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  1. HeavyMetalAlli


    she is so cute here beys insta is seriously becoming my favourite, the way her photos are presented are just so awesome
  2. HeavyMetalAlli


    truely this year was a great one for gaga, i think on top of everything everybody has already said, we also got closer to her than we ever have before. this year she was more open about her past, her condition and everything really, it was so refreshing to watch 5Ft2 and understanding how she has changed as an artist. for me some highlights were the tiffany commercial, John Wayne Video, Super Bowl (obv), Gaga on RPDR, Coachella, Five Foot Two, and the grammy noms are just the best way to end the year also this year was the best because Joanne and ARTPOP where both certified platinum
  3. i am so ready for her to kill me with this performance
  4. HeavyMetalAlli

    Celeb News

    interesting, so i wonder what lemonade songs where originally intended for the joint album, same on 4:44, but also the fact that there is leftover material has me shook to the core
  5. HeavyMetalAlli


    she is such a sweetheart, and i love that she is a brining light to emotional recovery, which is something we as humans often overlook in each other
  6. HeavyMetalAlli


    tbh i usually love beys merch but idk if i would touch this
  7. HeavyMetalAlli


    im hoping that he actually knows something about plans for a 2018 release and is not just assuming something because they are in the studio together
  8. HeavyMetalAlli


    thanks boo so is yours
  9. HeavyMetalAlli


    wow. maybe i should have twins but honestly props to her, she deserves every cent, the formation world tour is legendary
  10. HeavyMetalAlli


    not bad, i gave up collecting gaga cds for awhile cuz there are so many i just got over whelmed
  11. im excited old bey music better than no bey music
  12. HeavyMetalAlli


    im dead, this wig has been giving me asthma
  13. HeavyMetalAlli


    im shook, we seriously know nothing about this tour and she is giving us snippets with numbers on cars, JUST PUT ME OUT OF MY MISERY
  14. cannot wait! its been a while since the single came out, been waiting on this