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    Drunk asshole starting a mess; even his boyfriend wasn't impressed. Plus, the was the laziest punch I've ever heard/seen from someone of his size.
  2. Ruthless Love

    Music Video

    The video was real cute. The colour scheme reminded me of Destiny's Child and P!nk.
  3. She just revealed some outtake shots, and I've got to say, there were so many images that would've won as the album cover.
  4. Ruthless Love


    It's about fucking time! I need Iconology immediately!
  5. She [unintentionally] announced on Good Morning America this morning that she is opening the 2019 MTV Video Music Awards on Monday night.
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    Probably a medley of "Me!," "You Need to Calm Down" and "Lover." Or she'll just perform the latter.
  7. She announced on Good Morning America this morning that she will be re-recording her first five albums, and that November 2020 is when she's allowed to release them.
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    Music Video

    Looks cute.
  9. Ruthless Love

    No. Far from it.
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    cute, but sounds familiar.
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    Charlie's third album, currently untitled, will launch its campaign on Wednesday with th release of "I Warned Myself."
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    In a recent interview, she announced the Weight project will be out in 2020, and that she has a few more songs coming before the year is over.
  13. A YouTuber, Victor Costa Productions, is reproducing some of Britney's music videos in 4K quality. Check some out below. One-week after a video is posted, they post a download link for the full video.
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    In the Zone – 105 Blackout – 105 Circus – 110 Femme Fatale – 50 Glory – 85
  15. Ruthless Love


    At least they got the disc colour right on this one.
  16. Ruthless Love


    Yeah; it was a nice tough for The Singles Collection. I just hate that her team switched between promotional campaign and music video still.
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    #Kylie2020 please!
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    A flawless album simply cannot be ranked.
  19. Ruthless Love

    They're okay. My cousin loved them growing up.
  20. The lengths are long enough; the album is over one-hour long.
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  22. Ruthless Love

    That's how he felt about them.
  23. Ruthless Love

    Used to majorly crush on this guy who was obsessed with them and their lead singer.
  24. Ruthless Love

    Celeb News

    I stan a woman who stands up for herself. Slay.