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  1. Song of the century incoming
  2. Shawn sounds so natural and non autotuned
  3. a Marah/Madonna collab?
  4. Event

    I own the Music CD single
  5. Celeb News

    if he found love, we all can
  6. But these kids were supposedly dirty, malnourished someone would have been like why r these kids looking unhealthy, i mean they even took trips to Disneyland and Vegas, no one thought the kids were off? According to the report the kids were home schooled but were never really schooled so they have barely any education, no toys, no tv, no phones, no internet, completely cut out of society The doc said there were brand new unused toys hidden as a torture device for the young ones, like they bought them toys but werent allowed to play with them. It even says their 2 maltese dogs were better fed than their own children.
  7. Who says u have to stop making music because u made enough albums. Prince made music well after loss of interest. Do people even listen to his music after the 80s? In his life Prince released 39 studio albums: For You (1978) Prince (1979) Dirty Mind (1980) Controversy (1981) 1999 (1982) Purple Rain (1984) Around the World in a Day (1985) Parade (1986) Sign o' the Times (1987) Lovesexy (1988) Batman (1989) Graffiti Bridge (1990) Diamonds and Pearls (1991) (Love Symbol Album) (1992) Come (1994) The Black Album (1994) The Gold Experience (1995) Chaos and Disorder (1996) Emancipation (1996) Crystal Ball (1998) The Truth (1998) The Vault: Old Friends 4 Sale (1999) Rave Un2 the Joy Fantastic (1999) The Rainbow Children (2001) One Nite Alone... (2002) Xpectation (2003) N·E·W·S (2003) Musicology (2004) The Chocolate Invasion (2004) The Slaughterhouse (2004) 3121 (2006) Planet Earth (2007) Lotusflow3r (2009) MPLSound (2009) 20Ten (2010) Plectrumelectrum (2014) Art Official Age (2014) HITnRUN Phase One (2015) HITnRUN Phase Two (2015)
  8. Many older artists continue making music for years and years
  9. 1 hit?
  10. anyones career can be salvaged after lackluster era's I mean Madonna came back from AL flopping, Mariah came back after 2-3 flop eras with EOM, so Gaga is totally capable of having a hit if she plays her cards right. Just have to wait an see. Even if she never gets anther hit, I wouldn't care, cause after all the music is what counts, not sales or relevance.
  11. not if Maonna released MDNO 2.0
  12. Rebecca Black over Britney Someone give him help asap
  13. We come down to Brit vs Rih? The madness never ends They are both good at what they do. This silly feuding is so silly cause everyone will defend their faves. You are all talking to walls.
  14. I hope no one submits the country I am vying for