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  1. Chromatica Ball ACT I. 1. Stupid Love 2. Just Dance 3. Fun Tonight 4. Alice ACT II. (Interlude with LoveGame) 5. Poker Face 6. Free Woman 7. Sour Candy 8. Alejandro / Telephone / Monster (all cut short) ACT III. (Interlude with Venus) 9. 911 10. Applause (cut short) 11. Plastic Doll 12. Enigma (London, Boston, Chicago) OR Scheiße (Paris, NYC, Toronto) 13. Replay ACT IV. 14. The Edge Of Glory 15. 1000 Doves (if it's a ballad, if not then Paparazzi acoustic) 15. Million Reasons 16.
  2. OMG how come no one actually named the best song on Lemonade AKA Freedom?
  3. On Spotify, for those songs that I have downloaded to the My Songs collection, it won't even show the SBIT artwork, just the usual one, like it says SBIT:TDC but shows the artwork for Fever when playing Head, the artwork for Light Years when playing SA, etc. It's messed up