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  1. Look what happened to Christina I do think they'll both do well though
  2. Bionic got restocked but is now sold out again
  3. True but EA honestly don't deserve any more of my gard earned pennies lol
  4. True maybe I just wanted this to be from the new album because I want it to be a mix of Spanish and English lol
  5. I like the fact they collaborated with CC creators. A great idea and a way better celebraion than the 20th anniversary Can't make my mind up on where I stand on the new "kits" potentially coming out though... Thirsty for new content but... eh?
  6. My Bionic vinyl is expected to ship in like mid-March wth
  7. Hmmmmm... I'm still unsure. Yeah it makes sense with her vocal condition but why would she have a random Spanglish song on Liberation? It worked for Desnudate on Bionic but that was different you know.
  8. But yeah the instrumental is too similiar to Cardi
  9. Oh my GOD This could be such a BOP with a few tweaks - love the whole "spanglish" thing omg so excited for this album now!