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  1. what is an agugaga?



  2. i dont care who’s posted on their status also vote count olaf pls

  3. Dont call me angel more like dont call me SUCCESSFUL. the song isnt charting on itunes ANYWHERE. flop wbk
  4. some adults are so immature. 

  5. why is everyone leaving??

    1. Dangerous Jim

      Dangerous Jim

      Cause it's gone to shit

  6. the fact she cancelled... i actually cant beleive it. I get that shes ill and that but I was waiting for a YEAR to see her and now I cant. The tickets were my birthday present and I was waiting so long and so excited for it. Why, I hope you get well soon but seriously, I’m in tears right now hoping this was a dream.

  7. i love how someone can earn more rep in a week then i do in a year.

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    2. Count Olaf

      Count Olaf

      ik i checked the leaderboard.

    3. Grams


      Omg wait...it’s actually me? fall9 I was being sarcastic...

    4. Count Olaf
  8. pissed at the grammys for giving BRUNO MARS all the awards and ED SHEERAN ones where Lady Gaga and Kesha deservT them.

  9. lmao i thought the grammys were last night. mess