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  1. Why is she going down this path? She can be anti establishment, anti billionaire or whatever without support Nicki Minaj and her dumb statements about the vaccine. She’s really starting to lose me as a fan of hers
  2. I just want her next era to go smoothly for once. Like please get you and your teams’ shit together just this once! Her career literally depends on how well they execute the album and its rollout. Absolutely no room for mistakes. No delays, no months and months between sporadic single releases, actually promote the songs on late night shows, etc. and put some effort into the music videos!! Make people want to talk about your music and visuals
  3. This sounds so promising. Delirium 2.0 is coming and I just know it’s going to be filled with nonstop bops
  4. Pls it’s just a bit of humor. Lighten up guys
  5. Also 3 nights at Wembley is absolutely mad. I kind of forgot how massively popular and successful he is as I haven’t really been paying attention to him or his music
  6. If you *had* to delete one, which album would it be?