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  1. Domy

    aidan may or mayn’t host a giveaway in the discord server so don’t miss out he’s giving away a dozen copies of
  2. Domy

    join the kylie discord server if you like https://discord.gg/tFRJvPX it’s for legends ONLY, so no fats allowed
  3. stopped after seeing LGTI dead last. SAD!
  4. 10, to balance the stupid low scores
  5. there are so many things that bother me: the slim black border looks ugly in itunes but great on the cd, the black beam feels way too emphasized, the repeated -uage makes no sense.. it’s the uglies thing to make out of the BL era and yet it’s somehow still a 9
  6. a 10, fifth one in a row, when will the slayage stop?
  7. Domy


    can you say legendaric
  8. another 10, wow forth in a row, not everyone has that