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  1. Single

    Not a fan of the new song, it feels a little bit simple but I am not really a Iggy Azalea fan, I don't like any of her music so that might explain it as well.
  2. On the question, I think there's 11 songs on the standard version and there's 15 on the deluxe version.
  3. I guess so, I think that if made an album in 2014 and still didn't release it after three years that it was just shelved indeed. I don't care much about him and his music though.
  4. Apparantly he made some music after his collaboration with Lady Gaga, he's also supposed to release his second music album but the album is still pending according to Wikipedia since 2014.
  5. I am kinda lazy to search for the answer so this time I'll let you guys do the guessing game.
  6. Congratulations Bjork and Hermoine! I was not asked for a interview but it's fine because I am not a interesting person at all.
  7. Discussion

    She never said she was gay but I think she said numerous times that she's bisexual or at least had sexual experiences with women, or was thinking about women when she was having sex with a straight man.
  8. Event

    Hello! I have a few song suggestions, If I would be the DJ at a party I would especially choose for the more upbeat songs, her Ultraviolence songs are great but usually kinda sad and I guess it's not really something cheerful for a party. So maybe songs like High By The Beach, Off to the Races and This Is What Makes Us Girls would be great. You could maybe also choose for Music To Watch Boys To, Freak and Art Deco. Anyway, I'm not really a professional in that kind of stuff but I hope you'll have a great time!
  9. Discussion

    Same, I always thought that sexuality was supposed to be something that you are born with and I think that sometimes people saying that they can change their sexuality is kinda harmful to the gay community because then ignorant parents or others will think that one can actually change their sexuality and demand that their gay son changes his sexuality. So I agree with you, especially on the last sentence.
  10. Hey, I just saw I got tagged in this topic. Hopefully everyone is doing alright today! Looking forward to see who will make it as well.
  11. Discussion

    Well, lately there has been discussions going on about her sexuality and some people were already skeptical about her being bisexual or not. This is a little bit of a vague situation, because she isn't a gay woman indeed but with this did she say with this that she isn't bisexual too? I remember watching video's of her and hearing her say that she is bisexual or at least had sexual experiences with women. Well, I don't know or care about it. It's her life and her sexuality, I just hope that she's happy.
  12. Album

    There are only two thousand limited edition copies available and the online website states that you can pre order it, I am not sure if you could pick it up at a store after you pre ordered it, but if you really want the pink vinyl, I think you should be quick and see if they still have a few over. These gems might become collectors pieces in the future because it's limited edition and a colored vinyl and I think a lot of people want the pink vinyl too.. Maybe too much people already pre ordered the vinyl so you should definitely check that out as soon as possible then.
  13. Discussion

    My least favorite song from Joanne is Angel Down but I don't really hate the song though. I prefer the work tapes over the original version. I used to dislike Dancing In Circles and Sinner's Prayer too but now I actually like those songs.
  14. Discussion

    I don't think it's necessarily a bad thing, If you work so much with people, and you are a likeable person like Gaga then you will end up becoming friends with each other anyway. But if she needs better people, for example a makeup artist because her current one isn't that great then she should definitely do that business wise but I could imagine that letting someone go that worked so long for you already, and is a loyal employee can be very hard.