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  1. those “great” lyrics you posted are not that much better than the “cringe inducing” ones on witness, just different themes and sets of motives i could apply the same tactics you guys use on the witness lyrics: wtf does an indian summer have to do with anything? is it that much different than any other summer? the “fish” part is messy, fishes are not sensual, they smell, doesn’t fit!!1!1! etc - there is a fucking reason she wanted to put chinese water torture or unzipping skin suits in the songs, those are the experiences and emotiones she felt at a certain point and wanted us to understand how she felt; it seems a lot of you success stans are suddenly also poetry stans, which is not quite the same as pop music, or katy perry branded pop music
  2. definitely, if lana wrote “i am my mother’s daughter” girl that line would be on every dashboard, shirt and status ..
  3. what? chinese water torture drives people insane = his words drove her insane it’s visual and it’s unique, not every songwriter wants to use only the most stylish everyday words like TS; for Katy, having a visual experience through a song is more important than having rhymes and subtlety
  4. Domy


    the vienna show was at least 98% sold out with a capacity of 12,500, the venue is big tho, the seats have very wide stairways and such between them, so it looked “empty” but i kept checking the seats and by the time she was on it was definitely full, so my guess it that the arenas fill up at 20:45-ish
  5. Domy


    the worst scenario would be if a low quality demo leaked, that would throw some people off since a lot of pop stans / tabloid writers are just stupid and form opinions too quickly best case scenario, if a leak were to happen, would be a good leak of the official version a day or two before the planned official release, if people like the song they’ll buy it the next day nobody will buy a song they haven’t heard first
  6. Domy


    did it leak or not??
  7. so another song im probably not gonna listen to no matter how good it is god i hate collaborations and males
  8. the first one is meh, the other two are good C+ from me
  9. Domy


    LGTI is the best pwl album
  10. Domy


    im worried about her in general she’s really fooling us with the surgeries and stage jumping but she’s literally 60
  11. Domy


    um the LGTI costumes slap hard