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  1. Same here. I miss the 3+ minute songs with a proper bridge and while we’re nostalgic I also miss the old album roll outs in pop general
  2. Wanted to create a new forum game but it's kind of like... moo3 is anyone here.

  3. It’s so cute. It bothers me that it doesn’t have a second verse though
  4. What album should I go for next?
  5. Tension took me down the rabbit hole discovering her previous albums. Currently on Fever. It's such a good album???
  6. I hope she experiments tbh. She’s not gonna reach mainstream numbers anyway so she might as well give us something new and fresh
  7. Well good. Why anyone would even throw something at a performer in the first place is beyond me
  8. All these country artists topping charts and nobody outside of the US knows who they are
  9. Bebe ate on some of her new songs so let's not go there
  10. It's alright! A bit dissapointed ngl