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  1. Violet


    love profusion hollywood nothing fails easy ride x-static process intervention american life nobody knows me die another day mother and father I'm so stupid
  2. Violet


    Madonna: Borderline Like a Virgin: Dress You Up True Blue: La Isla Bonita Like a Prayer Oh Father Erotica: Deeper And Deeper Bedtime Stories: Love Tried To Welcome Me Ray of Light: Drowned World Music: Paradise American Life: Love Profusion Confessions on a Dance Floor: Hung Up Hard Candy: Miles Away MDNA: I'm Addicted Rebel Heart: Living for Love Madame X: I don't search, I find
  3. Violet


    Crazy Batuka Come Alive Killers who are partying God Control I don't search, I find Dark Ballet Looking for Mercy Extreme Occident I Rise Singles: God Control Dark Ballet I don't search, I find Crazy
  4. Violet


    Mariah you're so cold > make it happen subtle invitation, the one > bringin' on the heartbreak stay the night > say somethin' mine again > get your number migrate > bye bye the art of letting go, faded > you're mine it's a wrap > angels cry giving me life, caution, 8th grade, the distance > gtfo and with you Britney what u see is what u get > don't let me be the last to know lonely, what it's like to be me, I run away > I love rock n roll/not a girl/boys breathe on me, early mornin', touch of my hand > outrageous/me against the music mannequin, lace and leather, unusual you > radar up n' down, trouble for me, inside out > criminal change your mind, better, love me down, come over > slumber party/make me Ariana bad idea, bloodline > break up with your girlfriend everytime > tlic daydreamin > almost is never enough moonlight, be alright, greedy > everyday
  5. Violet

    the roof my all can't let go petals vision of love underneath the stars always be my baby babydoll crybaby mine again we belong together it's a wrap giving me life cry. 8th grade don't know the actual order
  6. Violet

    underneath the stars always be my baby melt away I am free looking in fantasy forever one sweet day daydream interlude long ago open arms when I saw you
  7. Violet

    mine again we belong together stay the night it's like that shake it off fly like a bird circles joy ride get your number i wish you knew say somethin to the floor your girl one and only
  8. Violet


    I don't search, I find god control killers who are partying crazy extreme occident come alive batuka I rise dark ballet looking for mercy future medellin crave faz gostoso bitch, I'm loca
  9. Violet


    circus mannequin unusual you if u seek amy womanizer lace and leather phonography blur shattered glass kill the lights trouble rock boy out from under amnesia quicksand rock me in mmm papi my baby
  10. Violet


    till the world ends hold it against me trip to your heart up n' down inside out trouble for me he about to lose me how I roll criminal I wanna go gasoline don't keep me waiting seal it with a kiss selfish scary drop dead beautiful big fat bass
  11. Violet


    like a prayer ray of light confessions on a dancefloor bedtime stories music madonna like a virgin true blue erotica madame x rebel heart hard candy MDNA
  12. Violet


    i will be there what you see (is what you get) lonely breathe on me freakshow mannequin up n' down hold on tight change your mind (no seas cortés)
  13. fave: touch of my hand in general, and then we kiss atm least favorite: chillin' with you and now that I found you
  14. Violet


    mood ring change your mind (no seas cortés) just like me love me down do you wanna come over? invitation make me feat g eazy slumber party feat tinashe better coupure électrique just luv me man on the moon if i'm dancing liar hard to forget ya private show clumsy what you need
  15. Violet


    I was in the wrong topic