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    Britney: 15 In The Zone: 80 (+) Blackout: 45 (-) Circus: 25 Femme Fatale: 50 Glory: 55
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  3. Ruthless Love

    In fairness, Try This did win a Grammy, so it wasn't that much of a flop in that regard. It just wasn't what the general public probably figured would come from her following M!ssundaztood.
  4. I'm here for it, but I do want something Calvin Harris produced. I think Louis' voice and overall style would suit a collaborative production with Calvin Harris. Make this happen!
  5. Ruthless Love

    Britney: 20 In The Zone: 60 Blackout: 50 (-) Circus: 35 Femme Fatale: 50 Glory: 55 (+)
  6. Ruthless Love

    MAROON 5 "This Love" Songs About Jane
  7. I honestly cannot imagine the world without the Harry Potter franchise.
  8. Ruthless Love

    Which I don't think will be happening until 2018, unfortunately!
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    She announces the single, shoots the music video and then... announces she's producing and starring in a comedy film. WTF, Jen!
  11. Ruthless Love

    NGL, I'm sad Sugababes 4.0 did not give us a full album under their RCA deal. "Freedom" was a bop that they slept on, and could've done much more with. MKS hyped up themselves, put out "Flatline", and barely gave it significant weight.
  12. Ruthless Love

    I think it'd be completely awesome if that got their own section for us to post in!
  13. Ruthless Love

    Came in expecting "ABBA", but instead, I got "ABRA". #Whoops
  14. Ruthless Love

    Don't know if anyone cares or not, but AVEX uploaded/unlocked all of Ayumi Hamasaki's music videos in full!
  15. Ruthless Love

    The video is cute, but I'm still not completely in-love with Rita and the song as a match. I'm just happy we're getting music from her, and am hoping that Atlantic UK give us an album!
  16. Ruthless Love

    Either that, or he'll try and pass it off as "fax" as "faux paus" for a more radio friendly appeal!
  17. Ruthless Love

    I want the album, simply because I feel like Fergie has a generally good voice. But, truthfully, her music does not always interest me.
  18. Ruthless Love

    Since late 2005 and 2006, I find that pop music (and music in general) is not as exciting as it was from 2004 and earlier. We've gotten better, but it is nowhere near what it used to be.
  19. Ruthless Love

    I'm not one to judge or make accusations, but I'm pretty sure whatever kind of meds they [might have] put her on around 2008/2009 stiffened her up to the point where she had no rhythm, and that happened after the Circus era, because I saw her live on The Circus Starring Britney Spears tour, and she moved great! I think that, matched with anxiety and likely stage freight is what makes her not as fluid. Plus, in watching her now, you can see in her eyes and face that is thinking more about what she's doing, instead of just doing it! Plus, no offense, but her choreography now is lazy AF.
  20. Ruthless Love

    The whole outfit is not flattering to her body and its shape; makes her look flat and frumpy.
  21. Ruthless Love

    OIDA: 10 Britney: 15 In The Zone: 60 Blackout: 45 (=) Circus: 40 Femme Fatale: 50 Glory: 50 (+)
  22. She isn't on RCA, and I don't think she ever has. She was on Universal's Interscope, and now, she's on BMG Rights Management, under her own imprint.
  23. Three singles and no album? Not acceptable, even with a label change.
  24. Ruthless Love

    The quality of her music and her videos have so improved since The Listening, and I'm in love all over again!
  25. Just wish we'd get the album; how many "lead" singles can she give us before we get it!?