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  1. Ruthless Love

  2. Ruthless Love

    Music Video

    Given today's musical business a music video no longer equates to a single release.
  3. Ruthless Love

    Music Video

    This hasn't gotten single treatment, yet.... "Can We Pretend" was sent to Australian radio, so in theory, that is the second single.
  4. Ruthless Love

    Whatever brings you and your acts back, kween!
  5. Ruthless Love

    "Oxygen" is probably my least favourite on Forever. Only because I feel like the production on the vocals was under-done in comparison to the the production of the song itself.
  6. Ruthless Love

  7. Ruthless Love

    You should! We deserve to be blessed with Knee's (and yours) talents! EP! Mini-album!
  8. Ruthless Love

    Forever is my fave Spice album. I'm hoping they come to the States by the end of the year so I can finally see them!
  9. Ruthless Love


    We've gotten more videos this era than she's given us the past three albums. Yas. Serving visual!
  10. Ruthless Love


    The music video for "90 Days" will premiere tomorrow.
  11. Ruthless Love

    Music Video

    Oh well. It played, like, twenty times on the radio yesterday. And "Me!" barely played as much as this song has been, LOL. Oh well. Good luck to whatever the actual second single is going to be.
  12. Ruthless Love

    Music Video

    Except it's been playing on radio...?