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  1. Not the upcoming one but maybe the one after that??
  2. Maybe. But I think that's common for a lot of albums and artists tbh. Ask people what songs are on Emancipation of Mimi and they will say We Belong Together, Stripped and they will say Beautiful or Dirrty, etc etc.
  3. What Discord is this? I feel so left out
  4. It's an amazing album and Born This Way is far from the best track
  5. Who digs up a random thread from 8 years ago like this?
  6. Better Mistakes - Bebe Rexha Dom ska veta - Molly Sandén Bionic - Christina Aguilera (always)
  7. Did Azerbaijan, Russia or Israel break any competition rules? No. Therefore, they should not be suspended.
  8. Moldova deserved a bit better. ISRAEL DESERVED TOP 3 OKAY. So glad Serbia made top 10 lololol QUEENS Cyprus so overhyped if you ask me. Malta should have won. The top three is questionable as fuck.... Why would Italy win lmfaooooo?
  9. Euphoria Rise Like A Phoenix 1944 Heroes Only Teardrops Toy Arcade Satellite Running Scared Amar pelos dois
  10. I don't think this necessarily means there won't be new music out....