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    ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Confirmed tracks Golden Lost & Found Running with the Devil Weight ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Singles Weight Running with the Devil
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    "Golden" will be released as the third single on December 14; she also announced that this single is also the album's title track, which means Weight is now known as Golden.
  3. Writers: Alexz Johnson, Brendan Johnson & Sacha Skarbek
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    Celeb News

    You're welcome.
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    Celeb News

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    I AM GOING TO CUM..... HARD!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Loving the darker hair colour on her; I've always felt like she should embrace the darker colour.
  8. I'm checking SH to see if there's anything posted; the fact the videos they've uploaded have the aspect bars kind of annoys me.
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    Because that'd actually be worth while.
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    I need the full high quality image. Please bless us Harold!
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    #CAL12 is going to SNAP!
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    Yes, unfortunately. Bitches are hating on us.
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    Again, the music from his Epic days is not the music he's producing now, so even if they did get the rights back, I doubt he'd include them. Liam's were all included because he's still on Capitol, and they were always meant to be included.
  14. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Track listing Kill My Mind Track 2 Two of Us We Made It Track 5 Track 6 Track 7 Track 8 Track 9 Track 10 Track11 Track 12 ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Singles Two of Us
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    Because they're from his Epic days; he's signed to Arista now, so he can't include them. Plus, Walls is more guitar-driven, and songs like "Back to You" were more EDM.