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  1. <span style='color:#'>LeaHeartBroken</span>

    Which "Sober" is better?

    Demi Lovato: or Selena Gomez:
  2. Happy Tree Friends: Still Alive is trash trash1

    No blood, no pain, no dead trash1 Girl bye trash1

  3. <span style='color:#'>LeaHeartBroken</span>

    Duffy - Endlessly

    Sadly I can't listen to it anymore. She or her lable removed it from Spotify. I think it has a reason why it's not on Spotify. I wasn't a huge success for her.
  4. <span style='color:#'>LeaHeartBroken</span>

    Discussion Rank Gaga's album openers!

    1. Diamond Heart 2. Marry The Night 3. Bad Romance 4. Aura 5, Just Dance
  5. <span style='color:#'>LeaHeartBroken</span>

    Event Lorde to be a guest tonight at Rep Tour in Wembley?

    Please and they better perform Green Light or a Pure Heroine song
  6. <span style='color:#'>LeaHeartBroken</span>

    Game Rank Cannibal

    Sorry, I was blinded by my new avi
  7. <span style='color:#'>LeaHeartBroken</span>

    Single Demi Lovato | Sober | June 21, 2018

    WHAT? Now I'm excited to hear this. TMYLM 2.0 is coming
  8. <span style='color:#'>LeaHeartBroken</span>

    Game Rank Cannibal

    1. Animal (Remix) 2. The Harold Song 3. Sleazy 4. Crazy Beautiful Life 5. Cannibal 6. We R Who We R 7. C U Next Tuesday 8. Grow A Pear 9. Blow
  9. <span style='color:#'>LeaHeartBroken</span>

    Single Demi Lovato | Sober | June 21, 2018

    The "I'm So Sorry, I'm Not Sober" part reminds me of "Baby I'm Sorry, I'm Nor Sorry" This sounds like a cute TMYLM outtake. I see a re-release of this album.
  10. The light is coming to give back everything the darkness stole iggy1

    1. Chris Morlock

      her best song yas2 

  11. <span style='color:#'>LeaHeartBroken</span>

    Discussion Rank Joanne

    1. Joanne 2. Million Reasons 3. Angel Down 4. Perfect Illusion 5. Siner's Prayer 6. Hey Girl 7. Girgio Girls 8. Diamond Heart 9. Dancin' In Circles 10. John Wayne 11. A-YO 12. Just Another Day 13. Come To Mama
  12. <span style='color:#'>LeaHeartBroken</span>

    Discussion Why Fearless is her best album

  13. <span style='color:#'>LeaHeartBroken</span>

    Single Demi Lovato | Sober | June 21, 2018

    Great Artwork but it's not available