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  1. I have no idea. I tried looking for it everywhere last week.
  2. This could be the last one! If they don't drop it tonight...
  3. 1. It all stared with this tweet. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. He quoted the wrong tweet here 8.
  4. Mando here

    F-eye-eye-eyen. You're gonna be f-eye-eye-eyen ari9

    1. Hylia

      Her best 10s song!

  5. Mando here

    I mean... If you wanna stay messy... moo5


  6. Mando here

    Are Becky Hill and Dua Lipa not the same person? lol3

    1. H.O.N.E.Y

      I didn't know her before and when I saw her pic I thought u were blind or smthn rip3 


      But yeah when I heard a song I totally hear it. #SonicDoppleganger aretha1

  7. Mando here

    God is a womfn gaycat1

  8. Mando here

    Interested in joining the Popfection team? Check out the article below! kylie1


  9. Mando


    I agree. As much as I love Dua, a Lana Bond theme would be way more Iconic. I guess we're stuck with a Disney Cover. Plus they're probs bias bc she's from the UK like Adele and (I'm assuming) a bunch of other artists before them.
  10. Mando here

    God is a woman. mj1

  11. Mando here

    I really miss Coverlandia.net, I'd love to contact them and help them but all of their sm is practically inactive. Part of me wants to create my own? Would anyone want to help me with either?