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  1. FMKK

    I don't think he's ever said he's straight either so I think it's a bit unfair to expect everyone to do a big coming out story type of deal. The Islamophobic stuff is much more of an issue, though Nicki fans complaining about someone's problematic beliefs and behaviour is A LOT.
  2. FMKK

    Air Balloon is an MIA rip-off anyway
  3. FMKK

    Would rather hear someone shitting on a microphone than having another generic Ed Sheeran song with a shit chorus and lazy writing get to number one so well done Lil Nas I guess
  4. Can someone tell me what Want You In My Room isn't at least two minutes longer? Justice for Jack Antonoff.
  5. Good fun and I love hearing her singing uptempo for a change
  6. Faves so far are Julian, Now That I Found You, Too Much, Your Girl and Feels Right. I love the vibe throughout and I think she does capture that chill disco mood she was talking about. Not quite as much of an adrenaline rush as Emotion was on first listen but I need more time for the songs to grow on me.
  7. Country singles don't chart like that. A trap country novelty song might but not the sort of music Kacey does. She'll stay picking up AOTY grammys and being far more talented.
  8. Looks like Stormzy is going to snatch the UK number one from her. Obviously not as important as Billboard but still.
  9. Ok, have listened twice more on headphones and the actual chorus bangs
  10. I wouldn't have to hear about them. And there would be far less shitty cash-in fashion products on the market.
  11. Don't think Maluma is the issue here, I think it's the weak chorus/pre-chorus thing in the first half that drags it down
  12. Spotify has it at 4:58 so that's not the radio edit I don't think
  13. Chorus is underwhelming on first listen but I like both her and Maluma's verses
  15. FMKK

    I think Taylor will sell more albums but Ariana's music will be the more culturally relevant unless TS comes out strong with a big hit first single.