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  1. Right Where You Left Me Coney Island Sad Beautiful Tragic The Last Time Better Man
  2. 1. You Da One 2. Where Have You Been 3. We Found Love 4. We All Want Love 5. Cockiness (Love It) 6. Birthday Cake (Full Solo Version) 7. Watch N Learn 8. Fool In Love
  3. Just Dance vs Disco Heaven Bad Romance vs Teeth Marry The Night vs The Edge of Glory Aura vs Applause Diamond Heart vs Angel Down Alice vs Babylon
  4. Since Red (TV) is basically a 2012 album I have to go with Alicia Keys - Keys
  5. 1 month and it comes back after the album is out.
  6. No, it will be her most punk rock album. I would say HAW was alternative while AL has some alternative songs on it. GL wasn't really pop except 5 songs.
  7. Text Book vs. Cruel World Blue Banisters vs. Ultraviolence Arcadia vs. Shades of Cool Black Bathing Suit vs. Brooklyn Baby If You Lie Down wit Me vs. West Coast Beautiful vs. Sad Girl Violets for Roses vs. Pretty When You Cry Dealer vs. Money Power Glory Thunder vs. Fucked My Way Up to the Top Wildflower Wildfire vs. Old Money Nectar for the Gods vs. The Other Woman Living Legend vs. Black Beauty Cherry Blossom vs. Guns and Roses Sweet Carolina vs. Florida Kilos 7 vs 7
  8. I'm ready to be a mess on a party tay3bey5