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  1. here

    theres a character in a show im starring in called 'megatron trainor' and im not even fucking kidding


    1. SWINΞ

      You're starring in a show? oprah12

    2. Zachary

      yes legend gaycat1

    3. SWINΞ

      That's so amazing!!! Can't wait to hear more details! kr1

  2. nope the nekci menij show
  3. The One That Got Away In My Ass
  4. thats the most fucking me song ive ever heard in my life 10/10 bop spooky song - lazytown
  5. love it animé
  6. One Of The Boys - Katy Perry
  7. FAKE AND GAY dont do my girl katy like this
  8. let's not forget ha runs in IKWYDLS, iconic
  9. ill wait until ha ablum comes out, but right now miss cameltoe is showing promise
  10. yes, the emotion she poured into that gem I cannot
  11. i have questions made me human btw