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  1. I wanna get fucked by a ghost

    1. River Song

      So you want to be Boo'd up eve1

    2. Entea

      Scary Movie teas


    3. Mamacita

      I’m putting this on my urn.

  2. ShutUpRae

    Yes that whale Mariah has nothing now
  3. ShutUpRae

    i hope so, female trap is actually more migraine inducing than male trap these days
  4. ShutUpRae

    Most of my girls outsold areola's entire career 3x over by the 3rd year of their career so no thank you hunny
  5. ShutUpRae

    Yeah but lbr no one outside of the country fanbase knew who taylor was before kanye And you're being waaaaay too generous with that title for JB
  6. ShutUpRae

    Not true and she kind of did though (plus the kanye controversy) blew her name up Like how Selena used Justin to remain relevant, now where's selena without justin?
  7. ShutUpRae

    I'd love to see it's chart position 1 month from now just sayin
  8. ShutUpRae

    Like you're in place to talk
  9. ShutUpRae

    That's not a fair comparison, Taylor is a better comparison since half her appeal is her talking about her celeb ex's
  10. not when the only reason it blew up is cause it's about her (VERY) recent breakup and mac's death, so ya'll can stop pretending the good sis pulled a #1 out her ass towards the end of this era when she failed to do that for all of her previous leads. We all know that fueled this song to be massively streamed (And it will probably be out of the top 20 by christmas)
  11. i dont have any faves who peaked during the streaming era so idc
  12. ShutUpRae

    mariah's probably next tbh
  13. ShutUpRae

    i wish shed retire then at least her legacy would be pure
  14. It's ok but i always have trouble liking a fave's album decades into their career it never feels exciting
  15. Bitch is just straight disrespecting us I cant believe people pay to go to watch this soccer mom lipsync to vocals she recorded when she was 17 and twitch on stage for 2 hours, fucking mess I have nothing to stan anymore, her star quality was always being a performer now she's just a relic on stage programmed to lipsync. And now she's on this vegas shit AGAIN. Seriously what other qualities does she have now? Her music videos aren't even exciting anymore. She either needs ta get it together or just retire Till then i only stan pre 2011 Brit