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  1. Zachary here

    men are pigs

  2. imagine thinking this is news we been knew this sis was a crackwhore from the beginning
  3. Zachary


    i hope this is the intro! wig orbiting around saturn omg
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    oh my god we love a rich gorgeous queen!
  5. 1 Too Close 2 Problem 2 One Last Time 4 You Don't Know Me 5 Break Free 5 Best Mistake 5 Be My Baby 8 My Everything 9 Love Me Harder 10 Why Try 11 Break Your Heart Right Back 12 Right There 12 Tattooed Heart 14 Just A Little Bit Of Your Heart 15 The Way 16 Better Left Unsaid 17 Piano 18 Honeymoon Avenue 19 Hands On Me 20 Lovin' It 21 Baby I 22 Bang Bang 23 Daydreamin' 24 You'll Never Know 25 Almost Is Never Enough 26 Popular Song 27 Only 1 28 Cadillac Song 29 Intro
  6. Zachary


    single order should have been 1. chained (ft. a better known rapper, what even is a skip marley - preferably kendrick) 2. witness (album release) 3. roulette (remix) ft. lady gaga 4. swish swish ft nekci menij 5. act my age 6. end the era off with bigger than me keep the chained music video, but all others should have been serious - except maybe act my age where i think a katy type humor video could have worked. she should never have cut her hair - keeping the blonde style we had when chained was released should have had a more mature persona about her, because the "purposeful pop" era just did NOT work with her being a whack ass bitch roulette video should be telephone meets las vegas, with katy and gaga in sexy stilettos stripping and taking over a casino and driving expensive sports cars around. gorgeous! swish swish can keep the tigers vs sheep thing, but katy should serve this look and it to be a semi-serious music video with only sprinkles of humor here and there. and NO memes. and there you have it! 6 number one smash hits, 6 skinny music videos, and at least another diamond certification in there somewhere! this witness era has already sold 2m+ in pure album sales by the way.
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    new twitter handle! follow @bunniehoe ladies xxx dancey1




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  9. Zachary here

    being forced to talk to my family oppresses my gay rights

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    Music Video

    ummmm where even is she fleminem cancelledT