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  1. StrippedX

    Maybe I'm ready to make a comeback
  2. StrippedX


    No particular order This is so hard... killing my darlings Still Dirrty Welcome Bionic You Lost Me Stronger Than Ever Genie In A Bottle Maria Fall In Line Deserve Unless It's With You Your Body Blank Page Fighter Impossible The Voice Within
  3. Inspired by a thread in the Katy section I will be back with mine as this will take some time kii
  4. StrippedX


    In no particular order: The One That Got Away Peacock Last Friday Night Thinking Of You Never Really Over Firework E.T. It Takes Two Save As Draft Roulette I Kissed A Girl Swish Swish Chained To The Rhythm Circle The Drain Dark Horse
  5. StrippedX

    Christina SERVED the gays when she hired Gilbert lbh
  6. Excuse me this is one of her BEST songs ever
  7. PERFECT GORGEOUS AMAZING The setlist is amazing, I just wish she would do songs like Vanity and Express in full but it's ok! At least she acknowledges them I wonder if this will be the show for The X Tour as well
  8. StrippedX


    UMM OKAY CHRISTINA BITCH SERVE SDBKJSHBDGSD I don't know a more beautiful woman https://galoremag.com/christina-aguilera-is-getting-back-to-her-roots/
  9. B2B. Sorry I don't make the rules
  10. StrippedX


    Christina Aguilera - Stripped Christina Aguilera - Bionic Christina Aguilera - Back To Basics Beyoncé - Beyoncé Beyoncé - B'Day Demi Lovato - Confident Lady Gaga - The Fame Monster Lady Gaga - Born This Way Lady Gaga - ARTPOP Lana Del Rey - Born To Die Little Mix - Glory Days Marina and the Diamonds - Electra Heart Rihanna - Talk That Talk I'm sure I'm forgetting many but
  11. I'm expecting something huge tbh... I think she did great with Liberation Tour and this is obviously gonna be even better What if she released Wonderland before? Or like... a minialbum or something I
  12. StrippedX


    I really liked Medellín and I tried making myself like the other songs but
  13. StrippedX


    Is anyone else going to the first date in London? I'm going by myself but I am so damn excited
  14. StrippedX


    I’m sure she’s been rehearsing for a while already