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  1. Miss Movin' On


    save up those bottle can returns...
  2. Miss Movin' On


    Hmmm? Checked on amazoLOLon the other day and not there yet.
  3. Miss Movin' On


    Someone at Melanie Martinez Fandom thinks the K-12 album is "Hip Hop" Ya, k...
  4. Miss Movin' On


    Countries outside the US will have the book versions too? We had the magazines all over the world in 2017, so probably so, right?
  5. The TS team can hear you you should be hired as their new designer
  6. Taylor Swift - Lover / Target 4 Deluxe Editions - Includes Journal, Lyric Book and 2 Bonus Track (Memos) [[USA]]
  7. Miss Movin' On


    Waiting for the vinyl a year later
  8. Katy Perry in 2010 says hi....
  9. looks like "Teenage Dream" backdrop with the clouds Sorry not sorry
  10. Miss Movin' On


    LOL it will probably be some EP...
  11. Most likely it will release worldwide at the same time
  12. Miss Movin' On


    Writing a message just to confirm that the January 25th, 2019 album release date been cancelled. Apple Music has removed the album listing from their website as of January 6th, 2019. There is currently no confirmed release date for the "Treat Myself" album at this time.
  13. Miss Movin' On


    Love this album so much Thanks for a "Yours Truly" part 2 xoxo