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  1. Domy


    triple post wtf
  2. Domy


    double post
  3. Domy


    it’s GBI, but i don’t want get the honor of posting the next one, so if i’m right i give that honor to aidan.
  4. Domy


    oh i know this one kii
  5. ugh i love how they edited her outfit to look metal, i wish that picture existed in UHQ
  6. up to #15 on deezer worldwide + climbing on both deezer and spotify in most countries, the US is not really here for it
  7. Domy

    been going through a Hard Candy phase again, ... she really did that, after confessions, her mind..
  8. it is a zedd track, his label is handling the promo and Zedd is the main artist (at least on deezer), but it really feels like zedd x katy, rather than zedd feat. someone
  9. Domy


    i really hope so omg
  10. Worldwide Apple Music Song Chart: #14. @katyperry & @Zedd — 365 (+5) *New Peak*
  11. i love the bit! spot on even his recommendations are good, probably same as mine
  12. slowly declining on itunes and spotify rising on apple music and deezer (#19 worldwide, up from #25 yesterday) radio updates start this week so we’ll wait and see also it’s predicted to debut top 30 in the UK, already outpeaking Bon Appétit
  13. meh but if it doesn’t do well then we can only blame the gp since katy, zedd and their labels did actually try to push it
  14. 365 is currently #25 on Deezer (worldwide chart)