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  1. StrippedX


    I’m really hoping she recovers until then omg she did say she was almost better though!!!
  2. StrippedX

    Celeb News

    SUCH a great interview I love her
  3. StrippedX

    Celeb News

    Again, she’s being ASKED about it lol. Check your receipts darling
  4. StrippedX

    Celeb News

    She got ASKED about Britney... she's never talked about Britney when not asked about her or the Mickey Mouse Club lol. I doubt Christina cares too much about Britney... but she's giving the interviewers what they want lol
  5. 10 minute interview about Summer Rain again
  6. We stan a QUEEN with POWER to sell out 10k ARENAS 20 years in to her career
  7. StrippedX


    I'll Never Love Again Always Remember Us This Way Look What I Found / Is That Alright? I can't choose only 3
  8. This soundtrack is SO good I can't wait to see the movie this weekend
  9. Maybe she'll snap the tour has been selling very well the last couple of days
  10. I'm nervous for Pepsi Center or whatever it's called. It has a capacity of 18,000
  11. StrippedX

    I said what I said... who else? Who does?
  12. StrippedX

    Did you look any videos up from the tour?
  13. StrippedX

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