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  1. gaga


    is this real? if so, its awful omg
  2. gaga


    omg dark banger... ive given and now i recieve
  3. gaga


    1. god is a woman 2. get well soon 3. no tears left to cry 4. sweetener 5. breathin 6. better off 7. pete davidson 8. borderline 9. successful 10. the light is coming 11. r.em. 12. everytime 13. goodnight n go 14. blazed
  4. it's literally her best song...
  5. gaga

    i thought of buzzcut season too when i first heard it!
  6. gaga


    Just Dance vs Disco Heaven Bad Romance vs Teeth Marry The Night vs The Edge Of Glory Aura vs Applause Diamond Heart vs Angel Down La Vie En Rose vs I'll Never Love Again
  7. gaga


    album title: INVITATION album cover: (something like this, but cuter). tracklist: 1. INVITATION 2. MAKE ME... (solo) 3. MOOD RING 4. JUST LUV ME 5. MAN ON THE MOON 6. SLUMBER PARTY (FEAT. TINASHE) 7. BETTER 8. JUST LIKE ME 9. CHANGE UR MIND (NO SEAS CORTES) 10. DO U WANNA COME OVER? 11. CLUMSY 12. LIAR 13. LOVE ME DOWN 14. IF I'M DANCING 15. COUPURE ELECTRIQUE singles: 1. CHANGE UR MIND (NO SEAS CORTES) promo single: MOOD RING 3. LOVE ME DOWN promo single: JUST LUV ME 5. BETTER
  8. ally - ally (2018) tracklist: 1. heal me 2. hair body face 3. why did you do that? 4. before i cry 5. look what i found 6. diggin' my grave 7. shallow 8. is that alright? 9. always remember us this way 10. i'll never love again singles: 1. heal me. 2. look what i found 3. i'll never love again
  9. gaga


    1. bad idea 2. bloodline 3. 7 rings 4. fake smile 5. needy 6. thank u, next 7. nasa 8. break up with your girlfriend, i'm bored 9. imagine 10. ghostin 11. in my head 12. make up
  10. gaga


    Diamond Heart vs. Aura A-YO vs. Venus Joanne vs. G.U.Y. John Wayne vs. Sexxx Dreams Dancin' in Circles vs. Jewels n' Drugs Perfect Illusion vs. Manicure Million Reasons vs. Do What U Want Sinner's Prayer vs. Artpop Come to Mama vs. Swine Hey Girl vs. Donatella Angel Down vs. Fashion! Grigio Girls vs. Mary Jane Holland Angel Down WT vs. Gypsy Million Reasons WT vs. Applause Joanne: 7 / ARTPOP: 7.
  11. kind of her best cover... i'm hyped for this era again.
  12. ariana grande - no tears left to cry 1. no tears left to cry 2. into you 3. be my baby 4. knew better / forever boy 5. true love 6. quit 7. i'll do it (december from christmas & chill) 8. dangerous woman 9. god is a woman 10. greedy 11. side to side (feat. nicki minaj) 12. leave me lonely (feat. macy gray) 13. best mistake 14. touch it 15. get well soon singles: 1. no tears left to cry 2. true love 3. side to side (feat. nicki minaj)
  13. break up with your girlfriend is kind of an ugly title. but, i'm still perched for this album.
  14. i'm going to be sharing my top 20 songs of 2018 since this was a pretty good year for music! i know my taste in music is trash, but hopefully, you enjoy! 20. cardi b - i like it. i usually hate rap, but i love spanish influences songs and this is a 100% bop and the main sample is perfect. 19. sabrina carpenter - paris. this track is led by an electric guitar, i think. the verses are nice. the chorus is good. my favorite part is the bride. which is just intrumental with spoken french. the french spoken word compliments the instrumental perfectly. 18. allie x - can't stop now. this song is very calm and sounds very similar to her track, lifted, which also sounds like side to side. aside from that, the songs is very catchy and has nice production. my favorite part has to be the outro, which lets the intrumental shine and slows down, slurring the bpm, until the track ends. 17. graveyardguy - final girl (feat. slayyyter). skip to slayyyter's verse and thank me later. i'm kidding, but slayyter's verse really shines in this song. it's a dark, halloween bop with almost robotic vocals. this would be so much higher on the list, but i only like slayyyter's part, so... 16. sabrina carpenter - almost love. i only recently discovered this song, but it's very good. the intro is very calm with light synths, but it quickly transitions into verses with dark synths and snares, making this song a complete bop. 15. slayyyter - bff this is an electro-ish pop songs with sort of light pc elements. very charli xcx, even though i hate comparing artists. this track features a verse from ayesha erotica, who also produced the track. this song is one of slayyyter's best. 14. hayley kiyoko - sleepover. although this song was released in 2017 as a single, it was included on hayley's 2018 album, so i'm counting it for 2018. anyways, this song has nice verses, but the chorus is amazing. it's calming, yet sensual at the same time and hayley's calm vocals are the cherry on top. 13. christina aguilera - fall in line (feat. demi lovato). this song has one of the best key changes i've ever heard. the rnb sound fits christina and demi's voice amazingly and the lyrics are so uplifting and empowering. 12. camila cabello - real friends. this song proves songs don't need to be upbeat to be amazing. it's a simple guitar lead song, talking about fake and real friends. it's emotional, relatable, and very soft sounding, but the lyrics speak volumes. 11. ariana grande - god is a woman. we've all heard this song and we all love it. this feminist anthem is amazing, starting with a smooth guitar transitioning into a trap bop. the choir at the end is one of the best parts in ariana's discography. 10. camila cabello - she loves control. when i first heard this song, i remember being astounded at the production, vocals, and chord progression. the song is a latino inspired track, much like havan, and is danceable and beautiful at the same time. 9. allie x - not so bad in la. i was pleasantly surprised to hear some trap influences on this song. it's a great, catchy, and somewhat dark song. 8. allie x - science. this song is pop perfection and is one of the best pop songs ever. the production on this song is amazing and overall, this song is a 100/10. 5. lady gaga & bradley cooper - shallow (radio edit). emphasis on radio edit. this song is so powerful from it's lyrics to melody to even it's... lower tier production/mixing. definitely one of gaga's best songs ever. from the acoustic start to the upbeat and rock-ish end, this song is amazing. 6. kim petras - in the next life. kim really put together one of the best pop projects ever with her halloween ep, turn off the light vol. 1, didn't she? anyways, this song is upbeat and sounds like a modernized version of something from the fame monster... but on acid. also, can we appreciate that the second verse was sung entirely in german? scheibe tease. 7. lady gaga - i'll never love again (film version). this song is so beautiful and i know 99.9% people bawl their eyes out to this song. especially when it switches to bradley singing. 4. lady gaga - look what i found. i get so many amy vibes from this song. it's a 100% bop and so nostalgic. definitely one of gaga's best. the song is at first led by a piano, but other jazzy intrsuments kick in the the song later, making it what cheek to cheek should've been. 3. lady gaga - why did you do that? i know people will be confused to why i put this, but it's such a bop and music doesn't always have to be serious. it was very nice to see gaga make some different types of music and while this song is very generic, it's amazing. the xylophone mixed with the hard bass has been done before, but gaga's vocals against it sound amazing. 2. kim petras - tell me it's a nightmare. i could go on all day about how good her ep is. anyways, this song is absolute perfection. her vocals are stunning as always. the song starts with her vocals crying out, "tell me how we got here. i see you, but you're not there," and transitions into a verse, followed by a chorus both with amazing production. 1. lady gaga - always remember us this way. this is one of my favorite gaga songs ever, if not my favorite. the melody is so tearjerking and the lyrics are amazing. i without a doubt believe that this is the best song of the year.