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  1. Violet


    everytime god is a woman no tears left to cry breathin better off r.e.m pete davidson successful goodnight n go get well soon the light is coming blazed sweetener borderline
  2. Violet


    imagine fake smile breathin r.e.m. no tears left to cry everytime raindrops ghostin break up with your gifrlfriend bloodline 7 rings bad idea god is a woman better off
  3. Violet


    ghostin fake smile imagine 7 rings bad idea bloodline thank u next needy break up with your girlfriend make up nasa in my head
  4. Violet


    Mariah you're so cold > make it happen subtle invitation, the one > bringin' on the heartbreak stay the night > say somethin' mine again > get your number migrate > bye bye the art of letting go, faded > you're mine it's a wrap > angels cry giving me life, caution, 8th grade, the distance > gtfo and with you Britney what u see is what u get > don't let me be the last to know lonely, what it's like to be me, I run away > I love rock n roll/not a girl/boys breathe on me, early mornin', touch of my hand > outrageous/me against the music mannequin, lace and leather, unusual you > radar up n' down, trouble for me, inside out > criminal change your mind, better, love me down, come over > slumber party/make me Ariana bad idea, bloodline > break up with your girlfriend everytime > tlic daydreamin > almost is never enough moonlight, be alright, greedy > everyday
  5. Violet


    I was in the wrong topic
  6. Violet


    yours truly honeymoon avenue right there tattooed heart lovin' it daydreamin' the way almost is never enough my everything intro one last time break free best mistake be my baby just a little bit of your heart my everything dangerous woman moonlight dangerous woman be alright into you let me love you leave me lonely touch it sweetener raindrops r.e.m. god is a woman successful everytime breathin no tears left to cry better off goodnight n go pete davidson get well soon thank u, next imagine needy nasa bloodline fake smile bad idea ghostin 7 rings thank u, next
  7. Violet


    moonlight into you be alright let me love you dangerous woman leave me lonely touch it thinking about you greedy everyday i don't care side to side knew better forever boy sometimes bad decisions
  8. Violet


    ghostin' imagine fake smile bad idea 7 rings bloodline needy nasa thank u next make up break up with your girlfriend in my head
  9. Violet


    best mistake be my baby my everything break free one last time just a little bit of your heart only 1 break your heart right back love me harder why try problem bang bang you don't know me hands on me
  10. Violet


    god is a woman r.e.m. everytime successful pete davidson better off no tears left to cry breathin get well soon goodnight n go raindrops the light is coming sweetener blazed borderline
  11. Violet

    90s Diva: Mariah Carey ASMR Queen: Janet Jackson Queen of Pop: Madonna 00s pop/rock girl: Avril Lavigne Beautiful Gowns: Taylor Swift Throwback Legend: Aretha Franklin Underrated: Fiona Apple 00s Bad Singer: Britney Spears 00s Diva: Beyoncé 10s Bad Singer: Lana Del Rey 10s Diva: Ariana Grande Flop: Christina Aguilera Girl Group: Destiny's Child
  12. She only went to Asia for a Japanese concert in 2002. She never performed in Tel Aviv in the entire 19 years (2017) of her career, that's why there's so much attendance.
  13. Violet

    It actually started when Bohemian Rhapsody was on the Suicide Squad movie trailer.It's a great rock band obviously but it's annoying that people are obsessed with it all of a sudden just because of a movie that's not even good.
  14. Violet


    bloodline fake smile needy imagine ghostin' bad idea make up 7 rings nasa break up with your girlfriend, i'm bored thank u, next in my head