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  1. Domy


    i don’t search, i snatch better be #1 or else
  2. Domy


    it’s whatever but we need a normal one, not these hidden ones
  3. Domy


    all answers are skinny since there aren’t bad songs
  4. another day another slay
  5. Domy


    has the full cover been posted in hq? if not, here
  6. Domy


    by time of release 1. I kissed a girl 2. Hot n cold 3. Cali gurls 4. ET 5. Who am i living for 6. Walking on air 7. This is how we do 8. Spiritual 9. Rise 10. Witness 11. Roulette 12. Swish swish 13. Déjà Vu 14. Tsunami 15. Bon Appétit (solo) this was hard, i wantes to emphasize how much i love witness, but most of TD and Prism can also be on the list
  7. limpido and whiste, never sat down and listened to them just skipped through, didn’t hear a beat, pressed stop
  8. didn’t that Pete Waterman person say that kylie was aimed at teen girls and gays since the very beginning?
  9. well thank god for the PWL reissues, i’m so glad to have bought the ROL and LGTI deluxes, they really are gorgeous reissues K and EY are cute girls too but meh
  10. i doubt it’s about her preference, it’s about which songs were performed on tour and probably which gained the most success after their initial run, which is why YDNY is here
  11. someone in her team really hates LGTI.. i mean all 4 ROL singles but no WIO or finer feelings? a choice, especially when Where the stale roses grow is taking up precious space shyte tracklist
  12. Domy


    in no particular order, the WHOLE thing *green*
  13. Domy

    Celeb News

    gross stay away from M