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  1. Event

    11 of course
  2. Event

    In a weird conversation with a friend recently I ended up whacking 'Dannii' into facebook search to prove the demon impact. I have mutual friends with 4 people called Dannii and 1 Dannii-Louise
  3. Event

    ooh i like this, 8.5
  4. Event

    1992 Greatest hits is missing from my collection~
  5. Other

    I wish this had been the ROL cover
  6. Other

    Kylie -> Look My Way EY -> Hand On Your Heart Rhythm Of Love -> Know the Score LGTI -> Right Here, Right Now KM94 -> Dangerous Game Impossible Princess -> Breathe Light Years -> A Night Like This Fever -> Your Eyes Body Language -> Red Blooded Woman X -> Cosmic Aphrodite -> Looking For An Angel KMO -> Into The Blue
  7. Discussion

    Light Years or Aphrodite (should have been a single )
  8. itunes is the bane of my life It's my no 1 dramatic shower song
  9. Update, I'm ripping it into my computer now and it does have Tears. Just not on the tracklist like I've seen before :/ It's a first edition so maybe they decided to be sneaky with the bonus track
  10. Never going to happen but the 11 year old me would die of happiness. Avril was pretty much my first love
  11. yeah same but guess it's only on some editions :/
  12. Yass justice for What Kind of Fool