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  1. i just saw a fotp tweet in an article on Bustle Magazine!

  2. hi lol
  3. Achievement

    and it peaked at 10? with no promo! so much better then katys hyped lead which is only two places above it!
  4. ffs uk messed up. you have all the christmas songs which got peaks like no.2 and no.4 this year leave the charts like katys itunes run for witness. and then songs jump up 40 places and stuff like mr brightside (dont get me wrong i love that song as does the uk) re enters at 60. and a fucking halsey song with g easy zooms up from 64 to 30 ffs im not ranting i just find it hillarious how christmas comes and goes
  5. tbh it wont happen because billboard and taylor are in some kind of deal but it will gross around 200 million
  6. I’d personally have: Headliners- Lady Gaga, Little Mix, Post Malone and Demi Lovato Hollywood- BTS, G-Eazy, Cardi B, Ed Sheeran and Rihanna Others- Fergie, Camila Cabello, Rita Ora and Sam Smith lmao dont drag me that i said post malone
  7. happy 2018 fotp! try something new this year xo

  8. Look What You Made Me Do
  9. Game

    The Cure
  10. Game

    Work Bitch
  11. Cascada- Everytime we Touch 1. I Still Hear Your Voice 2. When You Sleep Next To Me 3. Forgive Me 4. Without You 5. My Weakness 6. (It’s Hard To) Survive 7. I Get This Feeling 8. Fly 9. Can’t You Feel My Heart! 10. Want this to Last 11. My Shadow 12. The Good and The Bad Times 13. I’m Yours Cascada- Evacuate the Dancefloor 1. Out on the Floor 2. Watch Me 3. I Never Miss A Beat 4. Kill the Lights 5. Infected 6. The Sound 7. Stop 8. This Beat is Killing Me 9. Intoxicate 10. Feel the Club is Heating Up 11. Push it to the top Cascada- Because the Night 1. Take Me Now 2. Hold me Close 3. Desire 4. Love is a Banquet 5. Can’t Hurt you Now 6. The Night 7. Because 8. It Belongs to Us 9. (DANCE BREAK) 10. Have a Doubt 11. Love is a Ring 11. Disguised 12. ‘Til Morning Comes 13. As the Sun Descends Cascada- Madness 1. Let Me 2. Message 3. The Reason 4. Crazy Dreams 5. Making All The Sense 6. This Mess 7. Look How Far We Made It 8. Party Music 9. Through 10. Perfect