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  1. vagabond


    Dancing Golden Rollin Every Little Part Of Me Stop Me From Falling A Lifetime To Repair Musics Too Sad Without You Live A Little Radio On Lost Without You Raining Glitter Low Blow Sincerely Yours One Last Kiss Shelby 68 Love
  2. vagabond


    Aww... reminds me of this:
  3. vagabond


    Very nIce performance, but she needs something like Let's Dance German for real impact. (she knows it too, based on the token hair toss!).
  4. vagabond


    10 A classic.
  5. vagabond


    Sounds like the sister track to Whenever You Feel Like It to me. Both should have been on the album.
  6. Kylie looking very BL actually (click for huge version).
  7. vagabond


    +Rollin', Golden, Every Little Part Of Me, Music's Too Sad
  8. vagabond


    I thought Kiss was a fizzer on first listen too, sounded like it should be on Kylie Christmas, but it's grown on me a lot and I think it's a fine album track. I just can't get over her vocals, she sounds phenomenal, eg, the start of Live A Little. Fantastic playful and beautiful vocals all over the album.
  9. vagabond


    This one is fantastic, what a song. So many elements, so damn interesting, gorgeous pure vocals, stunning bridge.
  10. vagabond


    Ahhh... Just had my first listen to Golden. Some dips in the middle, but the start and end tracks are insane. Low Blow = brilliant. The 8 bar blues-style chorus kicks.
  11. vagabond


    No wonder they held it back for the album. Definitely a standout track and lovely to hear her sounding so different and amazing on it, him too - beautiful vocals.
  12. The way people trashed Beautiful because they thought vocoder=autotune was shameful. It's a really nice song, you'd think she'd learn her lesson to never try anything different by now. Sexy Love is wonderfully funky and has a brilliant pre-chorus btw. Cancel has more cringeworthy lyrics, but both are decent tracks.
  13. Wow, love SMFF. Huge bop with similar post-chorus tricks to Dancing, and was that a touch of pedal steel? GDZ version will sound gigantic.