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  1. Can't wait to do this! 2010. What a moment in history. A moment that is most special to me.
  2. StrippedX


    SOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I went to London by MYSELF - went to Christina's show (the first one) BY MYSELF and let me tell you guys This is, without a doubt, the BEST show I've ever been to in my life and I've been to MANY Of course I'm a bit biased as I was seeing my IDOL for the first time ever but I don't care at all. I had a GREAT view and it was located so I could see her BEHIND the stage. When the lights were starting to go down I could see her in her lit up outfit walking towards her throne and my heart EXPLODED. Then the Bionic intro started and I started crying I was standing the entire show and so were the people around me. I was SCREAMING along to the songs and she was SO fucking GOOD. It was a whole dream come true honestly. One of the best experiences of my life.
  3. StrippedX

    I'm so happy she's experimenting with her vocals like this again
  4. StrippedX

    Christina SERVED the gays when she hired Gilbert lbh
  5. Christina Aguilera - Stripped Christina Aguilera - Bionic Christina Aguilera - Back To Basics Beyoncé - Beyoncé Beyoncé - B'Day Demi Lovato - Confident Lady Gaga - The Fame Monster Lady Gaga - Born This Way Lady Gaga - ARTPOP Lana Del Rey - Born To Die Little Mix - Glory Days Marina and the Diamonds - Electra Heart Rihanna - Talk That Talk I'm sure I'm forgetting many but
  6. StrippedX


    Good luck hun
  7. StrippedX


    Hi queen I'm GOOD! I'm doing this internship for work right now to get promoted and it's so much fun! How are you!?
  8. StrippedX


    HI GUYS I've been off this site for so long I can't believe. I've had so much going on - good stuff though! I've kinda missed this tbh... How are yall?
  9. StrippedX

    He has BOPS though
  10. StrippedX

    Lowkey Lotus but it still got bops and great ballads so I guess not
  11. StrippedX

    Obviously Christina but love them both
  12. StrippedX

    To me, it has a bit of fillers but it has far more great tracks than the two singles...
  13. StrippedX


    Grammy submissions?