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  1. She been cancelled since she said the Black Lives Matter movement was about picking sides.
  2. Does she not realize she's shaped like the letter 'P'?
  3. Whatever helps you sleep at night.
  4. The Formation Tour was 100x better. It was an entire show. The ANTi Tour was good, but it didn't compare to The Formation Tour.
  5. Issues & T.K.O.
  6. Rock Show.
  7. Discussion

    We love taste.
  8. Game

    Fairy Dust vs. Disco Tits Influence vs. shedontknowbutsheknows Lady Wood vs. Shivering Gold True Disaster vs. Don't Ask Don't Tell Cool Girl vs. Stranger Vibes vs. Bitches Fire Fade vs. Romantics Don't Talk About It vs. Cycles Imaginary Friend vs. Struggle Keep It Simple vs. 9th of October Flashes vs. Bad Days WTF Love Is vs. Hey You Got Drugs? LW: 6 BL: 8
  9. Photos

    She looks so good with long, straight black hair.
  10. Discussion

    Struggle, Stranger, and Bitches. shedontknow and Bitches were fighting for the third spot, but Bitches won. It was so hard because this album is a masterpiece.
  11. Discussion

    Favorite: I Did Something Bad. Least Favorite: Dress or Gorgeous.
  12. Discussion

    My most played song is Get Naked (I Got A Plan). I barely listen to it, so I don't know how.
  13. I don't stan her enough. I only know like 2 non-single songs, IDJCHTD and TIny Little Bows and they're both excellent, so I want to get into Queen Carly more.
  14. Why is I Didn't Just Come Here To Dance like the best song ever?