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  1. Done! My watch, but someone else made the face.
  2. Better The Devil You Know Some Kind Of Bliss I'm So High
  3. If anyone uses Android Wear/Wear OS, I could make you a SBIT watch face if you like.
  4. Most people her age can barely see from under their top eyelids, she looks fantastic. (and I think a lot of her looks are pretty bad tbh, but not this one)
  5. That's a gorgeous pic of her, great cover choice.
  6. The question is, how did that utter garbage make the album?
  7. Hand On Your Heart vs. Into The Blue Wouldn't Change a Thing vs. Million Miles Never Too late vs. I Was Gonna Cancel Nothing To Lose vs. Sexy Love Tell Tale Signs vs. Sexersize Especially For You vs. Feels So Good My Secret Heart vs. If Only I'm Over Dreaming (Over You) vs. Les Sex Tears on My Pillow vs. Kiss Me Once Heaven and Earth vs. Beautiful Enjoy Yourself vs. Fine 6 vs 7
  8. It seems that In Your Eyes was a big mistake for second single. Love At First Sight would have had a chance to do 500k in its place possibly, and kept the momentum going.
  9. I'd love to hear More More More or Every Little Part Of Me.
  10. I can't keep up with all the versions, but this was a great performance of Head...
  11. Very cool. It's an exceptional video and one of her signature songs.