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  1. Hey @Entea when will I get my Premium V.I.P from FOTPVision?

    1. Royalty

      Why the fuck did you post this status so many fucking tines jj3 

      Edited by Royalty
      Grammatics jj2
    2. Entea

      The thirst is real

    3. Royalty

      @Entea I wouldn't even gift it to him just because of the fucking 5 status updates like what the actual hell jj4 

  2. can i keep it. thank you god bless
  3. wtf have i won
  4. Joanne!
  5. Fifth Harmony is gonna flop so hard but whatever. #Justice4GirlGroups
  6. shame
  7. This is what Madonna did with MDNA. You got a free copy of the album with each ticket purchase
  8. Discussion

    LG probably gonna release CTC Vol.2
  9. wtf no how. i was on a HIKE
  10. omg i love victoria justice @Anitta can 5H collab?
  11. Lady Gaga- The Fame/The Fame Monster. Uggh I hate these, BTW was ok and GODPOP and HEAVENANE were like masterclass. But HEAVENANE will probalby fade away as I think I'm attracted to it more as its her newest. Ariana Grande- My Everything. Honestly dont get why people say this was her best. Dangerous Woman is miles better and tbh I dont like her frilly vocals on this record. Lana Del Ray- None shes ***flawless Mariah Carey- All her early releases before 2006
  12. Deepthroat- Cupcakke
  13. I-
  14. are you poor or smt