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  1. Ruthless Love


    Why this wasn't put out instead of "Yummy" is beyond me. I mean, it's still basic AF, but it's an overall better song.
  2. Ruthless Love


    He's got to sell the album somehow.
  3. Ruthless Love


    Without a release date, this thread shouldn't be posted.
  4. Ruthless Love


    Yeah; it was announced when they unveiled the new forum set up.
  5. Ruthless Love


    Yeah, it is.
  6. Ruthless Love


    That was for albums, however, I'm pretty sure they also meant to include singles.
  7. Ruthless Love


    SLAYYY! That artwork is everything to me; best album artwork of 2020 thus far.
  8. Ruthless Love


    That album cover......... what kind of two-minute throw together.... girl, do better! But I am happy we're getting a new single.
  9. IDGAF. I see Sargent Sean "Sticks" Larkin in the background.... yas daddy! No wonder he was M.I.A. this weekend on Live PD.
  10. Ruthless Love

  11. Ruthless Love


    I love this, but the way Jessica and Nicole look is shady AF.
  12. Ruthless Love


    This song is stunning; she was beautiful last night, and was a highlight in a shit show of a so-called "awards show." You go, Demi!
  13. Ruthless Love

    Katy, for me, had the better voice for the role. But Demi did a good job, as well.