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  1. I remember years ago I got dragged into oblivion for every Halsey post I made. Now everyone stanning her!
  2. Not y’all doing this lil games about albanian singers without the only albanian in this forum.
  3. I have the Riri forehead and I wouldn’t trade it. My bf loves it.
  4. Leave her alone its her money and she isn’t Mother Theresa. On top of that she helped reaching the found goal and also donated.
  5. Ganesha is the God of Success and she is Successful so let her be.
  6. I hate wasted potential. this trio had so much hype why not do an original song to begin with. I just can’t stand remixes.
  7. I feel like she should just stop milking the attention that she got from this song. Its kind of ironic how she always tried so hard to separate herself from that image but clings to it now for clout. We’ve seen the four show appearance, we’ve seen the tik toks, also the interviews. She told the story so many times and its not even that deep.
  8. I barely ever listen to Madonna, but Rebel Heart (song) and Joan of Arc are 2 Songs I Love. So imma go with RH>>
  9. This is extremely saddening. But I’m glad he's okay. As someone who wants to marry their Partner and live with them this is what scares me the most. It makes me uncomfortable just thinking that people around us will find out we’re gay and we might not be able to live a normal life or even have kids.