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  1. camila is gross. and her songs is a cheap knock off of sia.
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    freedom of speech isn't a defense. it is a principle. allow stupid ideas to enter the spotlight so you can scrutinize them and defy them, prove them wrong. don't just shun them outright. censorship never stopped an idea. it only makes it stronger and more meaningful.
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    557,897 units.
  4. so many fucking warnings. just ban me already. idc i am a #dangerouswoman giphy.gif

  5. Mod Notice Do not make jokes about specific illnesses, including cancer and HIV/AIDS.
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    also doesn't mean you shouldn't.
  7. As of currently the students are seeking that this video below be banned and removed from the internet and other demands be met or they will resort to violence. I can imagine their ancestors must be so proud.
  8. A professor at Evergreen State College in Washington is being HARASSED (not asked) to resign due to his OPINIONS. All this controversy sparked from a tradition that takes part in this college called a Day of Absence- where black students can take the day off and not attend college as a way to remind people they are of value in society (hmm). In a way to break from tradition student acitivists DEMANDED (not asked or suggested) that WHITE students not go to school on that day. Professor Brett Weinstein voiced his opinion and dismay of such a demand. He eloquently and intelligently refuted the premises of the demand. Prior to this the college had sought to hire new professors to "diversify" their staff. Dr. Weinstein also disagreed with this idea because he feels that professors should be hired based on their SKILL, not SKIN COLOR. Something rational that logical and reasonable people would agree with. Well all hell broke loose and the college is now in a state of alert due to all the crisis and chaos being brought by the mostly-black student activists. Watch an interview with Tucker to understand the scary times we live in. Nothing says open mindedness and "we want equality" like marginalizing a group of people based on skin color huh and refusing to even tolerate opinions that's differ from your own. This is mind blowing.
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    me poor brit brit. love her though
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    yes, just like "gays are going to hell," "gays are abominations," "women are less than men," and "chinks," oh and "spics." that is freedom of speech. so those are all fine to say.
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    can't be GOD
  12. Bill Maher is in A LOT of trouble right now for saying something only black people can say. I say freedom of speech, you say you hurt my feelings. The left..
  13. i love debbie, but she is stupid. she needs to shut up.
  14. Kathy Griffin held a conference, that was more of a stand up, to address the Trump picture scandal. I think it was funny. And personally, the photo to me wasn't that offensive and I am annoyed she apologized. Please watch it below. Stay strong Kathy, we love you. <3