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  1. Ruthless Love

    Annie Lennox in 2017 realness.
  2. Ruthless Love

    4H have arrived.
  3. Ruthless Love

    Thank God, 'cause it's an awful look!
  4. Ruthless Love

    P!NK is channeling Annie Lennox! I am fucking love her look!
  5. Ruthless Love

    Exactly what the person above said, in order to grow your hair in a healthy way, you have to trim it. Plus, the "Swish Swish" video was shot long before its release.
  6. Ruthless Love

    P!NK is there... they just announced her during commercial!
  7. Ruthless Love

    She didn't though... you can see her roots.
  8. Ruthless Love

    Demi's look slays me; her best VMA look to-date!
  9. Ruthless Love

    Does anyone know an updated 5H gallery? The two fan sites I found have no HQ images from the Fifth Harmony album, like, at all!
  10. Ruthless Love


    My body ain't ready for this masterpiece!
  11. Ruthless Love


    IT'S ABOUT FUCKING TIME!!! "Back to You" was a bop and I was sad it did not do more. I'm hoping that with "Hair Down" that she gets some real attention, and that we get the album next!
  12. Ruthless Love


    One-year old, and we only got two singles.... fuck RCA and Maverick. Jive needs to come back; under them, we would've gotten four, maybe even five singles.
  13. I like it, and I hope that somehow we get a mega-video with both the first and second videos. Plus, I miss Katy's long hair!
  14. Ruthless Love

    Music Video

    Bitch, we're half-way to 2018, and we're still producing in 720p? Give us 1080p or 4K!
  15. Ruthless Love


    I definitely expected more from them, but I guess they're stick in the same pattern of sound. It's disappointing, because they could be doing so much more than they are.
  16. Sounds very unique and I'm liking it so far. Good job, Taylor!
  17. Ruthless Love


    New promotional image, from Atlantic Records:
  18. NGL, I want Bonnie to record the O.G.
  19. Ruthless Love


    Her issue is that she's thinking about what she is about to be, instead of just dancing. That'd allow her to move in a more fluid motion.
  20. She's calling the cops? Lady, you assaulted her first, she defended herself. If you're three months pregnant, you shouldn't be acting in this manner. Disgusting. That poor child.