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  1. i didn't
  2. unfortunately she's my cousin, so im stuck with ha ass
  3. shipping it to them as we speak
  4. oomf just said drake and justin were better singers than ariana and beyonce
  5. how could you forget im finally off rock bottom?
  6. Meanwhile i'm causing controversy outside the house by sleeping with 20 sugar dads because I was too irrelevant inside
  7. shady music facts is shaking
  8. repeaked at #31 when will slumber party?
  9. i feel so blessed not to be last, what an icon
  10. Album

    im shaking
  11. hello i am here and i am drunk
  12. i literally submitted on monday why do my pms never go thru to u
  13. here

    mo bounce is awful orangu1

  14. lmao am SCREECHING. why yall do me like this