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  1. Count Olaf

    Hey girlos its me, Olaf. When is CAL going to restart? xoxo, Olaf
  2. what is an agugaga?



  3. i dont care who’s posted on their status also vote count olaf pls

  4. Count Olaf

    im back for good with CAL, can i sign up with Cheryl.
  5. Count Olaf

    Dont call me angel more like dont call me SUCCESSFUL. the song isnt charting on itunes ANYWHERE. flop wbk
  6. Count Olaf

    @Ronlop please i beg you get sony to respond to little mix it is my only wish this year
  7. Count Olaf

    ohmygawd. im praying for her xx hope she gets better
  8. Count Olaf

    @Ronlop can you get sony to respond to little mix?
  9. Count Olaf

    @Ronlop apparently strawberry blonde cancelled on glastonbury so could little mix perform instead??