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  1. Ooh I stan Liberman but I've never heard any of her other stuff. I'll be checking this out!
  2. whew I finally found out where your set comes from! Awoo and Love Game are like PEAK k-pop!

    1. Kyoteki


      Honestly and truly. That entire EP was amazing and possibly the last korean body of work I actually loved. 

  3. I'm back after 3 years of inactivity!

    (goes back into oblivion after posting this)

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    2. Urbi


      And welcome back btw jj2 nnn

    3. Vulnicura.


      Yesss I saw your thread for New Breed when I decided to lurk a few days ago jj2 perched to see how this stands up to the Hearts trilogy jj2 

    4. Sylk


      Welcome back !!!!

  4. sorry for the one month delay but it's done now!
  5. nnn sorry for being inactive I've been busy Usually Friday and Saturday nights (EST) will work for me (like 09 30 pm onwards). But you might want to relegate me to honorary guest status, cause I tend to be inflexible with time changes
  6. dddddd sorry for ruining everything, I just woke up I feel awful, I got here as soon as I woke up
  7. 8:30 PM EST onwards would work for me tomorrow!
  8. nnn I highly doubt I'll be awake by 6 am for this earliest would be like 8:30 PM (am for me) EST
  9. nnnn none of these times work for me unfortunately, I happen to be free only on Friday and Saturday nights (EST)
  10. when is session 2? [2] @H.O.N.E.Y
  11. nnn can the Azealia movie not flop in the poll like she did??? I'm ok with either Shape of Water, The Space Between Us or Pulp Fiction too
  12. Vulnicura.


    Hello yes I would like to be a guest, yes. I don't really watch movies much/have a shitty taste in movies (mostly prefer comedies), but I'm down for whatever.
  13. Listened to KM94 with @Anna-wa earlier today and she took a break during Where Has The Love Gone oprah2 a true Kylie stan oprah2 

    1. Aidan.


      Im so proud  of her lmfao1

    2. Vulnicura.


      yes me too, I've been introducing Kylie to her over the past few months oprah2  she also hates If You Were Here With Me Now oprah2 her fav album is Body Language btw

    3. Aidan.



      She has taste I knew she would omg cry6