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  1. Babakazoo

    I grew up watching the John Hughes movies of the 80's, having seen them all many times over the years. 16 Candles is still a favourite of mine. Racial degradation was accepted as normal in movies back then, nowadays there is no way they would be able to make a film like this, comedy or not.
  2. Babakazoo

    Mine would be : #1 Nightclubbing #2 Warm Leatherette #3 Living My Life #4 Portfolio #5 Hurricane #6 Slave To The Rhythm #7 Fame #8 Muse #9 Bulletproof Heart #10 Inside Story I mainly prefer the 3 Compass Point albums, but there is stuff I like from all of her other albums too.
  3. Babakazoo


    I wonder when the tour will reach Australia? I saw the last 2 tours and was blown away, particularly with the Born This Way Ball tour, I can't wait to see her again on this tour!
  4. Babakazoo

    Working with Guy Chambers is a good sign of what we can expect. He co-wrote and produced Robbie Williams biggest and best albums, so hopefully we will get an album of Pop / Dance tracks along the lines of 'Kids' and her earlier pop/dance albums. Her last album was terrible, so this album will have to be the redemption.