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  1. Do you like the Mariah ones? Which one is your fave? I would like to get one of hers but they're quite rare where I live. I do have one by Christina and one by Kylie
  2. She looks really good, i'm excited to know that she's working on new material.
  3. Hello Fighters! Sorry for the delay, here's the updated Spotify Stats for April 2021. Keeps Gettin' Better passed 10 million streams and will now be added to tracking. Some new songs, with Xtina as a featured artist, are also added (with over 10 million streams). These songs are: "El Ultimo Adios", "Castle Walls", "Nobody Wants to Be Lonely" and "Do What U Want". Top 5 Songs with most streams gained (March 10th - April 10th): Moves Like Jagger (15,317,740 streams gained) Say Something (11,739,072 streams gained) Feel This Moment (8,170,608 streams gaine
  4. April 2021 Update: No new songs were added to the tracking (only songs over 20 million streams are tracked). The next songs to reach 20 million are A No No and Through the Rain. All I Want For Christmas Is You officially fell out of her top 5 most popular songs on her Spotify front page (AIWFCIY is currently at #6) Top 3 Most Streams Gained (March 10th 2021- April 10th 2021): 1. We Belong Together (+7,014,591) 2. Fantasy (+4,965,366) 3. Always Be My Baby (+4,760,168) Song April 10th
  5. This is her best look. I feel like her personality changes when she changes her hair. Witness era, short hair Katy seemed very "off". Her black her is her signature.
  6. Are there any Brandy listeners left? What did you guys think of B7? Personally I didn´t get into it for some reason, I need to listen to it again. My fave albums are Human and Never Say Never.
  7. Busta Rhymes wrote on his Twitter account on March 17th:
  8. Time to see how many of you are fake fans who don't stream #15 - Save the Day (with Ms Lauryn Hill) #31 - Portrait #53 - Someday #58 - Fly Like a Bird #65 - Rainbow (Interlude) #72 - Do You Think of Me #78 - Vanishing #79 - You Had Your Chance #89 - The Art of Letting Go #90 - With You
  9. Grammys mean nothing anymore, so this would be the final nail in the coffin for them. Also, TikTok is just an app that is in right now, give it a few years and there will be something new.
  10. I'm actually surprised at how much TikTok influences the charts.
  11. Keep On Singin' My Song Soar Fighter Here to Stay Twice Those are not in any particular order, but those are definitely in my top 10 Christina songs of all time.