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  1. omg so exited for part 2 xx
  2. ari did you filter out the EY trolls
  3. if you were wig me now is a masterpiece that will be studied by historians in the decades to come same with all of lgti
  4. if better the shit you know is top 5 im b*mbing am*rica
  5. why the best masterpieces gotta leave first? these songs walked so the ugly sisters could run
  6. same with my secret fart, 10min extended dance and orchestral mixes when?
  7. tell tale sings should’ve been #1 i don’t know a more relatable song
  8. excited to find out what my scores were since i can’t remember
  9. Domy


    i can’t believe this but the line in 100 degrees is not “oh what a cocktail time” as stated everywhere it’s “mulled wine or cocktail time” and not a single page has it right
  10. Domy


  11. gave Rhythm of love a pity vote
  12. well kylie of course, i had to google who rihanna was
  13. can’t wait for lgti to win best album
  14. Domy


    she looked and sounded amazing on ellen, another well executed promo bit
  15. Domy


    i still want the 1999 book with the wrist picture but it’s crazy expensive on ebay, i mean australians are selling it dirt cheap but shipping would be to much