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  1. Does she not realise that 99% of people couldn't pick her out of a line up? No one gives a fuck about your hair.
  2. She'll snatch more sales when she wins AOTY, don't worry
  3. Give this bitch the Grammy already because she did THAT.
  4. Love the video but justice for Bartender bitch!
  5. No Kylie video in the UK has been as big as the biggest Madonna videos. Don't forget that Madonna is huge over here too. The biggest Kylie video in terms of iconic imagery is probably Can't Get You Out Of My Head but that's still nothing on Like A Prayer or maybe even Hung Up.
  6. Ariana has better vocals and better streaming, Taylor had better songwriting and physical sales. But Taylor appeals to more demographics with her music. Maybe all the stuff about her decline after 1989 was overhyped. It's hard to ever be as big as that album but she's still above everyone else. Ari and Taylor are the biggest pop girls in the world right now. Way ahead of the new gals coming into the scene and the likes of Katy, Gaya and Rih these days. But Taylor is definitely ahead of Ariana too.
  7. FMKK

    Emeli and Jessie were pushed way too hard too early in the UK. The BBC and others picked up on them and their music was inescapable on radio, TV and even the Olympic closing ceremony in 2012. It was way too much exposure for them after just one album and the GP got tired of them before it came round to album two. It seemed like they were desperate for Emeli to take Adele's position when she was on maternity and for Jessie to be a UK pop girl on the lever of Rihanna and Katy when they were slaying at that time. Duffy is kinda similar. She had a huge debut with two but hits and lots of acclaim/awards. But a weak lead single for her second album and a bad commercial for Diet Coke was enough to turn the public on her. Those girls are all warning signs for what happens when labels/media try to shove an artist down people's throats way too much. I also don't think the material lived up to the hype in many cases either.
  8. FMKK

    Yes, she was bigger immediately after the release of her album than when she's been on tour. Very insightful.
  9. FMKK

    This is like Sophie's Choice. Both are great albums. Carly's is more focused but I think Taylor's might have more high points for me? All I can say for sure is that Jack Antonoff did THAT
  10. I wish I had this bitch's work ethic. Also, who announces the next album on the release day for the current album lol? She's keeping us fed. It's great to see how excited she is about her music.
  11. I think she's just saying this so she can keep some distance from politics. At least that's what I hope. Any of the political stuff she's done recently suggests that she's pro-peace at the very least, which makes it hard to be a Republican (or a mainstream Democrat lbr) This is what I'm telling myself anyway cause I need to keep stanning.
  12. Genuinely the crime of the century. Like, up there with the Iraq War.
  13. Can't believe this is even a question. Kylie and Mariah might have some nice videos here and there but Madonna videos were genuine cultural events. She had more iconic videos in 1989 than the other two have in their whole careers.
  14. Cheryl's Pride performance ENDED Madame Tussaud's
  15. People need to realise that celebrity endorsements don't really matter that much in elections except I guess to motivate people who were always going to support that candidate anyway