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  1. Punktious

    "King of Pop"
  2. Punktious


    I'm just thinking bout you, I'm thinking bout you, I'm thinking bout you
  3. Punktious


    There are so many songs I associate with Madonna. She's a legend I would say Vogue and Like A prayer though. (Although I got into pop music in the 2010s so the first Madge song I heard was Gimme Your Lovin' )
  4. Punktious


    Yes, I actually listened to some of her songs the other day!! I can't wait for her next album!!!
  5. Just when we thought ASIB OST snatched a number one already.
  6. Were... were y'all still expecting her to tour... during her residency.. where she's payed.... to perform at exclusively??? Please LG6 we need you now more than ever
  7. Punktious

    Can someone please PM the XCX3 album? Please help a sistern
  8. Punktious


    She sounds so amazing
  9. Punktious

    https://www.metacritic.com/movie/a-star-is-born https://www.metacritic.com/movie/desperately-seeking-susan And this her highest rated movie, pls ignore the 5 reds
  10. Repent this is one of his best songs
  11. No, it's one of her best songs I always got it confused with One Last Time the first like 10 times I listened to the album
  12. Punktious

    I honestly would rather have this Nicki back than "Queen" era Nicki. It's too hard to stan her nowadays. But could y'all imagine Queen Radio with this Nicki? The messes would be amazing
  13. Punktious

    The Target bonus tracks are so good. I ordered the CD from Target, got This This and Running Shoes, found a rip of the Seventeen Reprise, and added Strawberries and Cigarettes to the tracklist
  14. Punktious


    I am disgusted.gif