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  1. Celeb News

    This feels like some kind of surreal dream queen nadine, i am ready for you
  2. Made my dad listen to limbo and i think he stanned
  3. Timezones God had his hand on my heart shoulder when he let me take part in the last listening thread In a couple of weeks I'll be back to shitty gmt life tho...
  4. Achievement

    true, i've seen it and especially for you on the like 'history' at karaoke I've seen a few covers of it, so I think they may also low key stan step back in time
  5. A niche Tokyo culture that doesn't even really exist anymore
  6. Europe was quite a place in the 00s haha I still have no idea who agnes is but I wish she'd had another hit after release me
  7. Achievement

    I rarely stan Britain over Scotland but I will for legend To this day the only Kylie songs i've heard in shops in japan are in your eyes and the other gays #randomlie
  8. My sister stans Bastille And sings along to their tracks doing the accent She truly is the floppii to my kylie
  9. That's me Why is it some people get to be tigers and dragons and some of us are stuck being vermin
  10. I love her facial expressions in these early performances What gave one human the right to be so adorable
  11. Discussion

    Enjoy Yourself, Light Years and Aphrodite are the holy trinity