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  1. Achievement Rhythm Of Love is a top 5 Kylie album actually, why?

    Because it's wall to wall tunes
  2. The Legends Only Lounge

    I love Light Years
  3. The Legends Only Lounge

    Things Can Only Get Better really is a ~song~
  4. Discussion You need to cover 5 Kylie sings

    1. Better The Devil You Know 2. Get Outta My Way 3. Spinning Around 4. Love At First Sight 5. Can't Get You Out Of My Head
  5. Achievement Rate The Song Results Thread

    I Guess I Like It Like That reaffirms its bop status
  6. Single Kylie’s Lead Reportedly Out In January

    Keep us posted /possibly disappointed
  7. Discussion Your Kylie Khristmas Trinity

    Christmas Isn't Christmas 'til You Get Here Santa Baby Every Day's Like Christmas (SAW mix)
  8. Discussion 2003 Pre-Body Language: The "City Games" Album

    It's such a random load of effort to go to if it's made up
  9. Achievement Rate The Song Results Thread

    Still salty about Devil not winning ROL tbh
  10. Photos A couple new Body Language photo outtakes leak

    Body language shoots were all so perfect
  11. Single Letters From Pluto | Cold Right Now (Redekopp Remix) [MUSIC VIDEO] | Nov 6 2017

    No idea how i got tagged in this but it's decent
  12. Buzzing, who needs advent calendars
  13. Event Rate The Song - Kylie Edition | Completed

    Megarate could work~ I look forward to dishing out generous festive marks
  14. Album Kylie Minogue | 14th Studio Album | Title TBA | Marich - April 2018

    I feel like we are being teased to fuck
  15. Discussion At Christmas

    it's a cute song