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  1. Rhythm of Love, Body Language and Aphrodite
  2. Would have been a nice kristmas present
  3. Same tbh What kind of fools have we become
  4. Btw, did you kids see Kylie bopping to Rick Astley on insta stories? Relatable queen
  5. Welcome! You have one of my favourite ever gifs as an avatar
  6. I honestly hate it but I still end up there observing the lives of some z-listers I don't even know
  7. The Roach Motel Mix gives me flashbacks to the old Ayu remixes I used to listen to
  8. Event

    8, should have been on le album
  9. I actually don't mind this song these days... But I reckon if this existed it would have been on the fancy new edition :/
  10. I love the aesthetic of Girl and stan the singles but I reckon Neon Nights has a higher ratio of good tracks... :/
  11. Other

    Honestly Spotifylie is such a mess
  12. Event

    8, I quite like this one
  13. Discussion

    Me tooShe was my favourite post-Aichan
  14. Enjoy yourself finally coming through and having people enjoy it
  15. This is bloody good