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    Into the Blue 75Million Miles 30Feels So Good 45Kiss Me Once 40+Fine 10-Sleeping With The Enemy 65Sparks 15
  2. Event

    5 This song is far too ordinary for her, even the vocals are somehow indecisive, I really hope the new album sounds nothing like this.
  3. Yes indeed, it's right up there as one her best title tracks, it's cool and delightfully off beat. All her title tracks are amazing of course - Enjoy, Rhythm Of Love, Let's Get To It, Dreams/IP, Light Years, Fever, Slow/BL (this one's a stretch, but kinda), Aphrodite, KMO. She must have a rule about this and takes special pride in them. This raises the question, which track should the other albums have been named after? Kylie, Hits, Kylie M, Ultimate, X, Abbey, Christmas (any others?)
  4. And in the latest installment of Kylie does Nashville, now she's hanging out with "Amy Wadge Grammy Award Winning co writer of 'Thinking out loud' with Ed Sheeran." and "Telemitry: CRASH & BURN GOES #1 AND PLATINUM" @Chapman will be pleased that yeehaw Kylie is back
  5. Event

    O/T but I'm guessing you won't have seen this either (and maybe the very cool show it comes from). This girl was spotted years later in the balcony at Hammersmith.
  6. Event

    This gets a 10 just because it was part of this epicness.
  7. Album preview:
  8. Event

    10 This would have sounded amazing on radio.