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  1. Would this be a good time to re-appear? Hello everyone I'm so damn excited
  2. Made some artworks today, one for SBIT's updated version and square versions of the Golden Live cover
  3. They're okay, but when people reposted my fanmade art from twitter, people didn't hold back in making absolutely disgusting and over-the-top comments
  4. that looks incredibly done. i wish vinyl bootlegs were easy to make, i'd be making my own stuff all the time
  5. ty for referencing my gay detective work
  6. Its part of an even bigger map - one of the largest city maps I think, it's like 8gb alone - I stumbed upon an arena and started building in it
  7. oh my GOD this is incredible - reminds me of when i built the KMO stage in minecraft btw, because i want to procrastinate EXTREMELY - catch me reviewing all of kylie's albums on my twitter soon
  8. It's been a while since I've been here... how y'all going?
  9. about as big as a tic tac, just a tiny little embossing on only one page, must have come from a machine, doesn't take away from the product at all tho I JUST GOT MY PICTURE DISC BUNDLE TODAY AND WEEEEWWWWW THE BEAUTY PHOTOS SOON
  10. I just got my SuperDeluxe and W O W THIS IS A PRODUCTTM some of my pages have a bit of odd speckles and one has a strange small indent but i'm sure that's just regular errors that occur in mass printing, they don't bother me too much i'm playing the vinyl rn and shelby skipped a little in both choruses but i think my record player is just being shit
  12. Maybe decided not to go through with these products :/ and I know right
  13. Kylie's on Graham Norton this Friday WITH my husband Tom Holland They gave this gay what he wants, KYLIE AND TOM HOLLAND ARE GONNA BE IN THE SAME ROOM