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  1. <span style='color:#'>Mando</span> has posted a new status update

  2. About to unstan Miss Taylor if she doesn't release Reputation on spotify anytime soon. wendy4

  3. My sisters birthday party is tomorrow wendy4 Wish me luck. 

    1. Princess Aurora

      My Birthday is Today moo1 

    2. Mando

      OMG Happy late birthday legend

    3. Princess Aurora

      Thank you and I hope your sister's birthday party went well 

  4. How is everyone doing today? (No, seriously). gaga12

    1. Driven

      I'm alright, thank you for asking.:)

  5. I STAN


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    2. Jake

      I LOVE Kim Petras omfg giveup1 Queen has served 4/4 bops so far. Need an album ASAP

    3. Mando

      OMG AGREED. I cant wait for KP1! sia2

    4. Kyoteki


  6. I’m just... brit9

    1. Chris Morlock

      Buy reputation by Taylor Swift via zippyshare, google drive, etc... kesha1 

  7. I have to wait another week just to listen to RePUTAtion on Spotify.


    1. Javi

      Just buy the album jj2 

    2. Mando

      I totally would, but I'm saving to move out and get my own apartment gurl. gaycat1

    3. SWINΞ

      You know it’ll “leak” soon

  8. Why do talentless, average looking twins with a big sm following exist?

  9. Thank god miss Dannii got a graphic designer for galaxy. Her last single cover looked awful.  

  10. EXcUSe mE, wHEre ArE YoU fROM?? cHaNnel oNE?? kylie2

  11. I got my boyfriend obsessed with “Move” by Little Mix and “Change Your Mind (No Seas Cortes)” by Brinty. 


    1. Chris Morlock



    2. Mando

      I’m not a miracle worker sweetie. 

  12. cry1cry1cry1cry1cry1cry1cry1cry1cry1cry1cry1cry1

    1. Joan Rivers

      Vanessa + Ashley had it in them to become princesses of pop but they never did I cannot they had so many bops cry9 

    2. Mando

      I know right. ny10 Be Good To Me by Ashley was my absolute fave.

    3. Joan Rivers

      yasss omg