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  1. us rn


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    2. Sylk

      i heard of her but never listened anything, recommend me oprah12 

    3. Vulnicura.

      listen to the full RINA ep that came out last year rih1 it's very acclaimed, a great blend of nostalgic pop & R&B with a futuristic twist rih1 plus it's only 24 minutes, very compact but feels like an EXPERIENCE yas1 my personal fav would be Cyber Stockholm Syndrome WHEW wig flew out of this galaxy yas1  

    4. Sylk

      Yes i just googled and Mariah and her name came up interesting1 I might listen now! Will let you know if i listen! interesting1 

  2. Album

  3. Album

    I've never heard anything from her before so I'm listening to The Golden Echo and OH MY GOD I'VE BEEN SLEEPING ON HER, SHE'S SO TALENTED only to find out that the album has been FUCKING DELAYED TO 20 APRIL
  4. Apparently the guy has a history of previously swatting other houses in the past, which baffles me as to why he's just let off. Worst part being that the parents weren't allowed to see their son's dead body for few days, as if he had committed an actual crime. Both the police involved and swatter are pricks
  5. Bizarre

    Sounds absolutely terrifying waking up to this. And the fact that children were put into storm drains makes it even more traumatising.
  6. Review

    hope this happens again!
  7. racist
  8. I've been wanting to relisten but I'll only be available from 2 am to 2 pm in GMT
  9. tea I haven't done the Sevdaliza post in the Alt R&B thread even nnn expect the results in 2030
  10. I never asked you to be there jk jk although I am online from like your morning to afternoon so I could always start hosting threads for the GMT hunties next time
  11. Listened to Aquarius just a few days ago, although I'll be glad to take any excuse to listen again. Aquarius is such a 2 am album, you know?
  12. nnn literally just clicked on this thread when I got the mention unfortunately I doubt that I'll be awake at 2 On am so....