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  1. The way people trashed Beautiful because they thought vocoder=autotune was shameful. It's a really nice song, you'd think she'd learn her lesson to never try anything different by now. Sexy Love is wonderfully funky and has a brilliant pre-chorus btw. Cancel has more cringeworthy lyrics, but both are decent tracks.
  2. Wow, love SMFF. Huge bop with similar post-chorus tricks to Dancing, and was that a touch of pedal steel? GDZ version will sound gigantic.
  3. ^That song is utterly fantastic, as is over half of that album.
  4. Discussion

    I Feel For You is awesome indeed! (fair to say it's a grower though)
  5. So should they have done the early release, in hindsight? Pros: Stop the bleeding Cons: What bleeding? GP didn't and wouldn't know about it Much more importantly, Dancing would still be on Spotify playlists with the main promo, afaik, it is off a lot of lists, which totally ruins its chances. More creative approaches: Change the mix Open a presale with some sort of incentive ??? That said, they just gotta solve the streaming issue, but is that possible with radio screwing her over?
  6. He totally should have squeezed I'm So High into the disco story telling idea.
  7. Obsession and Sweet Music are mesmerizing once they get into your head.
  8. Discussion

    Hmm, it seems I can't find the Kylie version at all - licensing issue? Can't find the Travie version either, only the solo. Is this something Taio would have chosen, or just purely licensing - but why no Travie? (this is from US)
  9. Discussion

    Thankfully, 2 down is the sublime Never Too Late. (original version, not that TARS travesty - unpopular opinion I guess but it's really nothing compared to the original)
  10. Discussion

    OMG you're right, HIgher is Taio solo. Why on earth would they link to that? Is that just a dumbass mistake?, or if it was their only choice, why bother linking to it at all? Bizarre.
  11. Music Video

    They wouldn't play it unless he swapped her with Travie.
  12. I wish her Kylie playlist didn't have Head 2nd. I'd much rather a 2010s list tbh.
  13. Discussion

    All The Lovers Can't Beat The Feeling Timebomb Break This Heartbreak Wait Chasing Ghosts If I can't Have You White December Christmas Isn't Christmas 'Til You Get Here At Christmas Into The Blue If Only Les Sex Kiss Me Once Skirt Mr President Sleeping With The Enemy Waiting For The Sun Golden Boy Change Your Mind Dancing!
  14. Word Is Out is a fantastic song, a definite Kylie classic imo.
  15. Cancel is a really good track, but it could have done without the awkward lyrics. I get the impression she didn't want to change it from what she did with Pharrell, but I think she should have reworked it some. KMO has one of her best ever album runs: Feels So Good, If Only, Les Sex, Kiss Me Once - hard to knock that. I think it's a very good album with superb extra songs and good replay value. It does feel a bit strange though, a bit "un-Kylie". I hope she works with Ariel Rechstaid again. Did she really have little involvement though? Just imagine all the work she did with those writers and producers to pull all that together, I think if anything she must have been burnt out and exhausted by it. LGTI is also an unusual album for her, but it has some gorgeous tracks and huge bangers. She honestly doesn't have a bad album. I think you're right though, that like KMO, it seemed like a bit of a chore for her and was the end of "era" in both cases. Did she know she was done with both labels at the time? The thing with Golden is that she obviously fell in love with the Nashville thing and we're going to get something very different from her vocally with this album. I love that about her, she genuinely seems to love learning and perfecting her self.