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  1. President Macron suggests they will re-build the cathedral.
  2. Haha, maybe! Haha. "This has been Ruthless Love and you've been watching FoTP News!"
  3. Thank you. Might've missed my calling in this world!
  4. According to French officials, both towers of the cathedral are safe and the flames have weakened.
  5. Exactly, because if they were to rebuild the cathedral, it just would not be the same. It would feel... wrong..? Keep what remains. Protect it and memorialize it.
  6. I'll be interested to see what she comes up with.
  7. Part of me really wants to say not to restore/rebuild; keep it as some kind of historic resting ground, and whatever is left standing, let it stand as a memorial.
  8. Emergency responders tried to save the art and religious artefacts kept in the Cathedral. According to a spokesperson for the Cathedral, some of the artwork had already been removed prior to the renovations, while most of the sacred relics were held in its sacristry, which was unlikely to be damaged by the fire
  9. French officials are now saying they don't believe they'll be able to save the cathedral.
  10. Just wow. All of that is gone.
  11. I wouldn't know. However, given that candles likely burn per day, I doubt this one instance would've just caught the whole place to engulf. We will have to wait for the investigation.
  12. We don't know; that's not clear at the moment. Right now, it's believed to have happened due to the renovations happening. Yet, none of the reno equipment is burning down... yet. It's purely the church.
  13. I blocked him, so I couldn't see it. I heard he said it, but what a fucking moron. That would just fucking destroy the building faster.
  14. ABC News just ended their coverage of the fire.
  15. Social media reports that the towers are on-fire, however, an eye-witness says that while the roof is gone, the towers are still in-tact.