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  1. Into The Blue vs Dancing Million Miles vs Stop Me From Falling I Was Gonna Cancel vs Golden Sexy Love vs A Lifetime To Repair Sexercize vs Sincerely Yours Feels So Good vs One Last Kiss If Only vs Live a Little Les Sex vs Shelby '68 Kiss Me Once vs Radio On Beautiful vs Love Fine vs Raining Glitter Mr. President vs Music's Too Sad Without You Sleeping With The Enemy vs Lost Without You Sparks vs Every Little Part Of Me Golden Boy vs Rollin' Crystallize vs Low Blow Kiss Me Once: 11 Golden: 8 omg i
  2. why is the Kylie section not alongside the other sections
  3. the way this sounds like madonna is senile, so her understanding where she's staying is news-worthy
  4. allegedly a new version is finalized and will be coming at some point, also it doesn’t contain the n word anymore
  5. dancefloor? this is gonna be amazing the label was probably not happy if they didn’t hear any hits on it, meaning the album is actually an album and not another KMO’d song collection