind of basic brown guys with angular jaws and beards but i'd pick maluma
  4. ShutUpRae

    She's just some girl that wore a swan dress that sings funny
  5. ShutUpRae

    Patti Labelle Aretha I think before the 80s album sales/singles weren't that huge. Most of the legends from the 70s and earlier only had a few "Hits"
  6. ShutUpRae

    She is known by locals for kidnapping children
  7. Bragging about so called great life on a gay pop music forum i-
  8. ShutUpRae

    We all know knee was a lipsync queen thats why she was more known for her iconic choreography and stage performance, whaling where?
  9. ShutUpRae

    Not all these people seething because someone acknowledges Billie's shit music written by her brother isn't really worthy of so many grammy's. Like what? Besides her nasally whaling?
  10. ShutUpRae

    Not true i dislike christina but she's a little underrated
  11. ShutUpRae

    Probably since Ariana is the 2nd most overhyped overrated mediocre female artist out right now , the grammys are a joke and it's already well known that they don't pass awards out based on talent or impact anymore. Evident by the choices
  12. ShutUpRae

    Already knew billie was going to win multiple grammies being an overrated bitch and all
  13. ShutUpRae

    No impact, bringing nothing new to the table, riding trends, a product of one era, a product of mediocrity . An ariana grande. A meghan trainor.
  14. ShutUpRae

    Rihanna probably smells like semen and skunky weed