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  1. I don’t really understand when this ep is coming out but hopefully X tells us when Santo is out lol
  2. I've actually never heard of Ozuna either but I know Christina likes to collaborate with non-mainstream artists so I'm excited!
  3. I know right! I'm hoping it's a look she keeps for the music videos because those braids together with this beat will SHAKE me up
  4. OMFG finally I hope this EP brings more new songs than we think omg
  5. The leaked demo was ABSOLUTE FIRE I can't wait for the final product omgggg Also I am absolutely SHAKING at her looks on that cover WOOOOF
  6. Thanks for the offer but after last season’s ROBBERY of Bionic I’m gonna have to sit this one out
  7. DO YOUR THING But I'm a little scared for what she'll do next I'm not gonna lie
  8. Looking gorgeous but not them having her say "sus"
  9. She does say “we have an album” I don’t know but at least SOMETHING IS COMING THIS MONTH
  10. Live. However some performances can be really cool if you pre-record it and do it right. But I don't wanna feel like I'm watching a music video lol
  11. 1. La Fuerza (De Mi Corazón) 2. Pa Mis Muchachas (feat. Becky G, NICKI NICOLE & Nathy Peluso) 3. Somos Nada 4. Santo Santo (feat. Sofia Reyes) 5. Lolita (feat. Jarina De Marco & Kat Dahlia) This is a rumored tracklist...... I hope it's not true because that means EVERY single song (expect one) leaked ahead of release