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    It looks so pretty, but it's gonna look so weird next to the other 3. The others are cartoony, I wonder why she would go so artistic
  2. Punktious


    Here for this not gonna lie
  3. Punktious

    2008-2014 was the all prime pop girl time
  4. Punktious


    People are trashing this album in my timeline... hoping for the best
  5. Punktious


    Well, she does have a reggae album coming out, I wouldn't be surprised if this is for it
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  7. Punktious

    Music Video

    Using her for views. MTV should actually just put her in the show geez
  8. Punktious


    1. Ganja Burns 2. Majesty 3. Barbie Dreams 4. Chun Swae 5. Hard White 6. Rich Sex 7. Big Bank Interlude (Small snippet of chorus, then Nic's verse, repeated chorus with fade out) (I made it on Audacity if you want it, I'll PM you) 8. Good Form 9. Bed 10. Sorry 11. Run & Hide 12. Thought I Knew You 13. No Frauds Interlude (Chorus, Nicki's verse, chorus, again PM if you want even though it's not that good) 14. LLC 15. Chun Li 16. Barbie Tingz 17. Coco Chanel 18. Nip Tuck 19. 2 Lit 2 Late Interlude 20. Come See About Me 21. Regret In Your Tears 22. Sir 23. Miami 24. Inspirations Outro I'm still waiting for my Target Copy to come but I'll update it when it comes
  9. Punktious


    She looks so good
  10. Punktious


    I don't know how to rearranged the album yet, but I want Chun Swae and Chun Li apart from each other, RiYT, the Target bonus tracks, and Barbie Tingz in the tracklist, and add her verse and chorus of both Big Bank and No Frauds as interludes. Will come hear when everything is finished
  11. Punktious


    Chun Swae a bop but why is it next to Chun Li it looks awkward
  12. Punktious


    I only know Bodak Yellow, I Like It, Ring, and Bickenhead Queen is already more iconic, but Cardi slays too