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  1. dhrbb03


    I think the "Free wasn't recorded" argument was more to do with it not being properly recorded. Apparently there is a rough demo which isn't very different from the live version that would have been finished had deCon agreed to the BiR album.
  2. dhrbb03


    I always thought she seemed rather pleased with everything around the Aphrodite era, minus Parlo's handling of the singles post ATL. The way she spoke about it made it seem like she was happy with the songs, quality, and image.
  3. dhrbb03


    I die. I never thought I'd see the day where we'd get more music. @Lachlan is right. Total bop.
  4. dhrbb03


    I'll Still Be Loving You vs Look My Way Let's see how this goes...
  5. dhrbb03


    There's better, but it's a solid 6.5.
  6. dhrbb03


    It's No Secret. Sorry @ajp
  7. dhrbb03


    5. I listened to this one too much. Burned out.
  8. dhrbb03


    It has to be done...
  9. dhrbb03


    Enjoy Yourself
  10. dhrbb03


    This is nearly impossible and I can't believe I have to choose between these two. Ugh. Made in Heaven. I can't do it to TIIL.
  11. dhrbb03


    They had said it would have been out fairly soon, but I'm thinking they're having second thoughts if the album isn't finished yet. It wouldn't harm the track or album at all if it wasn't released just yet. Quite the opposite. I'd rather they get it right and are prepared instead of having to move quickly because a new song has been released.
  12. dhrbb03


    I had heard that, but I figured it might make an appearance early and then be there as well. BMG must have a tight hold on this era's material. Good. Her album releases have been tainted with info and leaks before. This is definitely for the best.