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  1. Event

    Rare envy of londoners right now
  2. Achievement

    Confession: I low-key like Where in the World in a sort of disney way
  3. I hope this track makes it to daylight Me and my sister bop far too hard to Came Here For Love
  4. tbh britain needs the monarchy just for the reliable stream of Kylie performances
  5. Photos

  6. Album

    Finally putting in my pre-order #fakestanexposed From the live vids Golden sounds like it bops Queen of title tracks
  7. http://www.digitalspy.com/tv/graham-norton-show/news/a852833/graham-norton-show-return-emily-blunt-kylie-minogue-guests/ I love seeing my fave on vaguely relevant television
  8. Album

    Was going to click the hoe option but I also stan Sleeping With the Enemy and If Only So vanilla it is tbh tho, if you skip boke-iful the whole thing is cute
  9. I quite like this, it's catchy... But also, I'm ready for remixes
  10. Discussion

    ITB just Mainly because I was bopping to it in the shower the other day
  11. Single

    why is this so hilarious
  12. Omg this is coming in the next two weeks I'm loving this exciting build up to the album
  13. Wow I didn't even get a birthday present last year
  14. Achievement

    Glad to know legend has another top 10 in THE most important territory
  15. I'm actually surprised at how buzzing i am for this~ Especially the video The red dress