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  1. Would this be a good time to re-appear? Hello everyone I'm so damn excited
  2. Made some artworks today, one for SBIT's updated version and square versions of the Golden Live cover
  3. Finally in HQ! Thank god... I've just had the normal lq-mq versions for years
  4. That's okay bb!! It really can be used with anything.... It's a electro synth sex bop, it's a jazz masterpiece, it's a new age 80s track, it's a glam rock song... truly iconic
  5. Also, this is MY FAVOURITE arrangement of Slow EVER. I'm begging Steve on twitter to post it online, it worked when I begged him for Celebration 2015
  6. The base arrangement for this was the version Steve produced for KMOT, they just added more guitar than synths this time These are mostly like the originals but they've been modernised very slightly by Steve too. From watching it on the Glastonbury video, it's very much the album version with an extended intro and the synths have been updated. I love the version of Dancing from the Golden Tour, how the last chorus begins with a singalong, and the two booms in that part, when you're there you feel those right in your chest it's SO loud I also love the g
  7. Same here. I'll be emailing people and demanding fixed copies for everybody if, god forbid, they're messed up. I didn't pay $64.99 for lazy pressing, and I'm sure nobody else did either.
  8. here are my thoughts on it all as i said to aidan on twitter, this is the messiest release campaign i've ever seen from her. the most basic release, basic packaging design, they could have done so much more with this like revamping all the songs or at the VERY LEAST remastering everything and yet they STILL manage to fuck it up badly, with mismatched metadata and cloud-matching the songs (given PYIMP being the live version on streaming) it's such a shame since the cover art is gorgeous. i wouldn't have been this mad if this wasn't continually hyped up by her team as if it wasn
  9. omg i'm so dumb, lucaaaaaaa bby!! i thought so but had to make sure nnnn
  10. Yes it's me!!! you were probably following my other acc - i had to move due to irls. what's your @ ?
  11. ignore the first tweet, this was part of my thread, but here was my best of!
  12. They're okay, but when people reposted my fanmade art from twitter, people didn't hold back in making absolutely disgusting and over-the-top comments
  13. that looks incredibly done. i wish vinyl bootlegs were easy to make, i'd be making my own stuff all the time
  14. ty for referencing my gay detective work