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  1. Event

    go, go, go, go, go, i'll get over you(r wrong opinion)
  2. Celeb News

    Not completely convinced by the song so the video better serve up
  3. Event

    Give the early Sophie Ellis Bextor videos the respect they're entitled to
  4. Welcome back! Can't wait for new tunes for us all to celebrate
  5. Album

    Omg I can't believe Kylie is finally coming to save us all
  6. Proud to be part of this dream team considering I've been only semi-present over christmas
  7. Other

    Omg the jp life~ So many obis as well My japan editions are mostly 2nd hand store strays
  8. Album

    Whatever it all means, these pictures are dreamy
  9. Achievement

    I'm so proud of ROL for making it into the top 5
  10. Event

    Who are the people who enjoy that shoddy version of I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday so much...
  11. Finally a no.1 Also my mum used to have that weather girls song on a casette
  12. Event

    Cried Out Christmas and Oh Santa deserve better
  13. I thought the same haha Someone obviously saw it and was like well this is clearly a priority
  14. Wouldn't say amazing but it does get an unneccesarily hard time
  15. Just got back home from uni for christmas and an hour later my vinyl turns up