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    Yeah, even during her debut she seemed more provocative and mature. I read one article that described her as the "rock star" of the teen pop era. But, the slut shaming articles were disgusting. I found it hypocritical that other artists like Beyonce at the time was wearing outfits just as risque as Christina yet she didn't have one article against that. Yes, I agree; Christina was very strong to deal with that bs. And thanks for your response (:
  2. I looked back at some old interviews, and in 2006 one interviewer called Christina a living legend. That was really impressive to me, because she'd only been around for 7 years. How did the Gp/critics view her during her debut, stripped and back to basics? When did they start acknowledging her as an iconic vocalist? Like, right now I understand the GP calls Beyonce "Queen B" and such, but how did they view Christina during her most active years? Was she on top, because looking back she seemed to be the best (imo) compared to her peers.
  3. I agree, I understand it happens to some artists. (Ailcia Keys earlier albums sounded much better than her latest) I know, one of her friends wrote her an open letter reinstating what we've been talking about. http://stargayzing.com/torch-song-elegy-volume-3-bombshell-an-open-letter-to-christina-aguilera-exposing-the-dirrty-secret-she-doesnt-want-you-to-know/ It's jarring to hear Christina say; I want a timeless album that will last, I'm a straight soul singer, I don't care about the #1s.... and then records trap songs like Accelerate. It sucks because Christina has it all: talent, stage presence/star quality, sexy/beautiful, etc.
  4. Parts of liberation are stunning, but some of it does sound too trendy. Yes, I think an artist as great as Christina shouldn't be making music similar to teeny boppers. Making trendy music and waiting till it's been overplayed looks derivative. Even Beyonce is getting lukewarm responses bc she used that Trap/Hip Hop too. I can't believe she chose ty dolla $ign over DJ premier. I remember she used to hate people like the Neptunes/Max Martin and would only work with more obscure producers to get a unique sound, what happened to that? Even the way she talks in interviews is grating, she sounds like a Kardashian. She does seem like she's completely lost herself
  5. Agreed 100%. Those electronic synth waves extinguished the fire in Christina's voice. When you genre hop, you risk looking like a poser. Lady Gaga embodies electro pop, you can't compete with that. Just like Lady Gaga's jazz covers can't compete with Christina's. She should've focused on her forte and conquered it. Even Madonna established musical identity with Dance Pop before experimenting with other genres. She carved out her own niche with Stripped/B2B, it was unique and it made her untouchable. Demi, Selena, Ariana, and Miley tried to recreate Stripped and they all failed. That's how untouchable Xtina was. That sexual soulful music suited her so well. She stated that she had nothing vocally left to prove, but she still did. One soulful album isn't enough to explore all the facets of your voice, Mariah and Whitney made 4-10 albums. Take music lessons and stop repeating the same vocal runs for 10 years. Shit happens: Janet Jackson was blacklisted and ripped off, Lauryn Hill ditched her career after one album, Mariah keeps getting disrespected by younger generations, Justin Timberlake is now being derided as "problematic white male". Look Etta James was considered the most under appreciated/overlooked singers of her time, but she remained the most influential years later. I hope that happens with Christina. (Don't kill me for saying this, but it feels like Christina's repeated some same old mistakes with her new era. That aesthetic and trap sound is overdone so it felt like she was impersonating a hipster teenager with Accelerate). She could secure an greater legacy if she went the Adele route with old blues music. She could still be as sexy as she liked, but with more mature music. Older people buy more physical albums, so her sales could even be increased.
  6. Agreed. Mariah, for example churned out an album every year for a decade. When you have a voice that good you should record a lot of material. And honestly, I love Stripped and B2B but a transition album in 2004 would've solidified a larger fan base. Liberation sold 200k world wide with no promotion, I think it could've easily sold 1 million if she promoted. If she made a Spanish album that could sell a lot as well.
  7. I honestly think Christina was the last great vocalist. (Its been 2 decades and nothing. In the span of 2 decades we discovered Celine/Mariah/Whitney/Christina) The thing about Celine, Whitney, Mariah, Christina is that they were great artists/entertainers/vocalists/good music. They had the whole package and that is extremely rare; no record label will put that type of effort into finding/nurturing some one like that because everything now is about instant gratification/social media followers. Things like spotify, youtube, Intsagram have lowered standards so much that no one gives a damn about great artists anymore. Reminds of when rock music died, skilled rappers like Eminem are gone, etc.
  8. Yeah, I read that Stripped was better received in Europe and that it turned her into a huge phenomenon in the UK. You're so lucky to have gone to her Stripped concert, that's my favorite era. Sometimes I wish she released a transition album between Stripped and B2B during 2004 though.
  9. As a younger fan, the closest I can get to experiencing what it was like to witness her during the early 2000s was by reading articles/youtube videos. I'm really curious as to what it was like experiencing Christina's debut era and her Stripped era. I know she was controversial, but she was racking up awards and was gaining critical acclaim; listed as the best role model for UK teens and topped Cove's list for best vocalist of 2003, for example. Lot's of people say she ruled Europe during 2003 as well. I'd really love to hear your stories as fans who did experience that. Like, her Fighter video was one of a kind... how was that recieved?
  10. lovechristina

    Music Video

    Correct me if I'm wrong (I could be completely misinterpreting/overthinking this), but I thought her chaps symbolized her sexual liberation? Why is she acting as if men forced her into wearing chaps, when in interviews she's stated that it's how she chose to express herself? If she was singing about exploitation, then why wear something that was symbolic of her autonomy? Does it feel contradicting or did I completely miss the mark lol?
  11. lovechristina


    Ikr! Orillia is known for it's outdoor activities and good retirement homes. I don't see how Xtina fits it there. And I'm pretty sure anyone under 19 isn't allowed in. It looks like a school theatre. (Sorry if that sounds harsh). I love when Christina does intimate concerts... but usually the people who play at Casino Rama are the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band and Celtic Thunder. There are better small theatres, in cities with a more welcoming audience. There are so many amazing venus in Toronto, I'm pretty sure she has her own wax figure in the museum in Niagara Falls. Why did she choose an obscure cottage county?
  12. lovechristina


    The only location in Canada is a Casino, you have to be 19+ to attend. What about her younger fans?
  13. Yeah, I guess seeing all the puritanical outrage directed only towards women was disgusting to read. Yeah, Ariana/Demi/Selena have transitioned into more mature images and they've gotten nothing but praise. They're much more mature than Avril, Pink, etc. It's funny that social-conservatives hated Christina the most, but now all their disgusting behaviour has been recently coming to light.
  14. Yeah, I've noticed in the past that they slapped so many negative connotations whenever a woman's sexuality is concerned. Was it mostly in America? I'm glad that it's starting to change, Selena/Demi/Ariana have been almost universally praise for their adult transformation.
  15. I'm a younger fan, I wasn't around to experience Christina's Stripped era but I was stunned when I read some past articles about her. It disgusted me, they called her a skeezy reptile, the cause of sex crimes, a slut, etc. They weren't even critiquing her, just blatantly bullying her, mostly it came from other women. Even her fellow peers were cruel to her. For eg: Amy Lee made an entire song (Everybody's fool) that was based off of her thinking Christina was nothing but a stripper who "sold her body". If she did that in today's climate she would be called out. Was it really that sexist back then?