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  1. At least it will be #1 on paypal
  2. My point is Grande is easily associated with spanish she's even said so in interviews people assume she's latina because of her last name. And as mentioned itt Grande is also a spanish name, it's not just italian. She takes advantage of this to add to her racial ambiguity marketing scheme
  3. That era was super embarrassing but still it's less goofy than ariana milking her hispanic sounding last name for all it's worth
  4. White ppl, Mexicans and other latinos say the n-word more than black people do these days so i'm not surprised
  5. Also how can one do a remake of a song that's already a "Remake"?
  6. She's still bitter about Roman's revenge it shows just like how she did a collab with Remy Ma right after she destroyed Nicki. Neither cardi or nicki will be carrying a crown anytime soon though
  7. ShutUpRae

    Probably high tbh
  8. Thats what these stupid 2000s babies get for making talentless douchebags famous
  9. ShutUpRae

    Yea top female artist of 2003 cause Britney had no material out Stripped might have " outsold" ITZ but nearly everything else before and after ITZ by britney outsold Xtina
  10. ShutUpRae

    Briefly in 2003 when she was practically flopping and embarrassing herself with her spray tanned slut persona in dirtty while Britney was making one of the most iconic pop albums of the decade . Then ITZ was released near the end of 2003, she's never been close to that amount of relevancy ever since
  11. ShutUpRae

    A 2018 fad, lacks relevance outside of twitter.
  12. ShutUpRae

    Once again both Nicki and Cardi are shitty cunts, it doesn't matter which ones the bigger cunt
  13. ShutUpRae

    Celeb News

    The chances of this baby having a healthy life just went from 1% to 0