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  1. Ruthless Love


    He was at her album release party. If they're happy together, then I am happy for her.
  2. It'll probably be a TIDAL exclusive for one-week, and go onto other retailers on Friday!
  3. Ruthless Love


    Loving the visuals. I like that it's less like a movie, like Lemonade was, but still filmed in that technique, all while being an actual music video!
  4. Ruthless Love


    Looks like a fashion magazine. I need this whole shoot in full high quality!
  5. Ruthless Love


  6. Ruthless Love

    Trust me, I love her earlier works, especially Mandy Moore, but I love it because it was her way of showing the record label executives that she wasn't going to be their product. Wild Hope is my favourite Mandy album. It's beautiful. For me, Wild Hope is her best artistic work. For her pre-artistic freedoms, I'd say Mandy Moore is her best.
  7. Ruthless Love

    I love that she kept reimbursing people the money they paid for her first two albums. Like, queen!
  8. Ruthless Love

    OF COURSE! I always watch A Walk to Remember. In fact, I own all three films!
  9. Ruthless Love

    The moment she made me fall in love with the song.
  10. Ruthless Love

  11. Ruthless Love

    A Walk to Remember Because I Said So Dedication
  12. Ruthless Love


    That was from a photo shoot for Attitude.
  13. Ruthless Love

    I tried this weekend but I failed.