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  1. ^Same here. I hope she keeps teasing up until Friday for maximum impact. Can't wait for her to drop it, and first listen!
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    Merry Christmas everyone. Thanks Aidan for all your efforts
  3. Clearly we need some threads about X, wigs, etc. Regardless, this gorgeous image deserves an ack or two.
  4. This needs to become a true Christmas classic, it's too good not to be.
  5. Discussion

    She does this sooo well live, eg: (ps: check out her move at 37:43)
  6. 2010 highlights for me, these are must listens for new fans imo. If Only Into The Blue Kiss Me Once Feels So Good Les Sex Sleeping With The Enemy Waiting For The Sun Mr President Skirt Golden Boy If I Can't Have You Chasing Ghosts Black And White Break This Heartbreak Glow White December Cried Out Christmas Oh Santa Christmas Isn't Christmas 'Til You Get Here At Christmas Every Day's Like Christmas Timebomb All The Lovers Can't Beat The Feeling Get Outta My Way Put Your Hands Up
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    Dancefloor and Whenever You Feel Like It sound like twins to me - I'm guessing they had to choose b/w them for the album.
  8. Discussion

    White December Christmas Isn't Christmas Warm This Winter
  9. Body Language is a brilliant album, every song is super high standard. One thing that might have helped it avoid some hate would be a different vocal treatment, it's a bit polarizing and I think that's where most peoples' issues with it stem from. OTOH, the "too urban" thing is nonsense imho.
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    80 spots too low Agreed. Ridiculous rating.
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    Now there's a trio for you. Far too low, but whatevs.
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    Her Santa Baby at Royal Albert Hall was sensational tbh. Killer performance and stage presence off the hook. The conductor couldn't take his eyes off her, and the girls in the orchestra seemed pretty interested (or jelly) too. Side note, this concert/vid is packed with highlights, like Proms In The Park, it's a good'n.
  13. Discussion

    Most pop vocals are processed aren't they?, but still unmistakably her. The song sounds great actually, I'd love to know how these songs would have faired at her peak.
  14. I really liked Everything Is Beautiful too, it was a great segment.
  15. Lol at the Put Yourself vinyl static. I thought I had a dud (digital!) recording and complained to Google about it multiple times, before the penny finally dropped But in any case, boy oh boy, what an epic masterpiece that song is...