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  1. Count Olaf

    @Ronlop please i beg you get sony to respond to little mix it is my only wish this year
  2. Count Olaf

  3. Count Olaf

    ohmygawd. im praying for her xx hope she gets better
  4. Count Olaf

    Celeb News

    better serve us with her new incredible album Me, I am Megan, The Elusive Chantese.
  5. Count Olaf

    @Ronlop can you get sony to respond to little mix?
  6. Count Olaf

    @Ronlop apparently strawberry blonde cancelled on glastonbury so could little mix perform instead??
  7. Count Olaf

    I better win Skinniest Lamb
  8. Count Olaf

    @Kuba wig flew.
  9. Count Olaf

    @Hector and @Bleachella could you check the PM’s I sent you?
  10. Count Olaf

    so can we submit singles as well? or just album tracks