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  1. need a massive folder of FOTP gifs so i can use them everywhere, their aura just remains unmatched i fear rav2

  2. THE SMILE PRINT AHHHH and people say Katy doesn't have impact
  3. no omg i been saying this!!! HIH as single #2 with a circus themed MV similar to the one already. she could have played a lot more with those circle motorbike things they have in the Circus idfk what theyre called the ones from the simpsons movies LKASJDLA would have slayed
  4. mcdonalds employees do NAWT get paid enough to be dealing with this
  5. oh come awn... she is not that bad for an industry plant. her album is a little bit of a slay
  6. good 4 u a future classic actually... i fear, her power... the album's lyrics are corny as hell yes but this is her debut and shes like 14 or whatever however her writing is going to mature and shes going to become a bit of a industry powerhouse with her next body of work. good things coming from this queen!
  7. is this THEEEE max? poppy & kety stan?

    1. Max


      I don’t know poppy, sorry. I fear I‘m not katy2 

    2. Zachary


      im crying how embarassing... mad5

      at least you have taste and stan katy <3

  8. never really over, cry about it later, not the end of the world >>>>>>
  9. hello FOTPers... its been a while brit10

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    2. Chris


      Omg I missed seeing your avi

    3. Max


      Eventhough I was not who you hoped I was... Hello jj2 

    4. Zachary


      @Entea rotting as a twitter troll nat1


      @Chris Morlock have come back to perch on the site see what the girlies are up tew moo5