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  1. vagabond


    Such an awesome version. I trust it was more about good taste than laziness...
  2. The song that keeps on giving. I love these two, even if they are mimed, or heavily backed, whatevs... Who could witness this and not fall in love? Love the intro moves here (7-12s) Hottest looks, phew she is smoking here... Look at her facial expressions, toying with the camera.
  3. vagabond


    Yes indeed, but he forget ELPOM, must have been an editing mistake.
  4. vagabond


    After this (and subsequent research)
  5. vagabond


    Still Standing
  6. More More More is definitely not filler. It's the opening track for a reason. It's a mega-groove and it frames the album beautifully.
  7. vagabond


    If Only Into The Blue Kiss Me Once Sleeping With The Enemy Les Sex Mr President Feels So Good Golden Boy Beautiful I Was Gonna Cancel Sexy Love Million Miles Sexercize Fine Sparks
  8. Fantastic song. This and Rollin' are brilliant extras.
  9. vagabond


    10 Slow Loving Days Red Blooded Woman Secret (Take You Home) Obsession Still Standing Sweet Music 9 I Feel For You Someday Chocolate 7 Promises 3 After Dark
  10. Fabulous performance, but more importantly, she looks delectably fit for that new man of hers!
  11. vagabond

    It's the best remix by far imo. >>>>>>> Cerrone
  12. vagabond


    If you like obscure arty stuff, then you need to check out Sometime Samurai and GBI. Oh, and Free, oh and Tears, oh and... (you're gonna be here for a long time)
  13. Random: I was at guitar center today and the amount of vinyl releases was crazy - Sabbath, Foo Fighters, etc, etc. Everyone's getting in on it.
  14. vagabond


    Excuse me, that's 49 12/12
  15. vagabond


    I haven't heard that demo before, but wow, it sounds straight off BL. It would have fit perfectly, but that's not to say it would have been as big as it was for Ms Spears. The US factor is at play here.