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  1. Starboy here

    Is Create A Label still a thing here?

    1. Maria

      the game is currently on a hiatus now but it'll probably return sometime next week, maybe even on friday!:)

  2. Starboy

    I still listen to a few songs like Witness and Deja Vu but other than that, no I do not. I also listened to Bon Appetit a lot but it aged like milk.
  3. Starboy


    I can't wait for this!!! I have a bad feeling though because I'm not scared of clowns whatsoever and it's based around some kind of clown cult, and I just don't find that scary. I hope I get proved wrong though.
  4. Starboy


    Rebel Heart is greatly underrated album
  5. Starboy


    I was just watching her performances at VMAs last year and I'm still amazed by them
  6. Starboy


    Any updates on Z2?
  7. Starboy

    Where and how do I join?
  8. Starboy here

    Haven't been on here in awhile wendy4

  9. I didn't like it on its first but I listened to it a bit more and I think it's okay. Definitely not as good as Keep Running but still, it's a nice song.
  10. Starboy


    I'm hoping we can get an early Summer release of #Z2
  11. Starboy


    I'm Callin' is okay I'm hoping their album will serve too, I'm really looking forward to it
  12. Starboy


    I'd say My Blood, Joy, Dead in the Water, Figure 8 and Hearts Without Chains
  13. Starboy


    Ed Sheeran can never go wrong with his music, it's always A1
  14. Starboy

    That's tough but i guess I'd go with being a backup singer for a really successful band coffee or tea
  15. I'd probably check where the noise came from cause it probably could've been nothing