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  1. Starboy here

    Is Create A Label still a thing here?

    1. Maria

      the game is currently on a hiatus now but it'll probably return sometime next week, maybe even on friday!:)

  2. Starboy

    I still listen to a few songs like Witness and Deja Vu but other than that, no I do not. I also listened to Bon Appetit a lot but it aged like milk.
  3. Starboy


    I can't wait for this!!! I have a bad feeling though because I'm not scared of clowns whatsoever and it's based around some kind of clown cult, and I just don't find that scary. I hope I get proved wrong though.
  4. Starboy


    Rebel Heart is greatly underrated album
  5. Starboy


    I was just watching her performances at VMAs last year and I'm still amazed by them
  6. Starboy


    Any updates on Z2?
  7. Starboy


    She has so many good songs on this album, I can't pick a favourite.
  8. Starboy


    Only song I don't really vibe to is 13 Beaches, other than that it's a great album.
  9. Starboy

    Where and how do I join?
  10. Starboy here

    Haven't been on here in awhile wendy4

  11. I didn't like it on its first but I listened to it a bit more and I think it's okay. Definitely not as good as Keep Running but still, it's a nice song.
  12. No offense but this song sucks
  13. Starboy


    I'm hoping we can get an early Summer release of #Z2
  14. Starboy


    I'm Callin' is okay I'm hoping their album will serve too, I'm really looking forward to it
  15. Starboy

    Celeb News

    Cool aesthetic. Almost makes me want to buy tickets.