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  1. Vulnicura.


    1. Trouble in Paradise 2. My Boy 3. Bittersweet 4. Ribbons & Bows 5. In Time Cute debut. Basically Mariah over alt R&B production (handled by Kingdom).
  2. Vulnicura.


    It's a Wild Time to be alive indeed
  3. Vulnicura.


    Obvious AOTY, potential classic. Felt bad for listening to the leak so I decided to buy the album (first album in 8 years ). Whole thing is great but Wild Time is just staggering. Amazing sense of melody and her voice just works so well. I haven't been this enamored of an album in a while, gotta check out her other stuff.
  4. Ooh I stan Liberman but I've never heard any of her other stuff. I'll be checking this out!
  5. whew I finally found out where your set comes from! Awoo and Love Game are like PEAK k-pop!

    1. Kyoteki

      Honestly and truly. That entire EP was amazing and possibly the last korean body of work I actually loved. 

  6. I'm back after 3 years of inactivity!

    (goes back into oblivion after posting this)

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    2. Urbanov

      And welcome back btw jj2 nnn

    3. Vulnicura.

      Yesss I saw your thread for New Breed when I decided to lurk a few days ago jj2 perched to see how this stands up to the Hearts trilogy jj2 

    4. Sylk

      Welcome back !!!!

  7. Vulnicura.

    sorry for the one month delay but it's done now!
  8. Have always meant to familiarise myself with her music more, but I have nothing but RESPECT for her. A true legend. RIP.
  9. Vulnicura.

    Celeb News

    Again, it's a matter of taste, but I'm sure critics know what they're talking about, it's their job.
  10. Vulnicura.

    Celeb News

    Taste is subjective, no one's holding it against you but who are you to tell people what they should enjoy?
  11. Vulnicura.

    Celeb News

    You mean the woman who put out a critically acclaimed electronic album this year that deals with her transition?
  12. Vulnicura.


    Refreshing to hear an Azealia song start with rapping again (wish the first verse was longer though). The chorus could have used harder beats and her vocals could have been a bit muted/processed but otherwise a great tune and a promising follow up to Anna Wintour.
  13. Vulnicura.


    Just discovered this song and suddenly I stan Mitski! This is easily one of the best songs of the year, shame that it's getting paid dust on a pop forum. Her songwriting is incredible too, insane how she manages to fit in so much emotional depth into a 3 minute pop song.
  14. Vulnicura.

    nnn sorry for being inactive I've been busy Usually Friday and Saturday nights (EST) will work for me (like 09 30 pm onwards). But you might want to relegate me to honorary guest status, cause I tend to be inflexible with time changes