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  1. Yeah, I remember people on Instagram going wild and dragging her, saying she's a copycat when it was released so it's interesting how the topic starter thinks that no one is dragging Halsey for 'stealing from Rihanna' (and I also think that people talked about it here on the forums)
  2. Game

    I like Love but Lust for Life is a great song. I guess I'm going to choose for Lust for Life. I always love collabs between Lana and The Weeknd.
  3. The cover of the video was good enough for me to not watch the music video. I'll pass on this one.
  4. Discussion

    So just because you saw it there it means that it's true? You know, people become 'twats' because they are tired of that fake news.
  5. Single

    I think Spotify is freezing her streams again. How can she has less than 1k streams on this new bop?
  6. Single

    Now that this song slays the charts already.. Katy Perry, The Illness, new single coming soon.
  7. Single

  8. Single

    I used to be a member of Gagadaily but they are so salty and bitter that I left that shithole.
  9. Single

    people on gagadaily: gaga girl we need a new single!! pls release dancin in circles boo gaga: releases a great new single which will slay the charts more than million reasons, perfect illusion and dancin in circles people on gagadaily:
  10. Single

    Oh thank you for sharing! It looks so good.
  11. Single

    I am actually in my living room right now and watching television and at the same time I am streaming The Cure. I don't have a speaker on my computer, though. Maybe I might stream The Cure on my phone and computer.
  12. Single

    Legends supporting legends.
  13. Single

    I was actually wondering if she would release Dancing In Circles today as a radio single and when she said she worked in the studio and made new music at Coachella I was so shook, then she sang that song and I was like bitch, this is better than Dancing In Circles.
  14. Single

    You can also listen to it on Spotify!
  15. Single