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  1. What hits are there? Not Myself Tonight and? She barely released albums and had no hits in these 10 years.
  2. Demi being a mess again


  3. Demi should promote her album instead. Imagine to be upset about cookies that some people eat. If you don't like diet things anymore just ignore it or expose these products as fake.
  4. You know she can't re-record reputation until November 2022?
  5. I still think 1989 in the summer and maybe Speak Now or Red in autumn. Maybe she is really recording Speak Now since she is done with 1989.
  6. head straight into the re-recording process It would've been September or October if Lover Fest ended and Cruel Summer as a single in June 2020.
  7. 1. Trouble 2. Delirium 3. Hooker 4. Last To Know 5. Oh My God 6. Catch Me While I'm Sleeping 7. Humble Neighborhood 8. Save My Life 9. Try Too Hard 10. Waiting For Love 11. Free 12. Love Song
  8. I don't see this song goes well with Hawaii and beach and sun.
  9. Say you'll remember me Standing in a nice dress Staring at the sunset babe
  10. 1. Don't You 2. Mr Perfectly Fine 3. Bye Bye Baby 4. You All Over Me 5. That's When 6. We Were Happy
  11. That's so sad. I hope this gives her enough to write more songs and finally release another album.
  12. Mess at this happening when I sleep. I guess I won't do these kind of games no more.
  13. You Belong With Me second verse and most of Tell Me Why
  14. I think all re-recordings will do big numbers since all want the vault songs.
  15. Don't You and Mr. Perfectly Fine are the best vault songs.