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  1. Gaga

    lady gaga: the fame -> haus. the fame monster -> haus: act II. born this way -> road to love. artpop -> behind the aura. joanne -> diamond heart.
  2. Gaga


    is it just me or does can't stop now sound just like lifted?
  3. Gaga


    1. touch it 2. dangerous woman 3. greedy 4. side to side 5. leave me lonely 6. thinking bout you 7. knew better / forever boy 8. into you 9. be alright 10. let me love you 11. sometimes 12. moonlight 13. i don't care 14. bad decisions 15. everyday
  4. Gaga


    i've lost like 80% of my hype bc gaga said the soundtrack will be live. like i don't want to hear faggots cheering while i'm listening to these bops.
  5. i have no comments on this potato recorded song.
  6. last saturday, i went to the reputation tour and from what i remember (i was SO h*gh during the opening acts BJKKRBJDCO), it was amazing. my favorite performances were ...ready for it?, i did something bad, love story, and look what you made me do. it wasn't my favorite concert ever, but it was definitely one of the most cohesive and amazing shows i've ever seen.
  7. Gaga

    y'all always got a problem with whatever this critically acclaimed singer/actress does. please focus on madonna before she wanders out of the nursing home and falls off the brit awards stage again.
  8. Gaga

    true, but madonna is primarily known as a pop artist.
  9. Gaga


    it's kind of a bop.
  10. Gaga

    because she didn't make pop like madonna...?
  11. Gaga


    that nose comment was so weird.
  12. Gaga


    i'm so hyped for a star is born. october 5th please come sooner.
  13. they didn't lie. no excuse is kind of a cringy mess.
  14. this tea! ot: this album release is a whole mess. if she didn't have the album ready, then why'd she release a first single and put the album up for preorder?