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  1. Adrain

    Music Video

    Can you please send it to me? I didn’t really catch it while it was still up. I’ve been waiting for Kesha’s comeback, too. Thanks!
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    Thank you for that! I guess, my link to a downloadable content has already been deleted. I’ll refrain from doing so again.
  3. Adrain


    I don’t know if this is already spread to this forum, but her leaked snippets for Witness, has just been leaked. Sorry, if y’all already know about this outside the forum, but hey! » Witness -LEAKED-.7z « (I am also sorry if a forum user like is not able to post any type of link that leads outside the forum, but this is for sure related to Katy’s fourth studio album. Really!
  4. Adrain


    So that’s what you meant. Yeah, but I hope she also uploads this album’s sampler like she did on PRISM. The sampler is uploaded on YouTube by her in her personal channel. But we all will still buy the album, nonetheless.
  5. Adrain


    First off, we all know the demo version of “Witness” was leaked last year. “Tsunami” or what the fans have previously name it, “Don’t Be Scared [to Die/Dive]” has two snippets. And “Pendulum” has already three snippets that she posted on Instagram. Are you sure you haven’t listened to any of the snippets? Or are you referring to snippets that we haven’t heard yet? Cos you don’t know what you’re missing out here.
  6. This song is similar to “Dark Horse”. The part from this song starting from the line I don’t need a dozen roses… is the similar to the line So you wanna play with magic…, and they have the same rhythm, too. Same to the moments of repetition, Are you ready for, ready for and You gotta beg for it, beg for it. In the final part of the background vocals are also in the same moment — Are you ready, ready for (ready for) and You gotta beg for it, beg for it (beg for it). Don’t forget, “Black Widow”, is also similar to these two songs.
  7. I could hear Katy singing the last word in each sentence in Ari’s part. And in Nicki’s second rap, I could also hear her humming “ha!” in a strong tone, though, difficult to hear.