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    No More Rain (Demo)
  2. Disco Dee

    I Believe In You (Orchestral Version)
  3. Disco Dee


    I remember instantly falling in love The One when I first watched this. And loving the orchestral version of I Believe In You.
  4. Disco Dee


    Holiday vs Deeper and Deeper Lucky Star vs Erotica Borderline vs Human Nature Like A Virgin vs Secret Material Girl vs Don't Cry For Me Argentina Crazy For You vs Bedtime Story Into the Groove vs The Power Of Good-Bye Live To Tell vs Beautiful Stranger Papa Don't Preach vs Frozen Open Your Heart vs Take A Bow La Isla Bonita vs Ray Of Light Like A Prayer vs Don't Tell Me Express Yourself vs What It Feels Like For A Girl Cherish vs Drowned World Vogue vs Music
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    Add me pls
  6. Disco Dee

    You Make Me Feel (2007)
  7. Disco Dee


    I'm planning to. Y'all have been lovely so far
  8. Disco Dee


    I'm truly thankful to Parlophone for signing her back in the day and giving us some amazing years. It's just unfortunate that they seemed to get stuck in the past for last few years.
  9. Disco Dee


    I always liked Five, even if back then I pretended I didn't. Haha
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    Oh I think I might join in on this.