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    tell me you love me will always be her best these 2 new songs are not cute
  2. i think it is way too soon for this to happen
  3. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS thank God and the lord above i love them both so much
  4. slut

    Are we surprised
  5. I Didn't Just Come Here to Dance Boy Problems Run Away With Me
  6. slut

    ?????? its called roots.
  7. slut

    omg i dont know if its because if i only listened to this album high every summer that i love it so much or if i just think its rlly good
  8. slut

    music taste is subjective but i think the music itself is really good and i dont consider myself a melanie stan as most of her fans are weird
  9. if i had this much weed i wouldnt know what to do with myself
  10. one of the best albums of the decade and my favorite album of the year (besides TURN OFF THE LIGHT) each track has a well-explained concept paired with amazing production ... i only dont like two songs (drama club & recess) how this album doesnt have billie eilish type hype is unknown to me ... agree / disagree in the thread!!!!!!
  11. i mean i dont really consider that an excuse ... just an observation. i just kinda feel like so many other committed queer artists deserve much more exposure than this guy wearing floral shirts & painting his nails black and is somehow 'breaking gender boundaries', but then again its not completely his fault
  12. he needs backlash for that awful album he just released
  13. slut


    true but i feel like its been forever since fresh laundry
  14. slut


    listened to some snippets and they sound awful wow
  15. slut


    why such a long wait TF
  16. is overrated as fuck ... to me most his songs sound the same (mellow and modern bowie, but not as good) ... no hate to him whatsoever but there are many other actually queer artists who are so much more interesting and hardworking than this dude who wears women's shirts and tries to make his sexuality a mystery purely to attract more gay fans ... no hate to him or his fans whatsoever because i genuinely dont care, just making an observation.
  17. slut here

    spare black glittery names for VIP

  18. dedicated: side b please hurry the f*ck up!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  19. slut


    Moonlight vs. Raindrops (An Angel Cried) Dangerous Woman vs. Blazed Be Alright vs. The Light is Coming Into You vs. R.E.M Side to Side vs. God is a Woman Let Me Love You vs. Sweetener Greedy vs. Successful Leave Me Lonely vs. Everytime Everyday vs. Breathin' Sometimes vs. No Tears Left to Cry I Don't Care vs. Borderline Bad Decisions vs. Better Off Touch It vs. Goodnight n Go Knew Better/Forever Boy vs. Pete Davidson  Thinking Bout You vs. Get Well Soon DW: 9 S: 6
  20. slut here

    me: drinks coffee

    stomach: LKOACKNEISk

    me: :0

  21. literally i love xmas & chill so much. its in my top 3 ariana projects, but theres no denying its just a generic... trap... pop christmas ep im not coming for her, i love ariana. dont worry