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  1. StrippedX

    He has BOPS though
  2. StrippedX

    Lowkey Lotus but it still got bops and great ballads so I guess not
  3. Everything did great except Denver?
  4. Really excited Even though it'll be Beautiful and/or Fall in Line
  5. StrippedX

    The National Manthem - 16 Woman Like Me (feat. Nicki Minaj) - 24 Think About Us - 18 Monster in Me - 24 Joan of Arc - 28 Love a Girl Right - 20 American Boy - 20 Told You So - 44 Wasabi - 22 More Than Words (feat. Kamille) - 24 Motivate - 22 Notice - 20 The Cure - 20 Forget You Not - 26 Woman's World - 20 Only You (with Cheat Codes) - 20
  6. StrippedX

    Forget You Not, Wasabi and Notice.
  7. StrippedX


    YAS queen i hope its in English but I think it’ll be Spanish tbh
  8. StrippedX


    I'm only halfway in and this album is already IT
  9. StrippedX

    WELL OKAY SIS SNAPPEDT I'm a bit confused why they decided to go with the singles they did... but whatever. My faves are: Caution, The Distance, Giving Me Life, A No No and With You.
  10. StrippedX


    She really just dropped this without a chorus and moved on
  11. StrippedX


    I'm so excited... however, I wish we got more new songs I got tickets for her tour
  12. StrippedX

    Add me pls @Caution
  13. StrippedX


    I am so excited for this they're really coming in two weeks
  14. It BOPS and is expected to go #1 next week!