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  1. Ruthless Love


    9.5 / 10
  2. Ruthless Love


    Yeah; when she announced she had to cancel the tour dates this year, she promised a new album and then tour!
  3. Ruthless Love


    Album should be here this year, or early next.
  4. Same, but, there is hope for the third or fourth singles.
  5. YES! And the cover is serving me 2007 pop realness. A true era.
  6. Ruthless Love


    Perfectly-timed release, and the artwork is awesome! Very classic!
  7. Ruthless Love


    8.5 / 10
  8. At least they got the vinyl semi-correct in terms of colouring.
  9. Ruthless Love

    Celeb News

    The visuals for this era are LIT! I'mma need a complete dance routine, too!