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  1. Hands down, her best music video to-date, and I'm loving how visual this era has been from her. Kudos to Selena!
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    I'm ready and hoping Queen Cheryl follows!
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    From what I read, they're being charged with counts of misdemeanor, which only carries a $1,000 fine for where they're at. I hope more is pursued, though.
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    6. Better than other looks, but not the best I've ever seen her. Plus, I feel like she's hiding how beautiful her body is with the jacket and top.
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    Oh good, another year I won't be watching.
  6. It baffles me how mentally unstable some people can get to believe these kind of things.
  7. Maybe before being "over it," you should fucking not schedule so many fucking dates. Let this be a cautionary warning for when he goes on tour next: don't support it. He'll cancel on you because he is "over it."
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    This is so fucking disturbing, and it truly makes me fucking worried about the future state of this world. Like, who raised this hooligans and low-lifes? They should be embarrassed and ashamed. I only pray that one day, if they or someone they love are in the same situation, they're shown the same compassion that they showed this man in the final moments of his life.
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    Serving you weave and tits. And her in the red dress makes me miss her red hair, too!
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    Not loving the self-titled route, though, I've been unimpressed with all of their album titles, so some how, this is an upgrade. I just hope there's something better than "Down" on the record.
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    I need it, now!
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    All looks fantastic!
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    I am shook, teased, snatched, balded, invigorated! I NEED IT, QUEEN!
  14. I feel like whenever she changes her hair colour she excels musically. I liked her black due, and wouldn't mind a chocolate colour. I just hate the platinum blonde, honestly. The past few years it has looked really damaged, yellow and brassy. Her hair looks like straw, and it worries me. But when it's dyed red or a darker colour, it looks superb.
  15. The pierced purple hair was cute, but I have to admit, the red hair was my all-time favourite Christina look. Her hair looked healthy and it matched her personality!
  16. Stunning! Back when we got photoshoots from Christina.
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    I wonder if that'll be boasted as the official music video, or if they'l give us something different.
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  19. "...Baby One More Time", no question or competition!
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    .. Except I just did.
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    Glitter and Charmbracelet are underrated, album-wise, and a lot of the songs on both records are beautiful.