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    yas. We are here. I don't think it's an intentional change, honestly. In truth, the Skipping Stone era was more brunette than anything else, and she went blonde by the end. The red she had during A Stranger Time was amazing on her, and I wish she'd kept it. But, she did not. Sure, she may not have a huge budget, but the video for "Weight" is great (and in 4K). That's costly. As for releasing old music (only official release of the song was in demo form on The Basement Recordings), she's always wanted to do something with the Weight album, as she's always said it's who she truly is as an artist.
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    No. They don't (according to what I've read). Their legal hold them ended a few years ago, hence why Wells was able to post them on Soundcloud.
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    Yes, we do, especially after Island/Def Jam failed her with I Am. Slay me, daddy!
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    IDK. Part of me wants to hope that Greg is A-OK with it and is happy that her music is out there. However, given how many bridges she's burned in the past time could only tell.
  7. She needs to re-exhibit what she's doing right now, slow down and take a year or two off, and then try and re-enter the spotlight.
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    ICONIQUE. I fell in-love with Ariana with this song.
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    For me, as much as I loved Greg's production, there is something about the 2019 production that feels genuine to who Alexz is, and how she and Brendan truly wanted us to hear this project.
  10. Ruthless Love


    Yes, 2008. When she was dropped, Epic/Sony held her masters until a few years ago, and she's now re-recording the material to put it out as she and her brother intended for it to be heard. She's received offers to join other labels, but she's turned them down because she's happier being independent. She is super fucking talented and underrated! She sounds great; I kind of prefer the new edit than the original and demo productions.
  11. Alexz Johnson's [new] single, "Weight". Originally recorded for her 2008 album of the same name, which was shelved & vaulted following her dismissal from Epic Records in 2009.