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  1. Mess. I got obliterated Congrats @Daddy Barlow ! Good luck in future rounds.
  2. Omg I legit forgot about this. Sorry I was busy with school I’ll send it in like 2 or 3 hours from now if that’s fine.
  3. The way we have to patiently wait for our turn I still haven’t gone and it’s been like a month into the game
  4. Lana has never flopped this hard but it’s understandable considering the lack promo and social media presence before the album rollout.
  5. Songbook for Christmas would be a nice thing to physically own! And so would River and Vincent
  6. My preliminary ranking: 1. Arcadia 2. Dealer 3. Thunder 4. Wildflower Wildfire 5. Sweet Carolina 6. Nectar of the Gods 7. Living Legend 8. Cherry Blossom 9. Text Book 10. Blue Banisters 11. Beautiful 12. Interlude - The Trio 13. If You Lie Down With Me 14. Violets for Roses 15. Black Bathing Suit
  7. I’m not done with the album yet but I already like it more than COCC