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  1. StrippedX


    So your basically just bothered that Christina writes/sings songs about loving yourself and spreading a positive message while just living her life, filling her lips because she wants to?
  2. They could be the songs she's planning to include in the CA 20th edition
  3. StrippedX


    Just seems like wasted energy tbh
  4. Kimono Girl, Wonderland and So What You Got
  5. StrippedX


    There's nothing wrong with getting plastic surgery if you can afford it and if it's something you actually want
  6. 1. Dirrty 2. Not Myself Tonight 3. Pipe 4. Genie In A Bottle 5. Reflection 6. Maria 7. Can't Hold Us Down 8. Sick of Sittin' 9. The Voice Within 10. Bionic 11. Elastic Love / Monday Morning / Woohoo 12. Keeps Gettin' Better 13. You Lost Me 14. Say Something 15. This Is A Man's World 16. Fall In Line 17. Ain't No Other Man 18. Express 19. Candyman 20. Right Moves 21. Unless It's With You 22. Fighter 23. Beautiful
  7. StrippedX


    I hope she changes the setlist a little for UK leg
  8. StrippedX


    I wish she would release the original Bionic concept
  9. StrippedX


    Also that Spanish album will NEVER see the light of day
  10. StrippedX


    A messy answer lbr
  11. StrippedX


    Um. Why can't yall just let her live? Damn.
  12. StrippedX

    I'm so happy she's experimenting with her vocals like this again
  13. StrippedX

    Maybe I'm ready to make a comeback
  14. StrippedX


    No particular order This is so hard... killing my darlings Still Dirrty Welcome Bionic You Lost Me Stronger Than Ever Genie In A Bottle Maria Fall In Line Deserve Unless It's With You Your Body Blank Page Fighter Impossible The Voice Within