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    Correct me if I'm wrong (I could be completely misinterpreting/overthinking this), but I thought her chaps symbolized her sexual liberation? Why is she acting as if men forced her into wearing chaps, when in interviews she's stated that it's how she chose to express herself? If she was singing about exploitation, then why wear something that was symbolic of her autonomy? Does it feel contradicting or did I completely miss the mark lol?
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    Ikr! Orillia is known for it's outdoor activities and good retirement homes. I don't see how Xtina fits it there. And I'm pretty sure anyone under 19 isn't allowed in. It looks like a school theatre. (Sorry if that sounds harsh). I love when Christina does intimate concerts... but usually the people who play at Casino Rama are the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band and Celtic Thunder. There are better small theatres, in cities with a more welcoming audience. There are so many amazing venus in Toronto, I'm pretty sure she has her own wax figure in the museum in Niagara Falls. Why did she choose an obscure cottage county?
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    The only location in Canada is a Casino, you have to be 19+ to attend. What about her younger fans?
  4. Yeah, I guess seeing all the puritanical outrage directed only towards women was disgusting to read. Yeah, Ariana/Demi/Selena have transitioned into more mature images and they've gotten nothing but praise. They're much more mature than Avril, Pink, etc. It's funny that social-conservatives hated Christina the most, but now all their disgusting behaviour has been recently coming to light.
  5. Yeah, I've noticed in the past that they slapped so many negative connotations whenever a woman's sexuality is concerned. Was it mostly in America? I'm glad that it's starting to change, Selena/Demi/Ariana have been almost universally praise for their adult transformation.
  6. I'm a younger fan, I wasn't around to experience Christina's Stripped era but I was stunned when I read some past articles about her. It disgusted me, they called her a skeezy reptile, the cause of sex crimes, a slut, etc. They weren't even critiquing her, just blatantly bullying her, mostly it came from other women. Even her fellow peers were cruel to her. For eg: Amy Lee made an entire song (Everybody's fool) that was based off of her thinking Christina was nothing but a stripper who "sold her body". If she did that in today's climate she would be called out. Was it really that sexist back then?
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    https://twitter.com/DaInternz/status/969404534211559424 Yikes, it sounds like Da Internz is just as frustrated as we are about the long wait.
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    Ah, I see. Sorry it looked a bit confusing to me
  9. I'm not 100% sure, I wonder if anyone else might know
  10. Justin's album is coming out soon, and if Christina's album comes out soon do you think it would be cool to see them reunite on tour like they did with Justified/Stripped? Or would it be a bad choice?
  11. Sorry for the late reply, but when I mentioned Janet I meant Formation (imo) is an empty copy of Rhythm Nation and Beyonce can't replicate that.
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    This guy is saying she's ready?!
  13. Yeah, she is talented, but she's no queen. I don't think any human being deserves to be worshipped like a God (there is an ACTUAL church dedicated to Beyonce). Some Beyonce fans are borderline pathological. Yes, Adele is not as technical as Beyonce but she makes you feel something, she's an amazing storyteller. Beyonce sells this perfectly packaged version of herself, which is why I think of her as more of a showgirl not an artist. I respect people who can draw huge crows with just their voice, that to me is the true measure of an artist. Beyonce follows a formula, I think a singer/dancer with enough talent can replicate that and be as successful as her. But can they replicate Whitney, MJ, or Janet? No. Like I said earlier, seeing as Adele's album sold 8x more than Beyonce, I think the GP agrees. It's just the media/her fans that hype her up. I agree, it's very jarring to hear painful lyrics being sung by an emotionless voice. (This is why I hope Christina will have at least one ballad, because she is also an exceptional story teller with, imo, a better voice than Adele)