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  1. Miss Movin' On


    Where, on itunes? That is not reliable. Amazon, Target, etc had listing for September 18th since about a month ago.
  2. Miss Movin' On


    After several delays the album is set to be released on September 18, 2020
  3. Miss Movin' On


    New song "Soldiers" released today on September 16, 2020 Not sure if she is still signed with Columbia Listen here: Rachel Platten - Soldiers (Official Audio) (YouTube)
  4. Miss Movin' On

    Music Video

    a bop
  5. How do they break down the users that "paid" for the album and those "listened" by some "spotify family account" and those that "listened" by their own "paid" streaming account?
  6. Nelly Furtado says hi
  7. check your spam folder?
  8. Indie & Alternative - Alternative Rock Why sis?
  9. Miss Movin' On


    Here for SMILE What's a folklore? Don't know her anymore
  10. It should be okay now. Try it again.
  11. sorry. i forgot to log-in to spotify first. lol but it's there
  12. It's not on spotify?.... wow
  13. Miss Movin' On


    It's September 18th