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  1. ok... yass i am me and milk gonna sweep this. michael can't relate ? I GOT DIS ONE IN DA BAG When did milk have a meltdown thou exactly not my good friend @Hermione getting recognised but im not on that list??!! BOO i thought i had this i had 5
  2. Rumor

    that must've hurt
  3. This bitch got issues.
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    the official chart flash update says its re entering at 35
  5. perched
  6. I'll add it to the list
  7. In the UK, One Last Time is #1 on itunes. My Everything is #6 on albums itunes and Dangerous Woman is #10. Yours Truly is #118
  8. Review

    oh happy birthday, didnt like it thou
  9. done DEVILS PRAY
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    i was just wondering
  11. Discussion

    How do you get those Ari peace things above your avi
  12. My DEVILS PRAY review is up!!

  13. Devil Pray

    Devil Pray- Madonna Requester: @Milk Ok, so this is my first review. At the start I like the drum clap thing, it's very catchy. Her tone is very fitting to this particular song. I like the god referances. OMG the pc is goals, her tone is so serious!! Then this chorus... AHHHH I FEEL ALIVE. Ooh save my soul this is amazing. Did she work with Aviici or something on this. The bridge bit is also quite nice. Chilled. Then I like how it goes back up into the echoey bit. Final Score: 84/100 Rating: Handled by Jesus.