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  1. I hope she opens with Golden using the extended intro from the underplay shows (just longer!) just imagine that
  2. does anyone else feel like every single song should be performed on tour!?!?!?!?!
  3. FROM ATRL Dancing - 6/10 we all know the song but its weaker than most of the album Stop me from Falling - 9/10 - a bop, but we all know it already Golden - 10/10 - WOW she really did that, wig blown it is honestly pop perfection A Lifetime to Repair - 9/10 starts slow then transforms into an Avichi banger, was singing along on the second listen Sincerely yours - 8/10 - very cute song, classic kylie One last Kiss - 7/10 - Very country, its good but once you hear whats to come omg Live a Little - 8/10 another Dancing clone which is much better though Shelby 68 - 8/10 - cute little song, sounds like Dolly Parton if she came with a new song Radio on - 5/10 - not bad but a little boring Love - 10/10 - OMG this song goes off, think all the lovers with a country hint Raining Glitter 10/10 - straight out of X and is every bit as quirky Musics Too sad Without You - 8/10 - Similar to her 80s duets, very calm and smooth, great addition Lost Without you - 10/10 - Basically Dancing but better in every way Every Little Part of me - 8/10 instrumental is amazing, but her voice has a little too many effects on the chorus sounds like Now that i found you Rollin' - 7/10 - Cute song, but forgettable Low Blow 10/10 - the production on this is AMAZING, its so quirky, think, Focus (Ariana) meets Achey breaky heart (Billy Rae) meets boom boom boom (vengabus) Overall 9.5/10 Her most cohesive record since Light Years, filled with bops, perfect amount of ballads and uptempo songs. The production is amazing and her singing is top notch. The direction of the album means it feels like a Kylie album with a twist. She has pulled it off though and doesn't sound forced. It won't alienate her fans. The country element in some of the songs is not as pronounced as Dancing and you can easily forget about it with some of the bangers like Lost without you, Love and Golden. MASSIVE step up from Kiss me Once. This could end up being her top 5 in albums to be honest. Will see how it stands after one Month but it is such a perfect album. best album of 2018 easily so far.
  4. OMG yay a lyric booklet!
  5. I love that "Love Affair" is her most streamed album track! its my all time fave
  6. BMH08


    Better 1. Gasoline 2. Womanizer 3. 3 4. Get Naked (I Got A Plan) 5. Phonography 6. Gimmie More 7. Lace & Leather 8. Just Luv Me 9. Breathe On Me 10. Mood Ring 11. Stronger 12. Better 13. Touch of My Hand 14. Trouble () 15. Break The Ice Bonus: 16. Till the World Ends 17. Hold On Tight 18. Circus Love Womanizer as a lead, GM and imagine a video for Gasoline
  7. BMH08


    where can i find them?
  8. BMH08

    Celeb News

    I agree! different from what we are used to but still an incredible track
  9. BMH08

    Celeb News

    i can only find snippets floating around
  10. 1. Promises (can imagine this having an amazing intro!!) 2. Million Miles 3. Dancefloor 4. Under The Influence of Love 5. Jump 6. Feels So Good 7. Love Affair (maybe like a medley with GITM) 8. Give It To Me 9. Sweet Music 10. The World Still Turns 11. Loving Days 12. Fragile 13. I Feel For You 14. If Only 15. Fine
  11. BMH08


    Mum was a MASSIVE fan when i was younger (not anymore tho ) so KM was the only music I knew of for the first 4 years of my life. I would request Love Affair on every car trip
  12. BMH08

    yep bought it last night
  13. BMH08

    https://itunes.apple.com/au/album/holding-on-feat-jason-heerah/id1270097932?i=1270097947 nvm just found it