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  1. Ruthless Love


    Genie in a Bottle: 116 Ven Conmigo (Solamente Tú): 76 Dirrty: 180 Ain't No Other Man: 130 Keeps Gettin' Better: 36 Not Myself Tonight: 116 Your Body: 104 Accelerate: 24
  2. Ruthless Love


    Stripped: 198 Back to Basics: 204 Bionic: 52
  3. Ruthless Love


    She knew it needed to come back. Priorities.
  4. Ruthless Love

    Like a Virgin / When I Think of You Vogue / Escapade (tie) Papa Don't Preach / What Have You Done for Me Lately? Frozen / Together Again (tie) Music / Doesn't Really Matter 4 Minutes / Feedback Take a Bow / That's the Way Love Goes True Blue / Nasty Bitch I'm Madonna / No Sleeep Express Yourself / Rhythm Nation Like a Prayer / Miss You Much Madonna: 1 (3 w/tie) Janet Jackson: 8 (10 w/tie) Hard AF doing this, as I enjoy both artists so much, but Janet is everything!
  5. Ruthless Love


    Remix EP is okay... so long as it is not a full album together. And am glad she is keeping the red hair!
  6. I agree. It's beyond disturbing.
  7. Ruthless Love


    Legend giving us full potential in her independence.
  8. Ruthless Love


  9. Ruthless Love


    Baby One More Time: 24 Oops...! I Did It Again: 40 I'm a Slave 4 U: 62 Me Against the Music: 26 Womanizer: 30
  10. Ruthless Love


    I'm over songs under three minutes.
  11. Ruthless Love


    I saw the video premiere on YouTube, and it's alright. Not my favourite from her.
  12. Ruthless Love


  13. Ruthless Love