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  1. Miss Movin' On


    Love this album so much Thanks for a "Yours Truly" part 2 xoxo
  2. Miss Movin' On


    Why does she have something around her left hand... ? What is it?
  3. Miss Movin' On


  4. Miss Movin' On

    "Reunion" in the works Billboard - Danity Kane Members Announce DK3 Reunion Tour
  5. Miss Movin' On

    This product is only available for customers in the U.S. From sourced website above
  6. Miss Movin' On

    Bop To Loren Gray's Debut Single "My Story" And Watch The Lyric Video My Story by Loren Gray My Story (Lyric Video) ℗ 2018 UMG Recordings, Inc.
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    Embargo is UMG protecting their content
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    Release Date: October 5th on Fueled by Ramen
  9. Miss Movin' On

    Celeb News

    Official Track list now out -
  10. Miss Movin' On


    Do you see the part that says "bock order" in the image that you posted? - back order means out of stock as they didn't have it yet The updated release date is August 17th now Sorry was quoting SWINΞ
  11. Miss Movin' On


    Yes, correct. On streaming platforms, etc.
  12. Miss Movin' On


    the 17th is when the physicals are being released. wdym?
  13. Miss Movin' On


    You were lied to. Sorry.
  14. Miss Movin' On


    No one was right or wrong. The artist herself basically went on Beats1 to do her own roll out. You were shown a retailer website in your country where it says August 17th. Clear as day.
  15. Miss Movin' On


    Amazon doesn't have them yet. Mentioned this earlier. The release date is August 17th for the physical discs.