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  1. don't forget to vote me for biggest flop fags!
  2. Truth is i don't rlly know you much but you were funny in big brother and I used to love Hamataro oprah13 

  3. here

    i am back SLAGS! demi1

    1. AGNTEA


    2. Zachary

      @AGNTEA busy with school :((((( 

  4. why is everyone posting in that fugly ass font?
  5. here

    i cant stop trolling in online games im gonna screaM

  6. i was being RESOURCEFUL im on desktop i dont have a screenshot button
  7. omg no i didnt i (dont expose me )
  8. im on desktop so technically i won
  9. Task #2 Take a screenshot of this post and be the first to post it.
  10. tag yourself im lily every post she complains that this isnt over yet