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  1. Rumor

    Atleast she will perform Venus from ARTPOP.. She acted like it doesn't even exist at the SB
  2. I can't wait to see all of the new beautiful pictures.
  3. Taylor's new music is coming for them.
  4. And that's just the way it is - while Lust for Life has a few nice songs, I liked the Honeymoon (era) more and the cinematic sound.
  5. This is so funny because I actually noticed this when it was released and I was not sure.
  6. Other

    So cute. Katy should take notes.
  7. Celeb News

    ''Country'' songs.
  8. Celeb News

    I love Heroin too, I used a part of the lyrics (''rumbling from distant shores'') for my new Instagram username.
  9. Celeb News

    The snippets are amazing, I am pretty sure that this album is going to be the best.
  10. Other

    Ah, I heard that some of the singles can be really expensive. And then you have those collectors who also want the regional extras, like the Japanese version of Joanne with the work tape of Million Reasons.
  11. Other

    Same, I actually dislike remixes but it's more that I just want it for my collection. The only remix song I like from the second BTW CD is the country road version of Born This Way.
  12. Other

    So, I have been buying a lot of her albums lately but usually I tend to buy them second hand. I bought The Fame Monster for two euro, I got The Fame as a gift but it was around four euro. My mother gave me the Deluxe version of Joanne. The standard version of Born This Way was like four euro and I bought ARTPOP for six euro. The only albums I bought in a store new was Cheek to Cheek for only nine euro. Thinking about buying the Remix CD's and some other CD's but finally I got the standard CD's. I was so happy when I bought ARTPOP yesterday.
  13. Discussion

    I think she just wanted to book a dive bar show so she had a nice way of releasing her new song.
  14. Achievement

    I need a HQ video of this so I can make some gifs.