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  1. Will be sending my rankings in today I'll rate the SONGS and the performances - so no politics involved.
  2. Because the song is literally shite
  3. Her giving cringe interviews saying she wanna be Bangerz era Miley for the new generation ruined what little potential it had lol
  4. 1. Kristina 2. Entea 3. Shego 4. Max 5. StrippedX
  5. Must say it's her best album since thank u, next
  6. JUSTICE FOR TOTGA!!! Well if I’m officially eliminated I’ll just say thanks for a great season where I was pretty mid all season long but it was fun as always!
  7. When I think of a POP song anything from Teenage Dream is the EPITOME okay but do y’all even know how bad I wish I didn’t get POP
  8. Vivir Mi Vida: The way this us actually a great song Haven’t thought about it for a long time but it makes me so happy lol. Lady - Hear Me Tonight: Omg another one I haven’t thought about in a WHILE whew. Not the obvious house track and I think that’s why I like it lol. Smile: It’s somewhat of a classic I guess. And it does have some reggae vibes to it. It’s alright. The Lady Is A Tramp: Its jazz alright! I do think there are way better jazz songs out there but it’s okay. Not the best not the worst. Lost: This is new for me. I really like it whewww. Such
  9. Sent my submission and let’s just say I hope y’all have taste
  10. I'm so excited for Act 2 it's like this woman can't go wrong lately