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  1. I grew up watching the John Hughes movies of the 80's, having seen them all many times over the years. 16 Candles is still a favourite of mine. Racial degradation was accepted as normal in movies back then, nowadays there is no way they would be able to make a film like this, comedy or not.
  2. Mine would be : #1 Nightclubbing #2 Warm Leatherette #3 Living My Life #4 Portfolio #5 Hurricane #6 Slave To The Rhythm #7 Fame #8 Muse #9 Bulletproof Heart #10 Inside Story I mainly prefer the 3 Compass Point albums, but there is stuff I like from all of her other albums too.
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    I wonder when the tour will reach Australia? I saw the last 2 tours and was blown away, particularly with the Born This Way Ball tour, I can't wait to see her again on this tour!
  4. Album

    'Joanne' is one of those albums that I didn't like at all when it was released, but after listening to it several times it really grew on my and is one of my favourite albums of the past year. Plus her Superbowl performance was mind blowing! Can't wait to see her on the Joanne tour, she is one of the most amazing Artists I have ever seen live.