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  1. It's her first summer album!
  2. LeaHeartBroken

    This is crazy.
  3. LeaHeartBroken


    But why is BTD still there and will more albums disappear?
  4. From crying my eyes out cry5 to dancing my ass off demi1

  5. LeaHeartBroken


    1. Into Me You See 2. Save As Draft 3. Miss You More 4. Deja Vu 5. Witness
  6. LeaHeartBroken


    Only the 12 BTD songs and Ride are white for me the rest is dark grey.
  7. 1. One

    2. Two

    3. Three, We were born to die

    The choice is yours.

  8. On Spotify and Deezer in Germany her Paradise (EP) is not available. It only has Born To Die as a stand alone album. Why is that?
  9. No, I hate Rap and Hip Hop.
  10. I go everyday without it
    All I want is real, real love
    And I've been feeling weak without it
    Only want a real, real love

  11. LeaHeartBroken

    @I Brings That Levity why put Sia and Cyndi in the poll if you don't mean them?
  12. LeaHeartBroken


    Bloodline by Ariana Grande You've Changed by Sia Blaze by Colbie Caillat 22 by Taylor Swift Smile by Avril Lavigne Friday Night by Lily Allen
  13. LeaHeartBroken