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  1. Demi should cover" His eyes are on the Sparrow"rav3



  2. Thanks be to God ☝🙌👏sass5

  3. let's all pray for those who lost their lives and are injured from Las Vegas 🙏

  4. @StrippedX I saw a copy of Lotus for 13.39 at Rite Aid Let's listen to Just be free
  5. My prayers go out to Kenneka Jenkins' family and pray tonight for all people even those you just can't stand because you never know what can happen. God bless you all. Goodnight

  6. Ok 1.where is she from? 2.her main genre 3.how many albums
  7. This BOPs

    Best Production cry6

    Songwriter-Perry is THAT GIRL cry2 my Fave Gospel album



  8. Truth sets you free clap3🙏

    1. Hylia


      Good dick sets you even more free

    2. Vulnicura.


      Yes I love Janet Jackson's Truth

    3. Ciggy Socialist

      Ciggy Socialist

      Lies keep you trapped and comfortable 59b354cc05065_orncrosspin(1).thumb.gif.1

  9. antm1cry1Do you BELIEVE IN LIFE AFTER LOVE


    1. Kirjava


      I can feel something inside me say, I really don't think you're strong enough xtina10

  10. Double Dutchess is a visual album antm1cheer1 Go on YouTube (she dragged us too.)


  11. Daniel 8:25

    And through his shrewdness,he will cause deceit to succeed by his influence,and he will magnify himself in his heart, and he would destroy many while they are at ease.He will even oppose the Prince of princes,But he will be broken without Human Agency

  12. Psalms 53:1

    The fool hath said in his Heart,There is no God, Corrupt are they,and have done abominable iniquity:There is NONE that doeth good

  13. I'm so impatient for Kylie's album

  14. Trust in me is such a good song from Katy cry0

  15. Rated R twins! me and @Royale

    1. Royale


      Of course, we stan a Legendary era! 

  16. Well my Avi was from The banned Xbox Kylie Minogue commercial but now it's from The Rihanna Rated R photoshootwendy4

    1. Dr. Slay

      Dr. Slay

      oh oop okay wendy3

  17. The thing is that you don't have to STAN her but if you don't ,then you don't need to DRAG her because tbh, I don't stan Taylor Swift for my own reasons but you don't see me making "Snake" Battleground threads
  18. I'm so SICK of the "STIFFNEY" , "She can't dance" thing when that's NOT THE FUCKING CASE RECEIPTS: 1.She was able to dance AFTER 2007 also Mind you she's much different when she's in a CORSET or a Tight leotard and pass the knee boots FOR EXAMPLE 2.Usually, whenever she did perform in Corsets/Leotards in the past, The choreography wasn't So dance-charged and usually SMOOTH when you work out and become more masculine, your abdominal area tightens up and it makes it harder to dance 4. she's TOO FIT Li
  19. Well she doesn't have ANY memorable hits despite having 13 on the dance chart but besides that she a FLOP on the regular chart
  20. Kylie vs Dannii it's like ,why would the press even reach to make beef between sisters
  21. I WILL say that she's doing decent for a poorly promoted artist