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  1. you vote here bb
  2. here

    If high res images don't turn you on then you can't call yourself a designer.

  4. here

    Yes ma'am I'll take that dollar...

  5. here

    Collextion II is better than Witness. But you already knew that.

    1. barbiej33p

      Tea kylie1 

      Yall can't even spell Collxtion II! 


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    I could cry rn but feelings are for ugly people. gaga12

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    Everyone on here is so nice.  cry3

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    2. Entea

      @Royale is bullying me, send help alex1

    3. Cosmic

      3 minutes ago, Entea said:

      @Royale is bulling me, send help alex1

      what's bulling

    4. Entea

      @Cosmic it's a lowkey version of bullying jj2

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  9. Hello everyone who stans legendary talent, I was keep looking all over Youtube and I can't find the "official" way to dance the Loco-Motion. All the ones I've come across are completely different and the music video, the Dancing With The Stars performance (celebrating her 25 years of music) doesn't help either. Please help like that if I come across the song at a party or something, I can teach everyone the RIGHT way. Thanks!
  10. Discussion

    I absolutely love that song, but I've listened to GOMW a ton more.
  11. Discussion

    Kinda brave for me to post this w/o getting dragged but here goes... If I had to choose 1 of my fave Kylie Songs from each Album: Kylie – The Loco-Motion Enjoy Yourself – Heaven And Earth Rhythm of Love – One Boy Girl Let's Get to It – I Guess I Like It Like That Kylie Minogue 94 – Nothing Can Stop Us Impossible Princess – Too Far Light Years – So Now Goodbye Fever – Can't Get You Out of My Head Body Language – Slow X – The One Aphrodite – Get Outta My Way Kiss Me Once – Into The Blue
  12. I question a lot of scenes and concepts from this porn site.