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  1. Looks like some kind soul uploaded them to YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/KylieMinogueSK/videos (along with other shows too)
  2. vagabond


    Amazing, epic choon, best she's done in this soul-electro style, possibly the best anyone's done come to think of it. Slaughters the Moroder eponym.
  3. Well, I hate to tell you, but as a result of this nasty affliction, you might actually hear some of her best songs. "If I set you free, and you actually came back to me"
  4. vagabond


    Dreams Can't Beat The Feeling Light Years Music's Too Sad Without You Time Will Pass You By Enjoy Yourself Love At First Sight 88 Rhythm of Love Cosmic Fine Burning Up I Guess I Like It Like That After Dark
  5. vagabond


    There's actually 5 of them at the end I think.
  6. 10 It's superb (like the album)
  7. vagabond

    Celeb News

    Did that women really know *nothing at all* about her and just pretend, or is she just a bit stupid...?