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  1. When I listen to Rare (album)


  2. New Dedicated Outtakes leaked and "Can We Again" is so good. Why is she choosing the worst songs for Side B this time?
  3. Circus, FF and BJ probably not so much but Glory she enjoyed. At least she doesn't hate her albums unlike some other singers.
  4. That makes sense. Could that be a secret reason she releases B Side Albums to get out of her contract?
  5. I thought the GP wasn't here for her. After IRLY flopped they gave up and didn't promoted RAWM.
  6. WTF is that?


  7. Sh teased snippets on her Instagram Stories. I hope new music actually comes out soon.
  8. Yes. She did this for her whole life. After some time (years) she will go back and record songs. Look at Nelly Furtado who retired in 2017 but is now doing music again. The thing is when will we hear these songs?