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  1. sillykitty


    It's a tune, and stays fresh since you can only listen to it six weeks of the year
  2. Just imagine what a vinyl release that people could actually buy would do
  3. sillykitty


    Well... Christmas Isn't Christmas Til You Get Here > Most of Kiss Me Once
  4. sillykitty

    Music Video

    I actually like the video tbh... But the song is basic
  5. sillykitty

    It's only two years away, of course she will lol
  6. sillykitty


    All The Lovers vs. Dancing Get Outta My Way vs. Stop Me From Falling Put Your Hands Up vs. Golden Closer vs. A Lifetime to Repair Everything Is Beautiful vs. Sincerely Yours Aphrodite vs. One Last Kiss Illusion vs. Live a Little Better Than Today vs. Shelby '68 Too Much vs. Radio On Cupid Boy vs. Love Looking For An Angel vs. Raining Glitter Cant Beat The Feeling vs. Music's Too Sad Without You Heartstrings vs. Lost Without You
  7. a thing of true beauty
  8. sillykitty


    Why did we get no warning for this Went to the big sainsburys near me but they don't even stock vinyl
  9. sillykitty


    Not sure how much meaning this has but am all for a celebration.mp3
  10. sillykitty


    tbh radio on is one of my least favourite songs on the album but it was a cute performance (p.s. look up paloma's performance to see some max level awkward pleb dancing)
  11. Getting ready to do a tour of sainsburys to hunt these out
  12. sillykitty

    No More Rain deserves better
  13. sillykitty


    Official anxious childtm would be me if I ever met legend
  14. sillykitty


    Scotland's impact (just realised how weird it is that they used to make us sing this at primary school )