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    https://twitter.com/DaInternz/status/969404534211559424 Yikes, it sounds like Da Internz is just as frustrated as we are about the long wait.
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    Ah, I see. Sorry it looked a bit confusing to me
  3. I'm not 100% sure, I wonder if anyone else might know
  4. Justin's album is coming out soon, and if Christina's album comes out soon do you think it would be cool to see them reunite on tour like they did with Justified/Stripped? Or would it be a bad choice?
  5. Sorry for the late reply, but when I mentioned Janet I meant Formation (imo) is an empty copy of Rhythm Nation and Beyonce can't replicate that.
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    This guy is saying she's ready?!
  7. Yeah, she is talented, but she's no queen. I don't think any human being deserves to be worshipped like a God (there is an ACTUAL church dedicated to Beyonce). Some Beyonce fans are borderline pathological. Yes, Adele is not as technical as Beyonce but she makes you feel something, she's an amazing storyteller. Beyonce sells this perfectly packaged version of herself, which is why I think of her as more of a showgirl not an artist. I respect people who can draw huge crows with just their voice, that to me is the true measure of an artist. Beyonce follows a formula, I think a singer/dancer with enough talent can replicate that and be as successful as her. But can they replicate Whitney, MJ, or Janet? No. Like I said earlier, seeing as Adele's album sold 8x more than Beyonce, I think the GP agrees. It's just the media/her fans that hype her up. I agree, it's very jarring to hear painful lyrics being sung by an emotionless voice. (This is why I hope Christina will have at least one ballad, because she is also an exceptional story teller with, imo, a better voice than Adele)
  8. Here is my opinion: I think Beyonce is talented and a hard worker but she is shrouded in gimmicks. Whether it's the perfectly timed hair-flip, the technologically advanced stage effects, the dramatic music behind her... it all seems like artful deception. I think the GP understands this, seeing as her most recent album was outsold by Taylor Swift in less than a month. It's just the media and her fans that hype her up, I've actually read an article that compared Beyonce to Shakespeare. That's when I stopped valuing social media for credible info. She can't sell herself as a ballad singer because there are better vocalists out there and I think ballads are all about story telling, and her voice is too robotic for that. Which is why people love Adele and Christina. (This is also why I admire actors, because I think honing in emotional instincts is much more impressive than honing in technique)
  9. Hannah Montana is above Mariah Carey? Oh no... Well, at least Beyonce is no where to be found (I swear her fans and the media hype her up as if she were Mozart or something)
  10. Do you think they still regard her as the Voice of a Generation? Social media kind of skews my perception. Because on social media they compare some people like Beyonce to Michael Jackson/Shakespeare and vilify other artists such as Christina or Mariah. How much of that media hype/criticism is true? I think Christina is a great singer, but on platforms such as youtube or twitter all I see is criticism. How much of that do you think translates into reality?