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  1. coven asylum murder house freakshow I don't plan on watching the others
  2. virgo's groove alien superstar cuff it thique america has a problem i'm that girl summer renaissance pure/honey heated cozy plastic off the sofa move break my soul all up in your mind church girl energy
  3. He's not a complete flop with his music, but you can obviously see that the majority of people don't respect him anymore and he hasn't got as many opportunities of work as he had before everything he did. The AMA's even cancelled on his MJ tribute. And Johnny Depp is still considered a wife beater to UK court btw. He just won the defamation trial, which is a different thing. Even though you don't think race shouldn't matter, it obviously does to people though.
  4. I'm tired of seeing celebrities defending abusers, it's disgusting. And he won't ever be forgiven for what he did, he traumatized women.
  5. Who even says that? Black artists are easier cancelled than white artists. Chris Brown obviously hasn't been as succesful and respected after what happened with Rihanna and other victims, but Johnny Depp (another abuser) is still doing appearances at the VMA's and Rihanna's savage x fenty show and a lot of people still defend him. So I really doubt anyone said that.
  6. Text Book vs. Honeymoon Blue Banisters vs. Music To Watch Boys To Arcadia vs. Terrence Loves You Black Bathing Suit vs. God Knows I Tried If You Lie Down With Me vs. High By The Beach Beautiful vs. Freak Violet For Roses vs. Art Deco Dealer vs. Burnt Norton Thunder vs. Religion Wildflower Wildfire vs. Salvatore Nectar Of The Gods vs. The Blackest Day Living Legend vs. 24 Cherry Blossom vs. Swan Song Sweet Carolina vs. Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood Honeymoon: 10 Blue Banisters: 4
  7. Update Butterfly Daydream Emancipation of Mimi Caution Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel Glitter The Elusive Chanteuse Charmbracelet E=MC² Rainbow Mariah Carey Music Box Emotions
  8. The Fame: Poker Face Paparazzi Love Game Just Dance Beautiful, Dirty, Rich The Fame Monster: Bad Romance Telephone Alejandro Monster Speechless Born This Way: Born This Way Judas Marry The Night Scheiße Electric Chapel You And I The Edge of Glory Artpop: Applause G.U.Y. Venus Artpop Do What U Want (feat. Christina) Joanne: John Wayne Perfect Illusion Million Reasons A-YO Joanne Chromatica:
  9. Since U Been Gone Girlfriend Perfect Illusion good 4 u Skin Of My Teeth
  10. gimme more love story cannibal potential breakup song bottoms up
  11. Wine: Renaissance Positions Future Nostalgia Chromatica Caution ANTI Evermore Milk: Glory Liberation Madame X